Friday, June 23, 2006

Mr Friendly

Last week was one of my closest's friends birthday. We dutifully called him and wished him on his birthday and then much to his bewilderment the phone lines went dead. Unknown to him we had been secretly meeting to discuss his birthday plans.

Initial plan was to meet up at a cafe to watch football. That was until we realised the days matches weren't so interesting. So the party animals in us decided to change the plan and instead celebrate it at a club we frequent.

To ensure he never knew anything of the plans, non of us called him. We got him to the venue via his childhood friend, whom incidentally we had the number.

Saturday came and the group slowly trickled in waiting outside the club and hiding behind columns in case he sees us. Every other minute our informer was updating us on his whereabouts. We passed the cake to the waiter from outside and we walked in.

His friend had told him, he was having problems and needed him to listen to him, so that was why he was out or so my friend thought ;p

The look on his face as he spotted us would make mastercard proud - it was such a priceless moment. He had no inkling whatsoever of our plans and of course the dear friend our informer was given the best actor title for managing to keep it all in for all that hours.

By then our dear friend became very alert looking around and watching who we were talking to. Everytime the designated waiter stopped by to discuss the plans with me, he'd suspiciously look at the guy and comment something was going on. I think he knew what it was by the end, as this time he seemed prepared for the cake. As the in house band wished and sang for him, our guy beamed in happiness. Of course we being the number one noise makers, we didn't disappoint, causing such a racket. Of course courtesy mua, he got smeared with icing as well.

Thankfully the cake I'd bought was really tasty, as the boys were seen eating more than a slice of the cake. Then Mr friendly the birthday boy, decided he should share the cake with the club. They practically slaughtered the cake (what else boys would do) and he was disturbing it around. Later he tells us an aunty actually fed him the cake - clever fellow kept it from us that night. The boys at the table next to us were getting excited seeing all the racket we were doing, well we were the only galls in that section unless you wanted to count some of the aunties. Incidentally one of the boys were also celebrating his birthday.

If you're wondering why he's called Mr Friendly, well leave him in a room of strangers, by the next hour they'll be exchanging friendly slaps, phone numbers and talking as if they'd known each other all their lives.

Given my friend had initiated the cake sharing, they too decided to do so. I was one of the last to take the cake and was wondering why everyone was looking at me with such hope. The moment I tasted the cake they all broke into grins! Damn that was such a bitter cake - no one warned me - waste pasengeh!

Few theories were made, discovered and reaffirmed.

One can have fun watching others have fun (courtesy boys at next table)

Ladies have killer stares, if looks could kill they'd probably have killed us by now (courtesy aunties at next table)

He definitely had a good time and after the clubs closed we were still yakking away at a local restaurant. Interesting was instead of watching the game on tv, people were listening to the stories of school we were exchanging. School was the best no doubt of it, we all agreed plus with such notorious students, the boys had stories to tell.

The party wasn't over, we still had the gift to give, since it had been delayed by a flight delay. So Tuesday evening we met up at our favourite diner for some laidback dinner. The normally late birthday boy turned up just as we got into the parking area and the gift hadn't even been wrapped! So while I sat and wrapped the gift, another friend went ahead to entertain him and I still needed the gang to sign the card (planning never works with us). So smses were sent while we innocently sat at the table talking. I'm not sure if he noticed people kept disappearing from the table.

As always we were as boisterous as can be, luckily we were far away from most of the diners in the quiet restaurant. The presents came out and the fun began. He had to pose with the gift and then guess its contents. If he couldn't he'd have to sing for us. We made a new discovery that he could sing, so what are friends for if we don't exploit since information!

We got our entertainment alright, videotaped on a digi cam and 2 mobile phones. Surprise surprise we never knew Mr Friendly could blush like that ;p Impatient him tore through the gift and again mastercard would have loved the expression - priceless. He got what he wanted alright - an indian cricket jersey. I was supposed to get it for him, but I couldn't find it nor did I have the time, so he was least expecting it. So adding to his collection of football jerseys, he now has the cricket one.

All in all we had a very happy friend and we are truly delighted of having hosted another successful birthday bash and in a months time we have to plan the next! Slightly running out of ideas to maintain the surprise factor ;p

Only downer to the affair - I couldn't watch the Ecu - Ger game since we were far away from the tv as we were having too much fun!

Signing off - reporter on scene - the surprise birthday planner expert. ;p

Ps : it has come to her vainness attention that she has been sent orders to club this weekend, unfortunately for her she never does so in glasses, so tune in for blind eyed clubbing reports next week if she succumbs ;p


Neha said...

Sceeneee. Nalla dhaan planreenga bde s elaam neenga. naan unga friend ah illaama poitaenae ;)

Neha said...

n oh yea, Am first, am first :D

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Yeah... U r bday planner ;)I have noticed---- U make every1's bday spl in blogworld. Thts gr8!

Gladtomeetin said...

Cool....I dont know how come u get differnt differnt ideas for everyone's bday ;-))

We too had fun in reading :-))

Aravind said...

wowwwww...... wonderful planning!!! Kalakkittenga.......
"Mr friendly" is so lucky !!!1

My days(Gops) said...

good post to read .....
enna fun'a irrundhirukkum'nu padikum bodhey theriudhu...

Ps:- enga oorla idha thaan,
"route'la udradhu'nu solluvaanga...

Mythreyee said...

heh... awesome party dat musta been! :) :) pirkaalathula surprise parties-ku unga kitta thaan ideas kekanum pola iruku.. :)

visithra said...

Neha : nee ingeh illehma poithe athan no surprise ;) - yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy ure firsts - n good to see u back darling

Ponnarasi : hehee names stuck ;) least i can do ; )

glad : its an interesting challenge - good thing is we figured out what to do for the next one ;)

glad u did ;)

Aravind : the lucks both ways - wonderful friend ;) n thanks ;)

Mydays : thanks ;) - ethu route vidhuradhu? Humm

Mythreyee : welcome here ;)

yeah it was - vangeh vangeh neriya ideas tarehn ;)

My days(Gops) said...

aiyoyo idhu andha route illai'nga idhu vera "route"....

route => nammbavachi kalutha arukara madhiri',
(it depends on the sito)

visithra said...

mydays : hehehe adada nahnum antha route nu nehnakaleh ;p

hehehe adada oruthan drogi sohlran nengeh ipdhi sohlringehla