Thursday, June 08, 2006


Sensing we were tired, our devilious driver decided to torture us. Once we reached Mangalore and despite me telling him to find a hotel first he takes us to 4 temples.

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The Mangalore Mangaladevi temple, 1 Durga temple and one Anjaneyar temple. Each time I kept telling him no enough, and he says no lets go. Finally at the Anjaneyar temple I said no we're going to a hotel NOW. He actually laughs at us. Grrrr


I must tell you about the Mangaladevi temple. Its a very simple temple but its the devi who will have you bewitched. She was such a jolly devi, she really looked as if she was laughing with this huge grin on her face. Mangalore is named after her.

Mangaladevi+ oore = Mangalore

In my tiredness I still had time to play with this cute little gal outside and oh I had no more storage space for photos. Times were desperate I tell you. Coming out of the temple I was awestruck by this old beggar lady who had the exact same grin of the temple deity. I stood staring at the old lady and wondering was I hallucinating.

In the end in one day we ended up visiting 11 temples! Mad I tell ya Mad!

Finding a hotel was another problem. The roads were quite maze like. I actually had a map of Manglore and tried showing it to the driver when he tells me I'm from Mysore not Manglore to know the roads!! Hummm duh! Manglore roads aren't that busy but they are narrow and you could end up doing circles around the city. But given he knew so many small temples in Manglore I wonder if all the driving around was just for him to find a hotel he knew?

Oh well we found this nice hotel and guess what our bellboy was from Pollachi. Who was excited as us to hear Tamil. Again another hotel with smiling staff. We had wanted to go out shopping when we got out to first find the driver missing and the next thing we know it starts pouring cat and dogs. Later the staff tell us it hasn't rained for 2 months! Hehe see the rain follows us. But the were really nice was speaking to them for sometime, asking about the temples and sights.

Did I tell you my devilious driver tells us there's nothing else to see in Mangalore?

Well the next morning I tell him about the Kadri Manjunath Temple, Sri Venkataramana Temple, Gokarnatheshwara Temple and the Sultan Battery that I had wanted to see.

I must tell you the trip was for my mom a temple only affair, while for me it was to include forts and palaces and beaches. I actually ended up walking to a few forts and mausoleums alone coz they weren't interested. What I missed was some beautiful churches they didn't want to visit. Moms a bit old fashioned in that sense. It was in Kerala that we passed so many beautiful churches stopping at none.

Kadri Manjunath Temple is located on the hills of Kadri. Its quite a vast temple with temples on the hill and wells at different levels. It is said to be built during the 10th or 11th century. It was converted to a complete stone structure during the 14th century. The idol of Lord Manjunathaswamy of the temple is said to be the oldest of the South Indian Temples.

But that's not the beauty, what astonishes a person is the 2 human sized bronze idols of Trilokeshwara and Vishnu, both said to date between 350 - 450 AD. These we were told are the oldest bronze statues in India (I might be wrong - we had a guide there). The idols are really exquisite.

Now the story of the temple is 7 rishis came to do penance here. The rishis had brought water from Ganga and created a well for their tapas. One day they found a suyambu lingam inside the well and that was how Lord Manjunathaswamy came to be. The lingam was installed behind the well and the well still remains in the main altar. Around the main sannidis you will see avathars of shiva, just the face.

Besides that there are 7 wells above the temple grounds. Theres a ganesha temple that drops kasi theertham, you have to climb down few steps into this well like place and face the Ganesha head level to get the water. Its kinda fun doing that.

Climb more steps and you'll find the place the rishis did their tapas and climb higher you'll find a spot where Parasuraman did his penance. Its a nice temple. Took a photo of this Kathakali mask at a hall nearby. I love kathakali masks find them so pretty, though you can only find the pink n green versions to buy. This was in gorgeous colours. Now I saturated the red to get this photo - love how the colours come out.

Next up we headed for the Venkataramana temple and the Gokanateshwara temple. Gokanateshwara had just been renovated as you can see it looks like a Malaysian temple, all marbles and colourful. I really love the colour of granite or just white washed so I'm not sure why ppl do this. We do it coz our temples aren't built with granites. Oh well its still pretty.

Thankfully the maintained the old alter inside, look up the ceiling of the main alter n you'll see carvings of navakragam and rasi. But it was the Annapoorani devi that caught my eye, sweet looking beauty, overwhelmes one with serenity. I tend to sit and sing at places i like at a corner, and this was one of the places.

As you circle the temple, a strong smell of fish hits you as the temple is near the sea. There's a huge Krishna idol here and 2 beautiful mandaps, one of which was made of glass.

Then we headed of to the Sultan Battery much to the disdain of my driver. Thankfully this sweet shopkeeper was ever willing to give us info. Its actually just one looking point but you had a good view of the river.
"Sultan Battery is situated in Boloor 6 Km. away from Mangalore City Bus Stand. It was built in Black Stones by Tippu Sultan to prevent warships to enter Gurpur river. Now the remaining part of the fort is called as Tippu's Well."

Now theres no photos of the fort as there was a couple romancing there with a bodyguard in the form of a friend, climbing up there I got the cold eyed stares and decided not to risk photos, plus I had no more space on my camera. So you get the view only.

As you can see I was beginning to get desperate to download the images, I decided cybercafes were not an option and searched for a digital print photo studio and my saviour was this sweet looking gal who helped burn the images into a cd and then let me use her pc to transfer them to my harddrive. Bless that sweet gal. I have to tell you Manglore has good food and spicy too, we had an excellent lunch here. Bought some books at this road side boys shop, which eventually became the only ones I had purchased, sad, sad. Mom and her friend had gone of to shop.

Mangalore's a nice city, parking is hell though, there's no place! We actually had to eat lunch at a hotel to secure a parking while we shopped ;) But I like the place, sad thing was I had to force my driver to take us shopping there coz he didn't want to drive back there.

We did miss one place on the way from Udupi to Manglore, if you do plan to go, stop by the Kateel Durga Parameshwari temple which is a temple built right in the middle of a river. I assume it should be an awesome sight so if you go don't miss it.
Next Dharmasala.


Balajoe said...

11 temples in one day! Now that is what I call "heavy stuff"

My days(Gops) said...

adhepdi'nga? whn u take any picture..same time mind'la idha pathi enna write pannanum'nu mind'la fix panniruveengala?

btw, photos ellam pakka'va keedhu...

Jeevan said...

My dad had visited Mangalore last year he said its a beautiful city and the climate will be very nice. U have been in a good place this year, nice information’s, and this post encouraging me to visit these places. Photos are excellent, esp. the temple is wonder.

BawangMerah said...

I'm going to paint a wall red and have it decorated the same way.\ :)

Keshi said...

jolly devi is a cool term to use :)


visithra said...

Balajoe : its torture actually

i was about to hit him with my tripod at the 11th place

Mydays : actually nah rombeh nahla journal eluhduhvehn - so apdhithan photos n story match agum ;) - pahkurathu ehlathiyum photo edhukurehnle

thanksu pa ;)

Jeevan : yeah climate is nice well it rained when we were there
Do visit dear - n then tell us about it - thanks

Bawangred : oohhh i love red walls - with white decor - have been planning something like that for a long time - i have the mask but not in the same colours but still beautiful - they seem to mass sell in this colours - if u want ill give u want i bought some for gifts

Keshi : heheh she was u know ;) heheh

Anonymous said...

Hi Visithra,
Iam a mangalorian. I am happy to visit these places through your eyes.
It is almost 5 years since I came to US.Iam home sick now.
Thanks for bringing back those memories.

visithra said...

anon : welcome here ;)

glad they brought back memories - mangalores a nice place ;)

The Smiling Girl said...

Great you could go to Mangalore. Though I am a Mangalorean, I never actually visited the place.. but looks like I should do that!!!
Thanks for the snaps...:)

visithra said...

smiling girl : welcome here ;)

well it was worth the visit - aww u should lots to see - im glad u enjoyed them ;)

anjali* said...

11 temples in a day! Wah hats off to you.

Oh, sack that driver of yours, woman! :)

visithra said...

anjali : aiyooo its crazy ok - i wanted to strangle him - i can take most 3

that guy very the drama - later u should read what happened ;)

Anonymous said...

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Kiran said...

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