Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My appa

So you know we've won ;)

What a game it was - funnily second half Brazil looked as if they were lazing around - the goal Cafu tried for just reflected the mood - everyone wanted a goal. Ghana are attacking wise was a wonderful team but tactically they were crap. Why were the staring at the goal being scored on a nearly empty section? The goalkeeper just stood there and watched.

The other fun part of the game was the watching part. Mom was on the phone when the daughter decided she should be screaming away at the tv. Well that got mom excited and when Ronaldo scored the first goal I wasn't the only one cheering!

Ps : bear with me there is something about football in the 50s

Actually everyone watches footie at home, the grandma the grandkid, could tell you stories! Its just mom stopped watching now as she only likes games with lots of goals ;p

Mom decided she liked the yellow team, coz she agreed they did look like they were dancing and was totally impressed by Dida. Kingston too got props coz if not for him we would have had more goals. Seeing Dida scramble for the ball, we both chuckled as mom commented poor the whites (ghana) , they'll never be able to go against that fella.

Anyway in between me updating about this years game, we had an argument on the footballers at home. See I'm the very proud daughter of a ex club footballer and pinpoint that all the time. So I was going appa (dad) stopped playing coz of injury, when mom goes no my appa and I go no my appa. After half a minute of my appa's from both of us we agreed we were both right! Heheh

Here's the thing I always knew my dad played football (for indian clubs) but never knew my grandpa did. He was always the policeman before the independence! So I was quite surprised with the information, something I never remember mom talking about.

It seems grandpa played footie till he was injured and then began to coach. Their team was well known in the 50s. They were the teams who played at the field near the Selangor Turf Club or the Merdeka Stadium (info's kinda vague but I just need to blog it asap). It seems my grandpa coached the team to victory, but mom can't recall the name of the tournament nor the team name. She was only around 8 then and used to follow her dad to watch the games with her 2 older brothers. While they walk she got to ride on the bike to the field. This was before FAM days and the tournament was in Selangor and an open one for all football clubs in the 50s.

The thing is grandpa knew Tunku (our first prime minister) well coz of his policeman and football days. That I've always known. Mom has never stopped telling us of how she used to get rides in Tunku's car and how Tunku always acknowledged her dad. Yeah mom has stories ;)

Anyway I'd like to find out more about these teams. The teams that played before the state games were famous. Been googling but haven't got anything interesting but a photo of Tunku on the pitch.


These men played football for the passion and that definitely rubbed to me (see football is in my genes ;p). I used to curse the fact that womens football had never taken flight in my schooldays. The training ground near the Merdeka Stadium no longer exists, as development took over. So if anyone has any information would like to know.


Nirek said... wonder you become die hard fan of football. nice to meet a gal rubbed with with "football gene" :)

netajovi said...

hehe...true...ghana played well but no strategy at all..basically both teams were really actively playin thruout da game...unlike england(sory eng fans out thr!!!)

Keropok said...

Enjoyed the Ghana - Brazil game big time.

Happy for gundu payan Ronaldo... he and his tondi!

Blardy thirudan Adriano. If I oculd swear in Tamil, I would...

Ezee123 said...

V... the standing part is the tactical ploy to get an offside decision from the flag assistant.
Ghana plays attacking soccer with their backs almost on the halfline. So they are vulnerable to their off side trap missing sometimes if the Refree's assistant does not flag a offside.
Goal 2 was just that.
Goals 1 and 3 were also fashioned out of beating the off side trap. The Ghanians believed that even the 3rd goal was an offside, rightly or wrongly.

There was only one team which was the real winner. The one which played in the Brazilian half for most times.

Brazil's possession ratio looks good but remember it was what they did in their own half.

Sorry if I go at it like an analyst, but that is the truth.

Enough said on soccer.

Jeevan said...

Nice to know about your grandpa team, you have come form a football fan family.

BawangMerah said...

Already feeling patriotic today, you go talk about Tunku. Heh. Now I have the need to read up on the past. If we just hope about the history from textbook, I guess it's not enough.

Jen said...

I posted here once. Not sure if u still remember me. Hope ur passion for football not just with world cup. I'm into EPL as well as bit of other European leagues – Spanish, Bundesliga. Started with Malaysia Cup way back 1983 till late 1990s. Once Astro made its way into my hse, with all the live EPL games, I said bye bye to Malaysia Cup. Sorry to say but the state of our teams here are very very pathetic.

visithra said...

Satu : hehehe yeah its in the genes ;)

Netajovi : footie fan?? Oh wow didnt know

so have u ever net a bonjovi? ;p do tell me if u do would love to be there ;p

yeah exaclty no strategy - hehehe oh man u too not an england fan? Hehe

keropok : hehe all of us did ;)

heheh u crack me up - poor ronaldo everyones bullying him at least now theyre celebrting him ;p heheheh this another funny one

Ezee : yeah i know they played the offside trap but not a very well executed one

why do it from nearly half the field away?

Goal 2 was controversial

Goal 3 was just too funny - n frustrating to see it go in so easily

yeah 10 of the 11 shots they made went straight at the goal compared to the 18 shots of the ghanians where only 9 or 10 were goal shots

oh dont worry i enjoy analysts of the game ;p i could listen to anyone talking about unless for a local presenter here who thinks hes the god of footie grr

wc soccer is never enough ;p

jeevan : hehehe yeah u can say that

bawangred : alamak hehehe mum always talks about it ;) yeah not everything in the textbooks are right - the pppl could tell stories - like listening to old ppl for that reason ;)

jen : long time no see ;) u did come by a long time back ;)

I used to follow the msian cup n the epl then tamil serials took over the tv at home n i dont get to watch the epl or any other game - its only the wc that mom has handed the tv back to us

i once used to be such a big selangor fan - i read the sports section everyday watched the matches on tv1 - famously drenched a cousin with sirap - n then the game got boring players bad n i lost it -

did watch msia play against mu - we were so dissapointed they gave up before the game started - sad sad n we have visions of wc? Grrrr

My days(Gops) said...

cudnt watch the last 2 matches...
held up with loads of work...
but, heard tht first half was bit tough for brasilians..???
congrats to #9 for his record...

nice to hear abt ur pa & grandpa

nadigar thilagam sivaji ganeshan madhiri solla pona...
"parambarai parambarai'ai unga kudumbam football'a katti kaapathi varudhu'nu sollalaam? isnt..

do u play football in PS2?

@womens football'a pathi solla ponaa=>>>
enna vutrunga.... naan ooruku poganum..

visithra said...

Mydays : ohhh it was a good game the ghana one

yeah good for him ;)
Hehehehe well i dont play so cannot say that la - but i can kick n score well ;p

nah dont play on ps2 - havent tried ps2 - i used to be fan of sega games - then pc games took over n i neva liked it - plus dont like playing footie on pc

ehhehe ooru trip ehpo?

My days(Gops) said...

september'la me going.......

visithra said...

mydays : hey thanks for telling u have a good trip ;)