Monday, July 31, 2006

Freaked v

I've had such a busy week. Going to temple everyday since its Aadi, performing in between, practicing for that, freaking out for that, celebrating a friends bday, a wonderful bash, an injured arm (seems ok now must have been a muscle strain) - its been a good week.

@------- One of my yearly performance its more of an offering. I was so nervous this time as I........ was having professional artists from India as accompaniments without practice! So as you can imagine I was practicaly shivering on stage. Despite that I managed to make an impression, given they assumed I wouldn't. But I was still shaking coming off stage, I hadn't been this nervous for a long time. But the temple oothuvar was right they did bully me - making me sing to their shruti n not mine - the vocalist is always first - i forgot that rule.

@------- Lipstick is always the last thing I'd apply right before getting out of the car. Right after telling the guys at the valet parking I'll park there, I had to tell one of them who was nice enough to open the door to give me a minute. So while I was applying my lipstick 5 faces peeked into the car to see what did I need a minute for! Lols so embarrasing ;p

@------- one of the best things to see is the happy face of a friend, and so we have another one ;) the surprise party was a blast now if only the service was as good.

Neha's and Jeevans Bday

Well thanks to blogger (I have a problem with it - can't update my posts nor place links) lets make things different ;p We have 2 birthday posts thi time! Aravind just told me its Neha's bday today! ;p

So happy Birthday to Neha and Jeevan ;)

Ahem this blog hit 100,000 last thursday ;p yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyysssssss

Now for the photo - if there is one thing I love about my job is the drive to work. Yes this is the view I have everyday and it used to be all the time (when we were on the 19th floor!) ;)

Beautiful isn't it - oh I had to sneak near a construction site to get the shot ;)

IMG_3587scene Hosted on Zooomr

Jeevan's Birthday

There are people you know for ages and there are people who seem as if you've known them for ages. Someone I wish I had met. Cheers to Jeevan the soul of Blogsphere.
Happy Birthday Jeevan dear.

Friday, July 28, 2006

I asked for this ;)

Well I know it sounds silly but I requested to be tagged yesterday but its pretty interesting one. So here it is from Yvy

Here is how it goes :
If you comment on this post, I will…
1. respond with something random about you.
2. challenge you to try something.
3. pick a color that I associate with you.
4. tell you something I like about you.
5. tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. ask you something I've always wanted to ask you.
8. pick a song that reminds me of you.

After I respond to the above mentioned 8 points in this blog, you will have to post the same meme, and my response, on your blog.

This is what Yvy's said about me :

Random : You're a bunde of joy in and out of the blogsphere and a pleasure to hang out with.
Awwww shuks ;p

Challenge: I challenge you to a teh tarik drinking competition [so I can drink as many teh tariks as I want!]
challenge is on but can we choose drinks - ill hit the milo - u hit the teh ;p We'll see who has the most glasses ;p

Color: Blue
Oohh this is so right ;)

Like: I totally love the way you take your shots and how you add works to your pix. Sometimes even without words, your pix speak for themselves.
Awww shuks moment 2 - thanks *visi blushes

Memory: I think I first saw ur nick at BJ's and the I pop by and saw this awesome looking pottu and THAT stuck to me forever.
Hehehe am glad u stuck on - will thank the pottu and BJ ;p

Animal: Doggy
again right on ;)
Question: When are you coming to Penang again so we can go for nasi kandar together?
penang will come soon hopefully - the food keeps calling ;p but if take me to kassim at 4 in the morning - am only watching ppl eat ;p

Song: I Love Your Smile by Shanice
Hehehe song choise must be coz I was grinning away right? ;p err i swallowed a grin 24/7 pill oncela ;p - n yeah love the choice ;)

So if you want to know get ready to be tagged ;p

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Now I rarely post food photos but this is a photo of a pasta I made weeks back. Someone once commented at a buffet that I have a tendency of decorating my plate. I realised I do ;)

IMG_3605pastaIMG_3605pasta Hosted on Zooomr

Anyway I made changes to the header image - prefer this one. What do you guys think?

Ps : btw the food was good ;)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


If you ever head to Karnataka make sure you don't miss the 3 Hoysala temples. People might tell you one intricate temple is the same as the other but actually all 3 are very different in overall style and landscape though all 3 have similar layers of sculptures, ascending according to rank.

IMG_2865belur Hosted on Zooomr

While Somnathpur is the smallest of the temples, it is the most intricate and the one that showcases the cone shaped shikaras (or gopurams/ towers). You will not find a repetitive sculpture anywhere on its walls. The temple is also enclosed by a walled mandap with only one temple in its centre housing 3 different deities.


Halebidu on the other hand is set across beautiful green lawns (I'm not sure if it was such then but given its proximity to the lake it could be) next to a lake. There are no walls surrounding the temples or nandi mandaps but you will be overwhelmed by its size. The main temple is quite huge with its long passageway. Still maintaining the dislike for squares, the temple is a massive structure flanked by its 2 nandi mandaps and adjoining surya temple.


Belur on the other hand is the only one of the temples with a huge Raja Gopuram similar to TN temples. Moving inside you find a huge temple complex with several temples dedicated to different deities and a tall flagstaff.


Of the 3 temples, this is the only one still conducting prayers. We arrived on the birthday of St Ramanujam, so once again we caught a procession. They were taking the temple idol and the saint around the outer courtyard to a nearby ashram I think.


As it was blazing hot we decided to stick around and explore the temple and wait for them to come back. Like all the other temples this too is a 2 tiered temple with small shrines doting the walkway area.


Now the main deity is Chennakeshava and we were told he represents Vishnus Mohini avatharam. Though male in features, the decor and attire is female (picked the info from a guide so it might be wrong). The temple is different from most Indian temples where photography is allowed inside the sanctum.


As you can see this is an image of the main idol and the uthsava murthy. I find the idol very beautiful, again intricate in details.


Contrary to the hot afternoon sun outside, the interiors of the temple was once again wonderfully cooling. After exploring the grounds, we had a wonderful time sitting on its cool floors basking in the coolness while waiting for the procession to return. Each pillar inside the temple was different in carvings, some more elaborate than the other.

Now one of the highlights of the temple is the ceiling dancers. Right at the centre of the temple, look up and you'll find 4 dancing maidens at each corner. Each sensuous dancer is supposed to be depicting a different pose and are said to be inspired by the famed dancing queen Shantala Devi. You see more of the dancers around the exteriors of the temple.

Outside on the steps you will find these beautiful lions and a warrior slaying it. I remember seeing them in all 3 temples but the one at Belur was the most magnificent, hence that's the highlight photo of this travelogue.


The story goes that 'hoy Sala', meaning 'strike Sala!', were the words called out to Sala, the legendary head of this dynasty, as he was involved in armed combat with a tiger. Hense the image became the royal emblem of the dynasty.


Right next to the main temple is the Nayaki temple. This one is made of a long hall of pillars before you reach the main sanctum. Here too you find a large deity. Being someone who favors Devis, I ended up sitting there for some time.


I would say take a guide at one of the hoysala temples if you're not into reading about the history, it helps to have someone pin point details.

IMG_2893belur1 Hosted on Zooomr

By now you're probably used to the carvings and will see repeat hence the less number of sculptures photographed. But the few that you see here and in zooomr are the ones I found particularly bewitching. The Narasimha at Belur being the more intricately carved one. It would be beautiful to photograph a dancer in this surroundings what with the different levels. Maybe one of these days.


One other thing is when you look up across the passegeways you will find intricately carved panels, more intricate then the other 2 temples.


I hear dawn is one of the best times to go there, so if you paln to head there choose which of the 2 temples at Belur and Halebid you'll want to see first. You'll also not end up getting baked in the heat of the afternoon sun. The procession finally came back and few minutes later the temple was closed for the afternoon. As we left it started drizzling - oh yes we had both extremes blazing son and sudden downpours

hoysala Hosted on Zooomr

So as you can see all 3 temples are different even though of the same style and nearly similar sculptures. Each sculpture is actually different if you look closely. At least once visit these places, they're hidden treasures left for us to bask in and marvel at such great artisans.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Peachy Glitter

You are at the right place, no need to recheck the URL. ;)

So the blogs got a new look - using photos shot by mua. Some of which you haven't seen yet since I haven't gotten to those stories yet plus its hell to go through 1000 over images!

Zooomr finally launched its second phase and its up and running. One of the reasons I love using Zooomr is that its blog friendly what with so many options for posting sizes plus being able to upload 10 photos at a time. If you hadn't known yet, their blog friendliness extends to the fact that they are offering all Blogspot bloggers a free pro account. So check them out.

IMG_3873jewellery Hosted on Zooomr

If you hadn't known I love jewellery and this is one of my favourite earrings.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Shadowed by answers

Worry lines etched his face. She was curious  to know why he look so disturbed. He'd glance her way occasionally, but gone was the cheeky smile she had come to love. He paced the length of the corridor waiting for his family. She sneaked glances his way, making sure he didn't catch her again. His family joined him and he reluctantly trailed behind them, disappearing into the corner.

She straightened her back and peered where the dust from their departure was just beginning to settle. He suddenly appeared again nervous, worried, unsettled over something. The smile that had formed on seeing him again, froze as their eyes met. Her's one of a million questions, his shadowed by answers that reeked unease. One last glance and he turned the corner again.

Seconds past and she waited for the familiar smile, minutes past and then it dawned on her.

Oh they'd left. Alas how she wished he'd caught her and exchanged more than just glances. The rogue nor the  damsel knew if the ancient dance of eyes will ever resume.

Ps : continuation of rogue

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Imsai arasan

Imsai arasan - maga comedy!

Yesterday 11 of us went to watch the movie. One of my friends was on silent mode over a bet he made with another friend. The clever fella brought him for the movie knowing - this was one movie you'd have to make noise.

Anyways as always we created enough noise to attract the whole place.

Of course how can we not tell the ticket collector that someone didn't have a ticket. Paavam payyan he was wondering why he came out with us ;p

Anyway we ended up being the whole row wher ethe 12th seat was occupied by this uncle and I somehow ended up next to him. Message started coming from the other end on how was my date with the uncle. Of course the waste messanger siting next to me ended up becoming the punching bag since I couldn't keep running to the other end you know.

We tried screaming thalaiva when Vadivel 1 turned up but he was too fast but we did manage for Vadivel 2 ;p Karadi wriggling was so funny ;p

Go watch the movie its quite funny, though as always in Shankar movies theres a message.

Pity the waste messanger, he kept getting hit coz he was the nearest ;p anyway don't pity him too much he enjoys bullying us! ;p

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


We had stayed in Hassan the night before after visiting Melkote.

Hosted on Zooomr
Hassan is quite a busy town, mostly made of ppl staying over before moving on to Halebidu and Belur, so the city is dotted with hotels. We stayed at a place right in the centre of town nest to a shopping complex, the next day we actually met a few of the hotel residents we'd seen at the restaurant at Halebid.

Anyway we were quite blown by the size of the food that turned up at our table which was as tasty. The drive to Halebidu is quite refreshing as most of Karnataka was.


There was one thing I noticed on this part of Karnataka. You would see small ancient abandoned sathrams (halls) enroute the temple routes, something you only see in certain parts of the country (I've seen some in Tamilnadu and now here in this half of karnataka).

I think it comes from the Kings initiative to provide shelter for its citizens. Which is really nice to note.
I already told you about the Jain temple we stopped at first before Halebid.

Looking for info on Halebidu I found this link with info on the jain temple.

When you first reach Halebidu you notice rows of people selling stone sculptures, some granite some in plaster/cement like structure. I made a note of going there later as I have a thing for sculptures especially ganesh ji's.

Be prepared to be hounded by overzealous kids and salesperson trying to sell you Halebidu, but as they remain only outside the gates don't worry its just for awhile.

You might want to get one of those books on Hoysala architecture if you're like me who needs to know about a place I visit. Its quite interesting.

IMG_2778halebidHosted on Zooomr
So after all that buzz you see the temple and you're blown away by its size but not its shape if you've been to Somnathpur first. Its set in this beautiful garden another great thing about the Karnataka government.

Most temple and monument grounds are so well kept, beautiful gardens, flowering trees and people who are constantly maintaining the place. Its also very clean inside, so will someone please send a memo to TN please!

There are 2 huge elaborately decorated dwaraka palakas guarding the front entrance. Right above you'll find an elaborately carved story of the deity. If you look closer at the walls nearby you will see these Nartana ganapathy.
A very beautiful piece. But you'll have to look closely and twist yourself ;) Everyone you go, you have to look at every direction as there's something hidden somewhere.


The round slabs in the centre of the temples are popular sitting spots as they are extremely cooling. Despite the blazing hot weather outside the place was still chilly inside, naturally. You can hire guides if you want to but get the book instead then you'll be able to read it again as there's so much information.

This temple is made of a long pillared hall with 2 main altars both dedicated to shiva and each facing an outside mandapam where 2 huge nandi's sit.

Don't head out yet, look up and you'll find exquisite carvings on the corners and ceilings. Did find a scary discovery on one of my ceiling photos.
It was full of huge leggy spiders! What I'm not sure is did I magnify that particular ceiling carving or that was the original size. All i know is it was icky to think one could have fallen on me! ;(
You get outside to find the beautifully adorned walls.

IMG_2820halebiduHosted on Zooomr
"The exteriors of these temples are beautiful, decorated with panels of warriors, dancers, horses, elephants, mythical creatures.


There are beautiful apsaras, and there are several sculptures of hindu deities, and scenes from Mahabharat, Ramayan and Bhagavat Gita. The sculptures here are larger than the ones you will find at Belur, and are carved on both sides of the stone.

IMG_2823halebiduHosted on Zooomr

Historians find a tradition that the ancient and medieval Indian artists rarely sign their work of art. However, the Hoysala sculptors have broken this custom and signed their sculptures. They engraved their names, titles and even the place of their origin at the foot of their art work.
The stone inscriptions and copper plates of the period give some more details about these artisans. Mallitamma was the most prolific of all known Hoysala artists and more than forty well-executed sculptures stand in his name.

IMG_2813halebiduHosted on Zooomr

Dasoja and his son Javana were migrants of a nearby town called Ballegavi. Javana is credited for the sculptures of five madanakai damsels and his father is credited for another four. Malliyanna and Nagoja have included birds and animals in their sculptures. The sculptures located in the navaranga were carved out by Chikkahampa and Malloja.
It is a great pity that no biographical details about these artisans are available. What these sculptures brought them in return to their hard and extremely pain-taking work must have been a pittance!

However, even after a lapse of eight centuries, the art lovers of the whole world can adore them."

There are a few different carvings here. You'll find a few of vishnu's avathars here, plus some interesting devi sculptures. If you look closely at each slab you'll find a few stories carved into one.

The nandis are really beautiful. They have been placed in nandi mandaps that are also raised so as to be on the same level of the main temples.


The beautiful doorways and play of lights are a wonderful way to spend the morning.

IMG_2836halebiduIMG_2836halebiduHosted on Zooomr

One of the best things to do is to sit and relax in one of the nandi mandaps and watch as curious people walk by. You'll enjoy the breeze and the surroundings and yet be cooled by the stones natural cooling quality.

At the back of the temple at a short distance you'll find a lake or pond. We didn't check it out as we had to leave plus there was the heat. Still the greenish surroundings and its brown works of art stands out in the minds eye.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Need a break again

My mom remarked I am capable of having too much fun at one time. This came from the answer I gave her on how the trip was - not enough time. Yesterday I skipped lunch to have a quick nap at work. I got home had dinner and slept off on the couch and that was 7 pm. Woke up 11 hours later, still wanting to sleep and mom complaining I still haven't told her about the trip.

So in between this buzzing, blurness and laziness (have not picked up the phone u see) I find out blogspot has been blocked in India (drastic drop in visitors which I am not happy), tsunami in Java (freaky given we were on the beach and talking about what if it happened), I have emails to reply, Siti is getting married and we have a squirrel problem!

Let me explain. My house faces a river and a small jungle which makes it a beautiful place to live in. Explains why every summer we have birds making nests in front of our house not counting the number of colourful birds that have taken residence in the surrounding trees. The problem is some donkey has been clearing the jungle and hell has come to earth or at least my area. What happens when animals lose their habitats? They find new ones. First it was rats - those were easy and stupid. You can catch them in a day. What isn't easy are squirrels!
We have no idea where it is but its already built a few nests (squirrels love building nests there could only be one fella but he'd have 3, 4 nests). No one has actually seen it but we know its there. We first thought it was a rat but it does not smell, does not mess the place, loves fruits and doesn't come out at night!

So anyway Mr squirrel has an affliction to toothpaste, the listerin (liquid mouth refresher) bottle and u*ndies. We (ok not me but mom n bro - I was in Penang and then I was asleep) found his nests but still haven't found him. The next day he went off and built another one - the we found it again and he got pissed off, we found everything thrown out. I see we have a very pissed housemate. He must be feeling frustrated but hello he must remember we never invited him in! I also have a very exasperated brother who called me up and grumbled to me for 20 mins wondering what was I planning to bring up next? I hinted on snakes, he doesn't mind those, wouldn't even mind getting it for me as long as I tell him so first! Does MR squirrel know all this??? Nooooooooo yet HE's pissed! Bah! Squirrels and their attitudes!

Oh yeah squirrels are cute but not when they're in love with your house, toothpaste and listerine. So I'm looking for a hermits hut on a sandy beach away from people, news and in house squirrels. Don't mind hanging out with some there as long as they don't follow me back! I know I just got back from a break but I so need a break again! ;p


Monday, July 17, 2006


If you were wondering where I've been missing, well Friday took off to fix the windscreen and get a set of new tyres and rotate the whole lot. Hours into Saturday, I was on the road driving to Penang for a short (very short) weekend trip. Mission to have fun was accomplished and 970 km later we reached back to KL early Monday morning.

I'm a bit bleary actually a lot. You were supposed to get a tag which kG figured if he had to do it I had to as well! Bah! But I've been staring at that thing for hours and can't seem to get witty enough!

After 2 days of food, beach, music, dance and sight seeing the brain refuses to tame down. And yes the national pastime of people in Penang is food. How else do you explain a restaurant that serves heavy rich rice and dishes only and yet be fully operational at 5 in the morning???? I could only stare!

I just realised something I've got so many stories to tell just not the time. Oh well I'm off to home now ;p Yippieeeeeeeee I get to see my beddddddddddddd

Thursday, July 13, 2006

60 Smiles

Well Usha suggested I write 100 000 things that make me smile to curb my current mood. Well I'm taking it but limiting it to 60 things. So here's the list.

Children - just seeing them makes me happy
Childrens smiles - its an accomplishment to me if I get a kid to smile
Childrens hugs- oh my this is the most beautiful feeling in the world and if you've never felt it you're missing on lots
Childrens kisses
The smell of kids - its sooooooooo sweet
Roses - read this to see how crazy I am for them
Music - I cannot live without music.
Singing - closing my eyes n singing n knowing I did it justice
Dance - this is the next thing I can't live without - I have to watch or dance it myself
Sunsets - I have been known to go sunset catching
Clouds - I am crazy about them
Rain - I love the rain. I just loveeeeeeeee playing in the rain ;p
Beach - I could sit for hours and never get bored
Beautiful live music - I love going for them and wouldn't mind even going alone
Water - pools, waterfalls, sea name it, I just can't wait to get in them
Nice people - I beam when ppl are nice to me
Romance of the old - I love watching old ppl still in love
December - yeah a month that bewitches
Snuggling up and watching the weather
Making a person happy
Wind/ breeze - yes a gush of wind can make me happy ;p
My camera - I got what i've always wanted n to me its so precious
My photos - everytime I see a good one I beam
Elephants - I love these animals
Monkeys - heheh I love watching them - I'm always looking for them at temples ;p
A cup of iced milo at a mamak with friends - bliss
Kolams - drawing them seeing them n its threupetic
Thaipusam - id cry if I don't go a year
Travel - yes say the word and I'll burst into million words
My boyfriendS - ehhehe read this
Love songs
Ganesha's - U should see my collection ;)
Malaysia - If you haven't known yet I'm very patriotic plus love the country
KL - yes I love KL and it makes me smile
Books - I wish I could buy everything but I cant
TN*Seshagopalan - I have a crush on him ;p
Ink pens
Being nice to people
Birds - we have birds making nests at our house every summer
Writing hence blogging
Black - yes it makes me happy don't ask I'm weird ;p
Lion dance - I see one n I turn into a kid
Cotton candy ;))))
Making people blush - hehehe
Food fights
Hand written notes
Beautiful landscapes
Beautiful buildings
Email call from a long lost friend
Ice cream - therapy for anger it works ;)
Brilliant blue skies
Chilli - I bow down to its supremacy
Water balloon fights ;p
Celebrating birthdays


Finally they ammended rape laws over here though I'd still prefer if the maximum was death and not just 30 years!

On a totally different topic

If you thought the blind aren't football fans you got that wrong. Read this (lets hope next time they remember to have radio commentary) and I remember watching a documentary on a disabled league in Brazil. The game is played using balls that makes noise when it moves.

Oh yeah I'm like no 6 on the top photo uploaders on zooomr - me so proud ;p and the thing is I can go more in secs - that is if I sat and uploaded all the photos at my pc at home ;p

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I dislike people

I'm one of the weirdest character you could have met. I'm so jolly you'll assume I don't have a temper when in truth I have a horrible one - and once you've seen me that way you'll always be wary. In this 3 weeks I have been so tried and I'm getting tired of it. Last week I blew my top - I was happy I did for one of the situations but I wasn't so happy about the next. Sadly it hasn't ended and it seems to be getting worse (don't ask me what). There are a few things I can't tolerate and I've been seeing one too many of those.

I dislike people who put down others in the name of class/ job/ money
I dislike people who force their beliefs on others or place restrictions on others coz they think they're god send

I dislike people who talk to me as if im a 3 year old or they assume I'm some slave

I dislike people who assume they can get their way at all times

I dislike people who act innocent in front of others but are in fact all the above

I dislike people who think I'll bend to pressure

I dislike people who think they can bully me into getting something

I dislike people who order me around

I dislike people who try to make others feel guilty

I dislike people who gather people to support them when they know they're wrong

I dislike people who want secret meetings for whatever the hell

As you can see I'm really at my age. I hope I don't blow a fuse I hope I don't do a Zidane (hehehe couldn't resist), I hope things take a smooth turn. Pls god I'm at the end of my nerves - the temptation to pick up the phone and yell is rocket high.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I was reminded of school assemblies after reading Mydays post. Now you see we were the best class in our batch yet one of the naughtiest too (co ed school). So whenever the teachers needed ppl to volunteer (take note it was actually forced volunteering) we were dragged to it and if we did mistakes we were still dragged! So good or bad the stage came a calling ;p

We had assembly every monday morning, and we'd be the last class at the assembly and I'm normally part of the last bunch to leave to the grounds. Assembly would have started and we'd be quietly sneaking into the lines. Our lines were right next to the building so it was easy. Plus no prefect (school kids trying to be bosses appointed by teachers) would question us since we were seniors plus even the head prefect was slightly afraid of us ;p

We used to be early to school coz we wanted to play chess, so normally we were late for assembly coz of chess! Even a day before this major government exam, we were playing chess (yeah we loved it).

Anyway when the school implemented weird things like green month - we'd end up on stage (more like forced) in front of the whole school to sing. So began the shuffling of the mike, "you hold no, you hold" and sadly we had no choice but to sing. So that's why I still remember the lyrics to Hijau by Zainal Abidin (one of my fav msian singers). Luckily it was a nice song and I had always loved it.

Well if ure thinking we only got on stage for the good stuff let me tell you it doesn't stop there! School used to have the cleanest class competition which we weren't so fond off. We never bothered with decorating or doing anything for the place, heck we didn't even sweep the class daily ;p

So one fine day we got called up the stage for being the dirtiest class. No other class had ever been made to stand in front the assembly but poor us just coz we were the best class we got called in front! But seriously we weren't embarrassed ;p, that was until our class teacher did a sob scene for an hour! So we decided we were winning the bloody competition the next week.
That very saturday we came to school and painted the class then decorated the back wall with pink and black designs, funked up the front boards, hanged curtains, greened up the place. And as predicted we won the competition the very next week and every other week after that for the rest of the school year! Of course we cheered like mad and then we got bored of winning ;p Unfair school they didn't call us on stage this time! Bah!

So as you can see being in the best class is not really a good thing, since you end up on the assembly stage every other week!


Took this photo a long long time ago. This is my favourite of the bunch. Look at the expression the grace, and it just makes you want to dance. The dance is a malay traditional dance performed by an indian.

IMG_2050dance2IMG_2050dance2Hosted on Zooomr

Monday, July 10, 2006

Morons of all ages

People can be morons and extremely reckless. How else do you explain unexplainable damage and kiasu (selfish) behaviour! This is a complain post, I'm just irritated!

Right after my dad passed away, I had just turned the corner of my housing area when we heard a loud noise. Something had hit my windscreen. Now I wasn't driving fast, hell I was driving at 20 km/h and it came from above. That's when I realised some moron had threw something to get the cats to shut up. Since it was dark and I didn't see any damage there I just drove off. Only when I reached a brighter location I realised the throw had cracked my windscreen and I had no idea who the moron was. What's wrong with people do they have to be so selfish??????

Anyway my mechanic told me not to change it as it was too tiny plus since my windscreen was double layered I should wait. So 2 years have gone and the thing is the bulle*t shot like crack hadn't really expanded from the heat.

Last week I was driving past a dark stretch of road (no street lights) when suddenly I heard that horrible noise again. Again I saw nothing at first. Only the next morning I realised there was a 3 inch crack on the side of my windscreen. Again I have no idea who the moron on the bike was or what hit the car. However I suspected this crack was expanding with the heat and I was correct. It was slowly growing by the day so I had to call my insurance agent on the claims (I'm the smarty pants who insures her windscreen). Anyway yday afternoon I'd gone to check out the MV Doulos. Will write about that later. The thing is when I got back I found the crack had spread 1 inch coz of the intense heat!

The other thing that irked me was, we were standing in line when out of nowhere this old (late 40s) couple came and cut into our line. Given they were older we didn't say a thing. But they turned out to be classic racist morons. We were standing the distant most people in the line were standing at when this guy decides to dance around with his umbrella. Which was
hitting the shortest (I'm pointing out this to show how low his umbrella had gone) member of our group. First few times we kept quiet and then I got angry and said - could you please hold your umbrella properly? Only to have him answer you don't stand so close or I'll hit you again. I decided not to say anything then but he did it again and this time I decided saying please was a waste of time and scolded him only for him to give the same stupid answer.

He wasn't the only one holding an umbrella but he sure was the only one hitting others! Idiot so old already but still stupid!

Then we were patiently waiting in line when just as we reached the steps, a huge mob just decided to cut in line and stand near us. We had been there for nearly 30 mins and this people were acting so selfishly. Even when people started complaining they just stood there even pushing others to get in front! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh someone teach people manners, worse part the parents were behaving as such in front of their children. The next generation is going to the drains I tell ya!

Friday, July 07, 2006

You try to resist

It quietly vibrates through your skin, slowly but surely getting into your bloodstream. You try to resist, you try to say no yet its taken over your whole being and you're left at its mercy. Slowly your feet beat in its rhythm, your hip sways to its varying moods. The tempo is set and you're blown away by its control over you. Before you know it, its frenzy takes over and you are the slave to its doings.

Ah the beat of music as it stir through your veins oscillating in Dance. Whatever style it is, it implies passion, it implies grace, it emanates energy, it vibrates the power of music. Every single style a celebration of its own, superior it its own yet fused by the energy of its passion.

The tango, salsa, odisi - sensual seductive dances. Bodies move to the beat of the music implying suggestion offering passion yet seductively never crossing borders.

The waltz, bharathanatyam, Ballet, kathak - graceful lines bursting with technicality, the eyes guided by rhythm, persuades the body to follow the silent headings of the music, the mood the story.

The Kuchipudi, mohini attam, manipuri, malay dance - romances with its grace, feminity, soft glances, the gentle flick of the fingers, the ever elegant moves, bewitching moves yet always grace personified.

The folk, tribal, country - vibrant energy, joyous celebrations resonating in merriment where revelry is the celebration of dance.

So many styles yet all so empowering in its own ways, how can one live without the seduction of dance, the elegance of grace, the celebration of dance?

Ps : inspired by the movie Take the lead - do go watch - it left me breathless and out dancing!

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