Thursday, July 13, 2006

60 Smiles

Well Usha suggested I write 100 000 things that make me smile to curb my current mood. Well I'm taking it but limiting it to 60 things. So here's the list.

Children - just seeing them makes me happy
Childrens smiles - its an accomplishment to me if I get a kid to smile
Childrens hugs- oh my this is the most beautiful feeling in the world and if you've never felt it you're missing on lots
Childrens kisses
The smell of kids - its sooooooooo sweet
Roses - read this to see how crazy I am for them
Music - I cannot live without music.
Singing - closing my eyes n singing n knowing I did it justice
Dance - this is the next thing I can't live without - I have to watch or dance it myself
Sunsets - I have been known to go sunset catching
Clouds - I am crazy about them
Rain - I love the rain. I just loveeeeeeeee playing in the rain ;p
Beach - I could sit for hours and never get bored
Beautiful live music - I love going for them and wouldn't mind even going alone
Water - pools, waterfalls, sea name it, I just can't wait to get in them
Nice people - I beam when ppl are nice to me
Romance of the old - I love watching old ppl still in love
December - yeah a month that bewitches
Snuggling up and watching the weather
Making a person happy
Wind/ breeze - yes a gush of wind can make me happy ;p
My camera - I got what i've always wanted n to me its so precious
My photos - everytime I see a good one I beam
Elephants - I love these animals
Monkeys - heheh I love watching them - I'm always looking for them at temples ;p
A cup of iced milo at a mamak with friends - bliss
Kolams - drawing them seeing them n its threupetic
Thaipusam - id cry if I don't go a year
Travel - yes say the word and I'll burst into million words
My boyfriendS - ehhehe read this
Love songs
Ganesha's - U should see my collection ;)
Malaysia - If you haven't known yet I'm very patriotic plus love the country
KL - yes I love KL and it makes me smile
Books - I wish I could buy everything but I cant
TN*Seshagopalan - I have a crush on him ;p
Ink pens
Being nice to people
Birds - we have birds making nests at our house every summer
Writing hence blogging
Black - yes it makes me happy don't ask I'm weird ;p
Lion dance - I see one n I turn into a kid
Cotton candy ;))))
Making people blush - hehehe
Food fights
Hand written notes
Beautiful landscapes
Beautiful buildings
Email call from a long lost friend
Ice cream - therapy for anger it works ;)
Brilliant blue skies
Chilli - I bow down to its supremacy
Water balloon fights ;p
Celebrating birthdays


Ramya said...

Whoaaaa !! Am so glad it wasn't a tag !

Jeevan said...

i agree with the childreans. i love to touch the childreans fingers in sleep, when we touch that time, they will close their hands with our finger:) Elephants, how it will look? hope this situation should not come, recently a survey said that elephants population have been decreased many.

ashok said...

beautiful list indeed !

My days(Gops) said...

ellamey nalla irrukku........
neenga sonnadhula =>
( me counting=>=>=>
counting pinished...)
total'a oru 21 things enakkum 'smiles'a tharum.....

aana onney onnu bayangara bayathai tharum......
he he he

Nirek said...

lovely lists.
TN seshagopalan shd be happy reading this!

Sangeeta said...

Wow! so many reasons to smile...

Keshi said...

Nice list!

**100 000 things that make me smile

I dun need to list 10000 things...just 1 will do for now and it's bloggers like u who make me smile EVERYDAY...Im being so honest here.


ashok said...

Visit..btw I think its time for template change ! wad'u say? :)

Murali said...

wow... interesting list... avvalo thaan-a??? me ???? ;)

BawangMerah said...

Hah, I wanted to copy and paste your whole post here with my comments. But it ended up becoming another post on my blog :P pretty long, but why got only 57 one?

sreekrishnanv said...

"Ice cream - therapy for anger it works ;)"

Thats a good excuse to eat more (for me!!)!! ..thanks !! using this !

sreekrishnanv said...

btw: looks like ur inbox is full !! ... i tried passing on an analysis of Brazil game vs france as to why they lost it !! Bounced back !!

Sundar Narayanan said...

i dont know if writing this changed your mood.. but the process of writing this list alone should have distracted you enough from whatever was bothering you !!

engendhuma unakku ivvalo thembu varudhu ?

Keropok said...

Football, fish curry, rassam and Mrs Keropok are the four best things in my life!

VJ@KL said...

hi visithra, how are u doin?

wow, i need to do lot of catching up with your blog entries...

Arjuna_Speaks said...

So virtually everything makes u smile :) - thats a good girl :)

Usha said...

attagirl - one of the things that never fails to make me smile is visiting visi's blogs/ pics/kolams!

Vani said...

Hi there, got onto your page through ariel's.u have interesting posts and BEAUTIFUL pictures.

Gladtomeetin said...

Wow....thats a cute list :-)) Keep Rocking :-))

visithra said...

Ramya : hehehe lucky huh ;)

Jeevan : yayys oh yeah they do that even when theyre not asleep - ;p

yeah elephants population and lots of other animals have decreased

Ashok : thanks ;) template change is soon - ipoh time illeh

Mydays : only 21 awww

bayangara bayam? Ethu water ah?

Satu : ehhehe thanks hehhe i think he knew - how else would u explain the gal flashing a smile at him with puppy doe eyes ;p

Sangeeta : yeah its easy to make me smile ;)

Keshi : thanks ;) bloggers to me are friends - i dont separate them ;) and i agree they do make me smile ;)

Murali : heheh thnaks ;) of course nee friend illehya?

Bawangred : heheh i saw ;) only 57 ah??? Ehhh i thought 60 hummmm

Sree : ehhehe bad excuse ;) but worth it eh - but it only works if u dont have too much always ;)

I got that analysis - try sending to gmail (visithra[@] next time - i was away for the weekend hence the full inbox

visithra said...

Sundar : well it did but whatever happened later didnt - but i got my wish n got what i wanted - its hard to explain - as sometimes ppl can surprise u

hehehe appo appo ;)

Keropok : awwww i love it when men tell me their wives are the best ;)

my respect for you has grown in mountains ;)

VJ@KL : heyyyy good to see u back here ;)) can u access my blog now???

Yeah theres lots ;) im doing good just got back from penang ;)

arjuna : hehehe actually yes ;)

Usha : im very glad it does ;) n thanks for the idea it did work ;)

vani : welcome here ;) thanks glad u enjoyed them ;)

Glad : heheh thanks ;)

anantha said...

TN*Seshagopalan - I have a crush on him ;p

machi machi too muchi!

visithra said...

anantha : anti enna blog change mudinji ipoh name change ;)


Random Access said...

If there was anyone who cud write a million things they like, Id bet it was u :)

We definitely share our first choices :)

Random Access
The search has just begun !!!

visithra said...

ran : a million things? yehpa - actually 60 itself was so hard