Wednesday, June 21, 2006

people humm

I miss the computer so U get another story. I was at the drs when this family dropped this very old man with a cane and went of to park. Man stood at the small steps wondering how to get over it. I think he has problems bending his knees without some support. Another guy goes near the door and I assumed he was going to help him, but the guy looks outside and at the old man and just left.

Anyway I was pretty disgusted by the guy as I went out to help the old man. All he needed was a hand to support his climb.

MY question is why couldnt the daughter get down and help him first knowing the man couldnt climb without help. or at least the donkey who saw him looking around for help should have done something.

someone teach these people manners will ya!


BawangMerah said...

Because you had to help the olde man. That's why no one else helped. I know it makes weird sense.

mango said...


Love u'r nature pics. You've got such a great "eye";) What name do u host u'r pics under on the Zooomr site?

Gladtomeetin said...

Glad you did it dear :-)) God knows wats stopping those guys?

Balajoe said...

Probably that explains why Reader’s Digest ranked Kuala Lumpur as the third-worst city in the survey on how courteous urban dwellers were. Then again, the old man should have waited for the family but you know some old mans are - they want to do things on their own even though they are not strong enough (one good example is my dad)

geetha said...

Thank God for people like you :)

Usha said...

People are finding it increasingly harder to look beyond their noses. Sensitivity has become so rare even among family members.
But the weakness and decripitude of old age is something none of us can escape - it is worth paying attention to it when we are young and able.
Please stay as nice as you are.

Keshi said...

**MY question is why couldnt the daughter get down and help him first knowing the man couldnt climb without help.

Just cos she's pathetic idiot herself.

I know Visithra I have seen so many ppl like thi son the train who r simply insensitive walking bimbos.


My days(Gops) said...

who knws, may be tht "monkey" cud've thought => old man is waiting for his family'nu...

or else, neenga irrukeenga'nu avan poi irrukalam....

Jeevan said...

i really hate the people who watch othen when they are in trouble, with out helping. un manasu yarukku varum:)

krk said...

The tendency of hel;ping, needs to come from heart...and not from brain...thats the difference between sympathy and empathy..yellam ennoda english vathiyar ubayam....

hari said...

Hi Visit,

Its not even manners, but just about being plane human and having a forethought about our old age.

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Visit, world is like tht :)

visithra said...

Bawangred : u make sense in a very weird way - heheh but maybe ;)

Mango : welcome here ;)

thanks ;) oh its

have fun looking at them ;)

glad : i have no idea

Balajoe : hummm we did eh - but it goes with most cities i think- not knowing neighbours n all

well its a small town - double parking isnt an issue -she dropped him in fornt of the clinic n then went to park - old man was sweet he was looking for someone to help - n didnt brush me off - yeah my dad was like that too - he used to hate it when we drove him around when he was sick

geetha : weren't we all brought up to respect elders - sigh

Usha : yeah its so weird

Exactly one day its gonna be them - karma comes back at u - ah occasionaly nice - i have my bad traits ;)

Keshi : something like that

ah the train n bus are worse - ppl rarely give their seats up

mydays : hummm i was sitting he was the one near the door - oh well maybe it was an opprtunity for me to help

jeevan : me too - apdhilam ille - anyone could have done

Krk : heheh english vathi makes sense ;) worlds becoming more selfish

Hari : yeah humanity often takes a step back

Ponnarasi : guess so

Me said...

u doing ok? dr kitta lam going?

WA said...

Me seems to be the nicest person around on the blogworld, now that he has mentioned I am hoping you are okay too Visit

visithra said...

me : thanks for asking - doing good - immediately saw the dr that day ;)

uma : hehehe aww he is isnt he - thanks for asking too - doing good better but missing my vain contacts ;p