Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I was reminded of school assemblies after reading Mydays post. Now you see we were the best class in our batch yet one of the naughtiest too (co ed school). So whenever the teachers needed ppl to volunteer (take note it was actually forced volunteering) we were dragged to it and if we did mistakes we were still dragged! So good or bad the stage came a calling ;p

We had assembly every monday morning, and we'd be the last class at the assembly and I'm normally part of the last bunch to leave to the grounds. Assembly would have started and we'd be quietly sneaking into the lines. Our lines were right next to the building so it was easy. Plus no prefect (school kids trying to be bosses appointed by teachers) would question us since we were seniors plus even the head prefect was slightly afraid of us ;p

We used to be early to school coz we wanted to play chess, so normally we were late for assembly coz of chess! Even a day before this major government exam, we were playing chess (yeah we loved it).

Anyway when the school implemented weird things like green month - we'd end up on stage (more like forced) in front of the whole school to sing. So began the shuffling of the mike, "you hold no, you hold" and sadly we had no choice but to sing. So that's why I still remember the lyrics to Hijau by Zainal Abidin (one of my fav msian singers). Luckily it was a nice song and I had always loved it.


Well if ure thinking we only got on stage for the good stuff let me tell you it doesn't stop there! School used to have the cleanest class competition which we weren't so fond off. We never bothered with decorating or doing anything for the place, heck we didn't even sweep the class daily ;p

So one fine day we got called up the stage for being the dirtiest class. No other class had ever been made to stand in front the assembly but poor us just coz we were the best class we got called in front! But seriously we weren't embarrassed ;p, that was until our class teacher did a sob scene for an hour! So we decided we were winning the bloody competition the next week.
That very saturday we came to school and painted the class then decorated the back wall with pink and black designs, funked up the front boards, hanged curtains, greened up the place. And as predicted we won the competition the very next week and every other week after that for the rest of the school year! Of course we cheered like mad and then we got bored of winning ;p Unfair school they didn't call us on stage this time! Bah!

So as you can see being in the best class is not really a good thing, since you end up on the assembly stage every other week!


Jeevan said...

Going for assembly, an unforgettable one, don’t even like to remember that. Really if I think about that, my eyes will wet (have felled down many times when going in the line and standing on the ground for assembly, feel shame when others see). I got a certificate for being a neat student in the school and going for school properly.

praveen said...


looks like someone's the good boy over here


i used to one of the appointed bosses...but it was a good opportunity to do naughty things even...

You greened up ur class??i remember one super green class in my school last time.it had green walls with green curtains and even green coloured table tops for each desk...was too sore for my eyes

mathew said...


school assemblies were such a chore those days..singing songs which u barely understood..

But looking back..cant help but smile..........

BawangMerah said...

I had to stand upfront a lot because I had to put the flag up. heheheh :P

My days(Gops) said...

nice memories ..........

so, neenga 'master bench group'a'?
(we guys call it as 'roudy gang')
assemblies weekly once thaan'aa?

@chess:- chess vilai aadurathukaaga'vey school poveengaley? i knw....always playing with the same opponent? winning ratio enna?

@campus cleaning:- wow, nalla decorate panni irrukeenga, prize'um vaaangi irrukeenga...gud gud...
every week'na endha day'la cleaning nadakkum?.. appppa class'ku OB'a? idhuvum nalla irruku..

different peoples, different places but certain memories are (like) same pinch marakattai....

IcEyeZ said...

chkin after a long time :)...reminded me of ma school days too !

Keshi said...

I was a prefect in high school lol!


visithra said...

Jeevan : awww but see dear it was never ur fault u have nothing to be embarrassed - ure the one with the neat student certificate

Praveen : hey welcome back ;) oh yeah he is ;)

ehhehe oh ure like my classmates - they were all prefects ;p so i was under protection hehehehe

Errr no greened up as in put plants inside ;p dear god green class hehehe weird whei - our was black n pink ;p oh yeah forgot we wrapped the tables wrapping paper n plastic ;p

mathew : welcome here ;)

hehehe remember singing repeatedly? Well they made us sing again n again when we didnt sing loud enough - i suspect they had hearing prob ;p hehehe oh yeah it was fun

Bawangred : ooohh u were the flag boy ;p hehehe i was always at the back talking ;p

Mydays : yeah it is

we were rowdy but bench illeh only chairs ;p

Nope the whole class played ;) we played with different ppl - photo kuda iruhku ;p i won a lot ;p really ;p

nah we cleaned in class during class - we were obssesed with winning ;p so no one threw kuppai - paper plane ehlam visithu we will collect n throw ;p
Yeahhh memories are like that ;)

iceeyz : hows u ;) long time no see

glad it did ;)

Keshi : hehehe then u would have been my friend ;p - my friends were all prefects ;)

My days(Gops) said...

@bench illeh only chairs :-
lol on u.......engalukkum therium chair'la thaan ukaaruvaanganu..
he he he

Aravind said...

>>Unfair school they didn't call us on stage this time!

Cha.. nalladhukku kaalam illa, visith!!

visithra said...

Mydays : hehehe chumma than lollu ;p me got lots of lollu - teriyadha? ;p

aravind : hehehehe exactly ;p