Monday, July 17, 2006


If you were wondering where I've been missing, well Friday took off to fix the windscreen and get a set of new tyres and rotate the whole lot. Hours into Saturday, I was on the road driving to Penang for a short (very short) weekend trip. Mission to have fun was accomplished and 970 km later we reached back to KL early Monday morning.

I'm a bit bleary actually a lot. You were supposed to get a tag which kG figured if he had to do it I had to as well! Bah! But I've been staring at that thing for hours and can't seem to get witty enough!

After 2 days of food, beach, music, dance and sight seeing the brain refuses to tame down. And yes the national pastime of people in Penang is food. How else do you explain a restaurant that serves heavy rich rice and dishes only and yet be fully operational at 5 in the morning???? I could only stare!

I just realised something I've got so many stories to tell just not the time. Oh well I'm off to home now ;p Yippieeeeeeeee I get to see my beddddddddddddd


Keropok said...

How is Penang? Wallop some nasi kandar and newcafe tongkat ali or not?

Balajoe said...

"Penang for a short (very short) weekend trip"...haha, sounds like me telling friends that Taiping is just 2 and half hours away from KL (at 120 km/h) and they go like "What! It takes me more than one hour to drive from PJ to KL".

tulipspeaks said...

Im back and Im missing the company of u guys so much :)

kutty trip ah? cekap thaan :P


My days(Gops) said...

short trip'ey =>970kms naah.,
long trip? = jst wondering. thala suthala enakku...

gud u enjoyed.....mmmmmm

visithra said...

Keropok : penang was awesome as always ;) walloped a lot of things but errr y would i need tongkat alila? Men okla ;p hehehe

Balajoe : hehehe but taiping is 2 and half hours away from KL we hit penang in 4 ;p

PJ to KL is different story ;p

Amu : yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy finally welcome back ;)

yeah trip was cekap also ;p enna oreh tired ;p

mydays : hehehe of course athu short trip - long trip means overseas or more than 4 days or 5000 km ;p

yvy said...

what a waste that i wasnt around or i would have come up n met u - AGAIN! :) cis....anyway, see u in dec. :D

visithra said...

yvy : yeah we could have met - could have partied at ss ;p but theres always a next time ;)

Anonymous said...

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