Friday, June 09, 2006

Viva Brazil

Ahem you're still at the right place. The blog has football fever as the owner does. As you can see we know our team, unfortunately owner does not think the jersey looks good on her. We're supporting the team here. So the blog wears the colours instead.

Now please enjoy by tortoise suthings of footie......

It was the 1994 World cup - it was the first time I was watching football. Most of the time alone, since it was at an ungodly hour. I had no favourites yet but the final was nearing and sides were to be chosen.

Brazil were playing against Italy. The choice was between the not so good looking but awesome players team Brazil and the very good looking Italians. My friend opted for the Italians, I decided I preferred the samba players.

Worldcup 1994, Brazil beat Italy 3-2 and sealed my loyalty with their awesome game.

Thus began the jeering from Brazil haters, it didn't help that I was an MU fan as well. Having most of your friends being Anti Brazil wasn't a good thing either.

Every game I'd have people bullying me that my team was gonna lose - and everyone would be supporting any team but Brazil. I've had arguments with radio deejays a long time back.

1998 Worldcup Brazil France game. A game I would never forget.

Was quietly watching it with my dad. 1st goal I was still going we'll get you! 2nd goal I was still going we'll get you! By the third goal I'd silently slumped into my chair wishing it would end. I would never forget 4-0 because I ended up having lunch with my numero uno Anti Brazil Argentina Fan the very next day.

Throughout the whole lunch all I heard was 4-0! 4-0! 4-0! 4-0! 4-0! 4-0!4-0! 4-0! 4-0! 4-0! 4-0! 4-0! 4-0!4-0! 4-0! 4-0! 4-0!

I tell you contrary to the belief that being a Brazil fan is fun, you have not been a fan among anti Brazilians to understand the feeling!

We shall not gloat about 2002's win.

Wish list for 2006 Worldcup

Please give us good games, no goaless draws, no referee blunders, lots of goals, lots of underdog winning games, lots of drama, lots of good games, less aggregate win moving forwards, alert players, less injury drama, wonderful corner kicks, brilliant penalty saves and awesome final game.

May the best team win and all outings be determined by the time of great matches!

Let the games begin!!!


geetha said...

Yeah, world cup fever! Nice banner.

I wanted to support Brazil, but since hubby supporting Brazil, I decided to spice it up and choose some other team.. so it's Germany for me :)

Nirek said...

hey Brazil fan,
wish good team win the torunament. thats nice template now for ur blog -futboll fever.

Puspha said...

Thatz a cool banner.

Though Switzerland is taking part in the game, there's nothing much happening here. Unlike in M'sia, we don't take part but we die for it. Another thing is tat, Switzerland is just next door to Germany. Very typical Swiss lifestyle. BORING!!!!!!

For ur info, the Brazilian team were in Switzerland for their final training. Guess wat the swiss did? They made business out of it, as usual. Thousands of people bought tickets daily to spectate the training.

During the final game of the previous world cup, my whole family was supporting Brazil. So, to create a fun atmosphere, I purposely supported Germany, the opponent team. Even before the game started, I was already in my jersey, both top & bottom & I was jogging around my house. Amma said at my age, then, I was supposed to have children of my own but I was acting like a little kid myself. Though she was angry but then, she culdn't stop laughing at me. I was also doing immitation football jerseys business. Hahahaha.

This time, again, I'm supporting both my fav teams, the English & the German teams.

Long live the Queen!!!!
Hopp Deutschland!!!

Ganesh said...

Visithra visiting your site after a long gap, beautiful pics you have posted here.
Btw my favourite team is also Brazil but I also like Cameroon a lot.

Maran said...

Ahhh! I remember the 94 world cup. Roberto Baggio missed the penalty shoot-out and gave the cup to Brasil! Thats my first & last WC! :)

BawangMerah said...

woooii!!! I thought I typed the wrong address. Hah. Then I saw your eye logo at the side, only then I realize the fever has already started :P I don't support any team in particular for world cups. I just pick one I like and try to see if they go through. I'd like it more if I could support the Malaysian team, but then they can't even win regional tournaments. *sigh*

In the 98 world cup, during the final I supported Brazil. Partly because I didn't like France and partly because I had supported Italy at first and this fellas kicked them out. At some ungodly hour in the morning, having painted my face with the brazil flag colour (everybody else was doing it la) went and sat in the mamak shop to watch the game. The rest I guess I no need to tell la. Safe to say, at least one fella had curry poured on his head for gloating. :P

This time though, I'm rooting for Holland. :)

Anonymous said...
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Arz000n said...

I dont follow soccer...and majority of ma friends are bugging me all the time to watch ESPN :(

My days(Gops) said...

patcha colour jingu'cha.....
naan indha aatathuku varen but, i'm "england" side...let see...

Jeevan said...

My favorite team in Football is also Brazil, i like Maradona and David Beckam.

My days(Gops) said...

u knw i too watched tht 1994 world cup final......

its a tie breaker game whr Roberto baggio kicks the ball over the post ........
am i rite?
(dai gopi nee engai'o poita da)

Me said... template...i like it....

Harish said...

WOOAAAHH!!! what happened here? :)

visithra said...

Geetha : yep it has - thanks ;)

ooh he does? Ahhh germany the opening match was good thanks to costa rica

Satu : yep the best team n good games - not many though so many boring ones


pushpa : welcome here ;) thanks
Weird is int - there was an article mentioning the same imagine if we took part - probably the whole nation would go on leave ;p

hehehe boring eh - lol next door n still no hype - sigh ure at the wrong place dear ;p

at least 1000 ppl went to watch them train - so there is still hope for football ;p

Hehehe jogging around the house eh - hehee that would have been a sight - i like the face painting part ;p ooh u were ? Heheheh

ur fav teams huh - well after brazil i do support germany for my friends - england - sigh they bored the skin out of me on sat

well may the best team win

visithra said...

Ganesh : hey how r u - yep u havent been here for some time - thanks

oohh good good - cameroon huh - lets see how they do

Maran : hehehe ur first n last eh - hehehe

Bawangred : thats y the first lines a disclaimer ;p

no doubt wed all love it if msia played - maybe once before we die? ;p but i think our parents have been saying this for a long time
U dont like france too? Ooh me too - u painted ur face hehe yayy - i think the match started at 2 our time - one fella had curry? Ooohh reminds me of the time i poured sirap on someone ;p ehhehe will tell that story

holland huh - sigh they played such a boring game yday - so did the rest of the biggies - they were just lucky

Arz : ehehe well u better run away - wrong month u see

Mydays : manjeh colouru jingucha -

england ah - bore adikudungeh pa - sondha goal potha maharasanna than thank pahnanum nengehlam

Jeevan : oohhh yayy - k ;)

mydays : it was a penalty kick tie breaker - the kind u hate - coz the match drags on -n yes he did miss n we won ;p

Me : thanks ;)

harish : football fever ;p ure back?

My days(Gops) said...

excuse me....
enna soneenga? bore'aah?
enga beckham adicha kick appadi....summa rocket maadhiri ponucha illai'ah?

visithra said...

i know beckam helped the kick go in - but athu own goal - antha timeleh antha captain head pahnalehna goal pohndiruhkadhu - n then that was it it became boring by the minute