Thursday, June 29, 2006


Kukke beckoned - alluringly green enchantingly fresh gorgeously chilly.

IMG_3052kukkeIMG_3052kukkeHosted on Zooomr
Driving through the forest definitely has to be a favourite what with forests and rivers on one side and mountains on the other. The mountains are called the Kumara Parvatha. There is no path or roads leading to the mountain.

Though it appears that there is only one mountain from a distance, in fact there are three mountains namely Sesha Parvatha, Siddha Parvatha and Kumara Parvatha.


Midway through the road the driver asked if we'd like to visit this small temple in the middle of the forest. So we said ok and that's how we landed in the land of the monkeys and bells.

It was a very Ganesh small temple in the middle of nowhere. Ganesh was happily siting under a tree where rows of bells of all sizes and sounds decorated the place. As you can imagine I got excited and was happily playing with each bell, to hear each sound. A family in front of me did roll their eyes but hey I was having fun ;p

IMG_3024kukkeHosted on Zooomr
I had already spotted the monkey troupe when we first walked in and was wondering how to get their photos. These weren't the lazy demanding buggers you find at BatuCaves, KL, they were quite unused to human contact. Anyway I got mom n her friend to hand out the bananas n coconut we had collected before that.


Ah the sight of yellow sure excites them, but they do move to fast as you can see in the photos. They'd more so fast, I couldn't focus my cam in time, hence some blurry shots. They were a bit scared of my shiny camera. It was so cute to see them hanging by the wall where the pipe was located. Reminded me of boys hanging over walls ;p

IMG_3028kukkeHosted on Zooomr
I was really eyeing this mother and her newborn baby. She kept eluding my shots moving away whenever I went close. So this shot was a very lucky one. She had turned away and I caught it in time.
They did pose for me occasionally. The selfish gluttonous fella, the one with the attitude or this bunch who were waiting to spring!

This cute calf was circling me from the moment it saw us, it kept following me around, unfortunately I wasn't the one with the bananas and the selfish fella around the bananas ran out so fast! It was really fun watching their antics.

We finally left the monkeys to torture the pipe and went on to Kukke. We stopped by this tea shop so the driver could have his chaaya in the middle of the forest. Yep theres a tea stall there next to a house. It must be eerie at night. Some kids were playing outside.


Just as we reached Kukke we stopped at this really tall temple, inside was this really huge 18 ft tall Ganesha. He was so gorgeous. You can see him from the road itself so as you can imagine I grabbed my cam to get a shot. That very second the electricity got cut and it was too dark to get a shot of the ganesha. I kid you not, someone definitely didn't want to be photographed.



Kukke Subramanya is supposed to be one of Seven Muktistala pilgrimage sites of Karnataka. Its quite a huge temple. There's a huge covered cortyard just before entering the temple. No photos as the sun had just set. We were lucky to see the pooja there. The presiding deity is Subrahmanya but you'll also find Narasimha on one side and the Kukkelingas on the other. There's a small swing in front of the Narasimha sanctuary and in the evenings they do the oonjal prayers. We only watched from far as we had planned to leave the place asap to head to Kasargod and it was quite crowded.

Driving to get to the temple was definitely interesting. The roads are flanked by wild trees, pepper and coffee plantations and wild bamboo's. So go there once just for the view ;)


Pramod said...

Ohh Man...
I seriously envy you for having all this fun...
And the images? They are just awwwwwsome.. The clarity... too good :)
Keep blogging

anjali* said...

Wow. You've got a damn great eye for photos, woman! We should swap pictures! :)

Ramses said...

i fell for teh first pic, so much depth in it, Visithra.

and needless to say all the pic you've been posting are captivating. but this one caught my attention immediately :)

Ganesh said...


Awesome pics

The Smiling Girl said...

This is Kukke Subramanya, right?
How come you get to go to my native place and I dont have that chance?:(... *Makes a sad face*

Keropok said...

V, your eye behind the lens is simply awesome. When I take fotos, always potong kepala or red-eye or blur of too much white space or something... I'm so rubbish at it!

Enjoy the q-finals... some really mega games, like my pick Argentina v Germany and your Brazil v France.

Maybe we'll meet in the finals!

visithra said...

Pramod : hey how was ur trip ;) thanks will do ;)

Anjali : thanks oh hey i was thinking the same - i love ur photos ;)

Ramses : thanks - n u can call me visi or v or vis or visit- the full name sounds so formal ;p

glad u like it and again thanks ;)

Ganesh : thanks ;)

sg : yep it is ;) awww psst time to tell hubby hes been depriving u with attention by watching the wc so he should take u there ;p the route is quite romantic too ;)

Keropok : thanks - ahh u just need some help - look at the angels in photos n try to redo them in ur photos - n use a digi cam u know what ure taking n can always take another ;p

yeah really good games - weeee we're gonna have fun - they all better play well ;)

yeah maybe we will ;)

Jeevan said...

The second pic was wonder rought, u should have feel the freash & cool breeze. Visith your friends in the photos are very cute, looks like they are in happy mood to see their friend haha... just jokingpa.

Sure will try to get the view of this beautiful places.

Katpadi Murali said...

Excellent Photos and thank you for the Information.

My days(Gops) said...

onney onnu naaan kandu pudichiten...unga favourite "monkey" thaaney?

btw, i wonder hw u keep all these info's?

visithra said...

Jeevan : yeah it was - n very cool breeze - hehehe they are arent they - hey if they r my friends so ure a monkey too hehehe - well i like them so no prob hehehe

km : thanks ;) long time since i saw u here - how have u been ;) no prob

Mydays : ehhe yeah monkey n elephants ;)

well info of the temple i google or take from books i buy

anasalwa said...

What a beautiful place and you took an awesome shot.

Shiv said...

Nice pics Visit!!

visithra said...

Ana : thanks ;) it is wonderfully green

shiv : thanks

Thomas Hawk said...

Fantastic images. Thanks for hosting them at Zooomr!

visithra said...

thomas : welcome here ;)

thanks oh I love using zooomr - very convenient

Anonymous said...

hey that's cool. but i think u must visit the Bisile Ghat where u might have to trek a bit but its worth it cos there is a very old hanging bridge across the river Kumara Dhara. A little further there is a view point where u can view seven hills surrounded. Its worth the trip. Go ahead and plan the trip. Trek to Kumara Parvatha is out of the owrld experience.