Monday, July 31, 2006

Freaked v

I've had such a busy week. Going to temple everyday since its Aadi, performing in between, practicing for that, freaking out for that, celebrating a friends bday, a wonderful bash, an injured arm (seems ok now must have been a muscle strain) - its been a good week.

@------- One of my yearly performance its more of an offering. I was so nervous this time as I........ was having professional artists from India as accompaniments without practice! So as you can imagine I was practicaly shivering on stage. Despite that I managed to make an impression, given they assumed I wouldn't. But I was still shaking coming off stage, I hadn't been this nervous for a long time. But the temple oothuvar was right they did bully me - making me sing to their shruti n not mine - the vocalist is always first - i forgot that rule.

@------- Lipstick is always the last thing I'd apply right before getting out of the car. Right after telling the guys at the valet parking I'll park there, I had to tell one of them who was nice enough to open the door to give me a minute. So while I was applying my lipstick 5 faces peeked into the car to see what did I need a minute for! Lols so embarrasing ;p

@------- one of the best things to see is the happy face of a friend, and so we have another one ;) the surprise party was a blast now if only the service was as good.


Balajoe said...

"Going to temple everyday since its Aadi"...ya, tell me about it. I am dragged to the temple on Fridays and play "taxi man" for my wife & my mom in between. Another 2 weeks of torture to go.

My days(Gops) said...

@shivering shivering..
neenga enna paatu paaduneenga?

appadiya? gud gud

naan ketenaa, naan enna'mo lots of girls'a paarkurenu thappa edhuthukuraanga..
(he he)

The mottai boss said...

you go to temple.....hmmm, thats surprising

sreekrishnanv said...

@Aadi !
more than going to temple ..aadi masam means awesome TV ads ... esp aadi thallubadi from pothys chennai silks, latest sankara pandian stores !! .. lol

The Smiling Girl said...

U a dancer or something like that??
Would want to know which form of dance!

TamilPonnu said...

lol - ref to lipstick..

I hear ya on that front!

BawangMerah said...

Jangan marah ah. The blue you use for the commentor name, is a bit hard to read. Have to really squint at the screen.

And it's always nice to see a happy face :)

Prabu Karthik said...

andha lipstick matter koncham too much dhaan seriousa!!

visithra said...

Balajoe : ahh well ure only on fridays - me's is daily - i dont mind actually if they let me take my time n go - its just sometimes i have to go as soon as i reach home :(

Mydays : carnatic songs :)

athenna gud Gud?

heheheh nengeh gals pahkulehnu sohna yahrum nambeh matangehle ;p

tmb : and why is that surprising?

visithra said...

Sree : ingehlam no aadi ads - maybe on radio - but athelam we will off radio ;p - its also chinese festival - hungry god festival ;)

Sg : im a lot of things - but the performance was a singing concert ;)

Tp : heheheh finally a soul who knows what i went through ;p

Bawangred : alamak it is - i assumed not many read that one n would hit the comment section straight - ill change it soon ;) yeah its always nice ;)

Pk : nengeh yaaru supporting? Mes or the boys? Oreh sandhegam ;p

Keshi said...

Visithra sweety cud u tell me when exactly was AADI...cos my mum thought it was on the 25th (Aus date n time) and fasted on that day. And then my cousin said it was on the! So when did we (one w.o. dads) have to fast exactly?


visithra said...

Keshi : over here it was on the 24th - its the moonless day - so check with mom when there was no moon over aus - im not sure about the time difference - were at +8 gmt

Jeevan said...

Nalla performance pannu, all the best. hope u are fine now, with the injure.

visithra said...

thanks pa but performance mudinjiruchi ;) - injury is ok - small one

Bala.G said...

gud gud....
if u dont mind.... can u tell ne why gals are applying lipstick?

geetha said...

I would have stopped putting lipstick and get off the car if I had 5 faces watching me!
Defintely embarassing! :)

My days(Gops) said...

apppa, sa re ga ma ellam therium ungalukku.....bore adicha, adha paadunaaley podhumey.....
(not kidding)

onnum illa, summa thamasu'ku sonnen. (nambiteenga thaaney?)

visithra said...

Balag : so many reasons ;p 1 lips get chapped easily ;)

Geetha : heheh i couldnt since i still had to put on my shoes - stuff my bag ;p luckily they peeked for a second only ;p

mydays : exactly bore adicha sohndama padhikalam ;p

namburadhum nambahma iruhkadum oru nambikai enna nambuvangeh ;p

My days(Gops) said...

started watching TV serials?
mmmm..dialogue pinnudhu>
he hehe

Usha said...

wow, when do we get to hear you sing or see you dance?
And ya, don't ppl get really really curious making you so self conscious of a natural! But I am glad you are cool abt it.

visithra said...

Mydays : cheh cheh me no watching serials all - chumma than dialogue ;p

Usha : im trying to do something about the singing - when i find the time i guess

hehehe yeah tell me about it ;) whether i was cool or not i had to act cool ;p

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