Monday, June 12, 2006

Personal lullaby

The thing about watching football live is the odd hours. Weekends are ok but weekdays, setting up alarms and getting up and dragging yourself to work with toothpicks attached to eyelids are abit weird.

This the first time I'm watching the world cup on a paid channel, since before this I was always stuck with the grainy old extra tv we had since I'd be the only one religiously watching matches at home on local tv. So I never knew how some presenters can be so irritating, that every half time I'm reduced to muting the tv.
Now let me tell you about the phenomena that seems to occur in front of the telly.

At home all 3 have the habit of sleeping in front of the telly at all hours. Me thinks switching on telly is akin to personal lullaby.

Dad the once club footballer used to watch the finals only and occasionally would fall asleep. I used to "wake him" up by "accidentally" dropping something only to receive a glare from his side! Sigh the things I do!

Bro meanwhile religiously gets down to watch the game armed with blanket (homes a bit chilly) and promptly falls asleep as soon as he hits the couch where snoring occasionally accompanies the missed goal screams of the telly. And these 2 used to complain about moms watching of movie that consists of first 10 mins and 5 mins before the last half an hour of a movie.

Normally I never wake them up from their telly sleep as its their reaction that totally baffles me.

"I'M NOT SLEEPING, don't bluff!!!! And then 3 minutes later they promptly go back to sleep. Too much drama, don't you think?

Mom was telling me how she prefers me to be at home when shes watching serials as she'll stay awake fighting for the remote! Bah! I told her I know, that's why I go out ;p

The good thing is, stealing the remote control from a sleeping person is a piece of cake!


geetha said...

"The good thing is, stealing the remote control from a sleeping person is a piece of cake!"

... not unless the person is sleeping on the remote! :)

hari said...

Hi visit,

So you are a Brazilian fan. The pleasure of sleeping in front of a screaming TV is just inexplicable.

Anonymous said...

Your writing is inimitably charming, fellow Brazilian fan.
Despite not commenting on your earlier posts, I have been
enjoying reading them and the lovely pictures from
your trip.I do this between work which has been consuming
my week days. Your blog is a pleasant respite.
I need utter nisaptham to be able to sleep. But I have occasionally
fallen asleep watching television. Football is much more
engaging to watch especially at the World cup level and thus keeps
me awake.
Viva Brazil!
The Kundapur beach looks wonderful. I wish I can escape to
it instead of having to deal with work this week. Tropical
beaches evoke a sense of laziness which only accentuates
the desire to remove myself far far away from work.
I was exploring little towns in rural Virginia the weekend before
last and was reminded of your pictures even though the venues are
entirely different. I think it was the kite which must have
made the connection. The Shenandoah region is stunningly
beautiful and you should consider visiting it if you are ever
in the US.(Though I must say there are numerous other
places which should take precedence over Virginia)
There are plenty of beautiful places around the
world and I envy the lives of travel writers. Have you
visited the National Musem in KL? I loved the shadow puppet
exhibits they had.(have?)
Hope you keep writing as prolifically as you do now.
Have a great week.:- )

My days(Gops) said...

aah aah...once upon a time,enakku TV potta thaan thookamey varum...
he he he...

i'm lucky in tht case
all the three matches timings are
4pm, 7pm and 10pm.local time..
eppadi ponaalum i can watch 2matches..enna oru kastam'na road'la ninnu paakanum...

Keshi said...

Im not interested in Soccer at all...Cricket yes :)


visithra said...

Geetha : hehehhe theres a trick for even that - that is if at least 5 person is jutting out ;p

Hari : hey long time no see ;) yep

Lol it is eh ;)

Aravind : good to know ;) well its reallynice to know the blog entertains ;)

brazil fan too? Ooohh good ;) yes theres something with the worldcup thats different that it keeps u awake ;)

ah what id give to escape to that beach too ;)

little towns in rural Virginia sounds interesting - any photos to share with us ?

There were kites too? Oh nice - but it is hard telling the difference between kies, hawks n eagles but they r a majestic sight - im sure its beautiful vast land with myriad seasons and landscapes - wouldn't know where to start in the us ;)

oh i have the same envy! Been jealous of travel writers and travel prog hosts all my life - its not fair i tell ya!

Yes ive been to the national musuem - but a long time ago - must go again one of these days -

ah ure talking about the wayang kulit - shadow puppet - did u know most of the stories are based on the ramayanam?

Thanks - i hope i do too ;) u have a good weekend too ;)

mydays : ehhehe apdhiyah - amma vandhu morning morning tv munnale thungitha adipangeh :( athunalehye naan thungamathen

Bah not fair here its 9pm n 12am n 3am

roadla ninna? Open air show? - ingeh we have hawker stalls if u dont want to watch at home - n they seem to have huge tvs

keshi : oooh cricket - somehow after golf thats the other game i dont like - though the men r cute ;p but i heard a very interesting theory of why cricket is a better game to watch ;p

The Smiling Girl said...

Brazil Fan? Join the club:)..
Well, I am not much of a football fan, but courtesy my husband, I have to see the matches forcefully now and started understanding the game bits...

Yday I learnt what a forward, midfield and defense is..:)

But the reason I am Brazil\'s fan is - I guess they are the favourites, right?:) Howzzat?:)

The Smiling Girl said...

Hey.. what is that interesting theory? WOuld like to know why Cricket is a better game to watch!

Jeevan said...

In our old house the Television will be in bed room so we used to watch movies while sleeping, some time every one will sleep and Tv will running. Today the Brazil is playing know. before i have to fight with mom and brother to see my favorite programs in serial times, now i leave it to her.

Keshi said...

lol girl wuts the reason, tell me...


visithra said...

Smiling girl : yayyyyyyyyy

hes teaching u? Ooohh nice of him most guys dont take the trouble

they are the favs and most hated coz theyre the favs - funny but i like the way they play - its an attacking game ;)

ah the theory - just posted it - had to ask permission sice it was someones view ;)

Jeevan : ohhh heheh my mom would scold but its ok when she does it ;p

yeah u watched the match? - hehehe u do eh nice of u -ive somewhat stopped

keshi : just posted the reason ;)

Anonymous said...

I did know that some of the puppetry was based on the Ramayanam. I like the sound of the word 'Wayang Kulit'. It has a nice ring to it. It is a pity most of these folk arts are dying out in countries like India. It is fascinating to know that Hinduism had such an impact on the cultural milieu of South East Asian nations even though it isn't very visible today.
Oh, yes, there were kites gracing the Virginia skies that day. As to pictures, hmm well, I am too lazy to blog or post pictures somewhere. Perhaps one day soon.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. :- )

visithra said...

Aravind : ah thats good to know - yes it does have a nice ring to it - in malay it means theatre of skins literally -

even here these are dying if not for a few ppl still practising it

malaysia has a very interesting history especially linked to the cholas

actually when u go deep into traditions you realise the influences are still there

ah so lets hope for the one day then ;)