Friday, July 07, 2006

Happiness is .....


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The joy in childrens faces - submitted for Photofriday


Keshi said...

wow who's this sweet lil bride n groom ;-)


kG said...

Happiness is when my Girlfriend decides to bake me chocolate fudge brownies on a Sunday afternoon while I read her a really lame story that I'm working on while sipping on iced passion tea under a pearl-white cabana.

But a picture of really kiut kids flirting also works. I never really had a flirty friend when I was young, nor have I ever had someone to wink at, while in temple -but that was a long long time ago.

Now, hehe. Every visit to the temple is a kannu-kalavaraan sesh. hehe.

visithra said...

err i think they were sister n brother ;p hheheheh - will reply more later

The Smiling Girl said...

Hehe... that kid is sweet, and the smile in her face is just so genuine.. isnt it?

Jeevan said...

:) nice kids

My days(Gops) said...

cute lit.girl =>ungala paarthu sirikudha? illa unga camera'va paaartha?

visithra said...

Keshi : cute arent they but they were iblings - not sure who exactly though ;)

Kg : awwwww hehehe

it sounds cute the flirting - but they were siblings or cousins ;) ;p

hehehe i always have some kid to wink at n adoring ones too ;p

heheh kannu kalluvuran? Eh where la - most of the time i see uncle n aunties only

Sg : yeah it was - they were having fun n she spotted me taking her photo so she flashed a bigger smile ;)

jeevan : they are ;)

Mydays : she was smiling at me n then the cam ;)

Usha said...

absolutely - it is the innocence. And then the way they give you their all when they smile.

visithra said...

usha : exactly - the smiles are never fake and as warm as can be ;)