Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Haven't done a tag for a long time - or someone tagged me n i forgot or something anyways Geetz tagged me http://geethz.blogspot.com/ oh i changed the order

Five things in my car
endless cassetes (yeah me still using cassetes sentimental value ;p)
Mr froggy (this cute little frog - everyone wants him)
My Tripod
Shoes (all my shoes are inside the car ;p)

Five items in my freezer (err i dont think theres 5 items n its not my freezer)
ice (can't live without ice)
bottles of ice water (hehehe we're crazy we freeze our water ;p)
frozen veg food (u know those chinese stuff)

Five items in my closet (err which closet have too many ;p)
Clothes - seperated by old, indian and work ;p hehehe yes too many
trophies - old ones ive won donno what to do with them
trinkets - i collect stuff like ganeshas masks n more
books - everywhere
photos - old ones

Five items in my purse (oh boy can i go longer than 5 ;p)
camera / portable hardrive depends
extra batteries
eyeliner (to draw tatoos)
car key

Five people im tagging - hehe none u want u do it go ahead - alls welcome


geetha said...

That's so many things in your purse! :)
Hmm, I wonder how you can have so many other things in your closet. I don't even have enough space for my clothes :P

Keshi said...

u've got shoes in ur car? lol!


Jeevan said...

ok i will send a thief to steal your purse.. enga vettula ice water vakka matranga pa, cold vanthudumnu:(

Keropok said...
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Keropok said...

In my car you will find...
1. Road tax (expiring soon)
2. Touch n Go card
3. Condo parking sticker
4. Office car park entry card
5. RM4.71 in coin-box

Ekta said...

I want the cute little frog too!!:-)

lynnee said...

i carry shoes around in my car too :D

sometimes as many as 9 pairs. just in case i change my mind & want to wear another shoe ;)


BawangMerah said...

Because I always forget to charge my phone I carry extra battery in my bag. The problem is that battery too is rarely charged. Heh.

My days(Gops) said...

@car:- wht car u hav?
ada innum neenga MP3'ku maaralai'ah?
@shoes:- neengalum appadi thaana? gud gud..
mobile charger illai'ngala?

@me=>car pathi kettu'teeenga., photo oda oru post poduren paarunga..

@fridge:- ice saapitutu appuram eppadi paaduvel? voice damage aagadha?

@closet:- pala potti'la kalandhu irrupeenga pola?
sonaanga sonaanga....

@purse:- i wont beleive...
hair brush illama? oru purse'a?
sellaadhu sellaadhu..rejectd..

@tatoos'na eppadi? snake madhiri pottu vaikirathu'kaa?
therium therium...

he he he...

Me said...

...me thinks ...u draw kolams with eyeliner and calling it tatoos....:p

GratisGab said...

new look! Nice!

You keep your shoes in your car!!?? :)

Jagan said...

was here ...........

Jagan said...
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Keshi said...

my car's got some CDs and a Street Directory only :)


WA said...

Stuff in your purse is not too bad, I have too much junk in it, need to clear it out. And as to carrying all your shoes in your car?? Girl, you need help :)

visithra said...

Geetha : hehehe yeah a lot its pretty heavy ;p

err heheh thats coz its not one closet ;p

Keshi : hehe well mostly in my car trunk

Jeevan : aiyo so bad nah pavam - heheheh my house main culprit is my mom

keropok : lol that one all no need to tella - normal stuff ;p no footie stuff?

Ekta : welcome here ;) hehehe hes too cute to give away dear

Lynnee : yayyyyyyyyyyyyy *hi-5*

see see i got friend ;p i think its a msian thing

i have some habit too different place different shoe for different place n since i dont go back after work if i go out its so helpful ;p

visithra said...

Bawangred : heheh dont bother with the battery - this nokia i use has good life *touchwood*

Mydays : me no like actually plus my car system is really good y change ;p

nengahlum means? U also like that?

No charger - i rarely need one -

oohh ur car photo eh seri seri

- ice is temptation i cannot live without ;p can sing ;p
Lol yeah lots of contests

purse - lol really no hairbrush last time i had now hairstyle no need comb ;p

tatoo : athu pottu - ithu drawing on hand - read mes comment ;p

Me : hehehe u got it right but more like henna designs on hand when im bored ;p

gabby : long time no see - hows his royal highness - thanks ;)

heheh i do - few reasons - after work if i go out i dont go home so change shoes plus i have a fear ill break them coz i have - plus its a msian thing i live in my car ;p

Jagan : ah good to know - but vatsan rombeh unpathi poi sohlran ;p

Keshi : hehe it does huh - i dont have a direct unless im going somewhere first time i print out a map ;p

Wa: hehehe alright tell ppl that ;p but i still have to clear it ;p

ehhehhe no no i think its a msian thing - most gals do that ;p
few reasons - after work if i go out i dont go home so change shoes plus i have a fear ill break them coz i have - plus its a msian thing i live in my car ;p

chitra said...


You are true to ur name. Vichitra,

visithra said...

chitra : welcome here ;) hehe thanks ;)