Monday, June 05, 2006

Monkey Prince

Interesting stay in weekend - well I've had too much fun all I wanted to do was cook n rest.

Caught up with a lot of documentaries on Discovery and national Geography.

From How do they do it, the Secret bible, Monkey Prince, Football fanatic videos from around the world and lots of travel shows, plus an Oprah Winfrey program.

How do they do it - Balajoe had recommended the program - quite interesting but I'm left with the question who invented those things. Ever wondered why we know who created what decades back but the simplest daily things we use today we have no idea who created them?

The Secret bible - explores rivals of Jesus during his time and goes on to explain the templar connection, Emperor Constantine findings in 1947s - and of course the Da Vinci connection and more - I couldn't catch some 1 and a half hours of it - visitors had arrived.

Monkey Prince was really an interesting story on the lives of 2 sets of monkeys living on a hill and at a ruin temple in South India. The temple looked interesting by the way but seriously a well taken storylike narration. Was quite fun to see how they stringed the story. Plus the hermit on top of the hill had a charm to it.

Football fanatic videos - watching ppl argue about football was unbelievably fun. The best was this guy and a cop who argue whose the bigger fan. First the cop wins coz he's wearing one of the winning jerseys of their team and the guy cries in joy and seeks forgiveness. Then the cop sees something inside the trunk and acknowledges the guy as the biggest fan. We don't get to see what's inside - but I suspect its his wife coz the man said I'd kill for the team ;p funny part is cop walks off after that - the power of football they say. Right out of an eminem videoclip I tell ya ;p

Oprah Winfrey - on education - it was quite unbelievable to hear most public schools in the US are overcrowded and under-equipped. There was a school where each class had 45 students when the class could fit only 35 - so most students end up not having seats and teachers who didn't know them.

I remember we used to complain about having big classes over here - but though we had big classes - the teachers knew our names and we had tables - the classes were big enough to place new tables and chairs plus there was always a supply room filled with new tables and I studied at a normal public school in the outskirts.

Interesting was 2 ideas that have been brought forward. Separating big schools into smaller schools - experiments seem to have yielded results and the other was this hightechhigh where the teaching module has been changed to a more on hand teaching, more projects then theory tests plus no text books. The second idea was quite interesting. The program was being funded and supported by Bill Gates.

And by the way Oprahs looking for 16 years from around the world


Balajoe said...

I am thinking the same thing...I mean how many of us know who invented simple daily items

Public schools in the US are overcrowded and under-equipped - that seems to be normal. Remember Boston Public? But somehow I feel their syllabus is much better than our own Malaysian syllabus.

Sundar Narayanan said...

everything here seems to flucutate.. we moved to cupertino because it boasts the best public schools in the country !! of course, if the area is full of desis , chinese and israelis who force their kids to study, learn at least few other things like music, martial arts, dance, not to mention the weekly soccer games etc.. it is bound to be good.. the more i find out about the school system in the US, the more my blood boils..

Nirek said...

documentaries filled weekend??! not boring...??

even i never heard before abt that US schools data... over-population is usa too??

My days(Gops) said... channel ellam paarthu romba days aaagudhu...
adhvum andha discovery and NG.. chance'ey illa....u dont feel bored at all..
btw, 35:45 ratio in US its ok.... whn i was in 7th std my class capacity is only for 87 studensts...but the strength of the class is 143..
87:143 ratio enga pogudhu paartheengala?

visithra said...

Balajoe : exactly

well the thing is i normally dont see drama stories as interpretations of real life - but boston public was a good show

im not so convinced with the sylabus thing - i think theres pros n cons - the prob now is not many of their students are graduating - its an alarming rate

i was once working with a local comp collabarating with a uk univ - n i had to edit their application guidelines coz the grammar was bad

sundar : the thing they cited as a reason for the fluctuating was the majority race at an area - in other words race discrimination - truthfully then whats the difference between there n what happens at a 3rd world country

i understand ur reason to move - but why does one have to move to get better education

visithra said...

satu : nah not boring - i like watching them - thats the other side of me ;)

yep it would seem so - n students are failing

my days : ehn rombeh naal ach?

Not really i like watching them - lots of info

87 in one class? Wow did u know all ur classmates? Well its like univ then - classes are really huge n u never know everybody

but did u guys have enough amenities ?

Me said...

nothing beats eating a heavy indian lunch....switching on discovery channel...and going to sleep with the tv on .....

visithra said...

me : hehehe enna samayalnu adikadhu padahnum pola iruhke?

thungureh channel ah? tsh tsh ;p

tulipspeaks said...

i jst realised i had nothing on this weekend



visithra said...

amu : ooh well though must plan ;)

SamY said...

the stuff of DaVince Code was interesting read ;)