Saturday, June 24, 2006


I was looking for the meaning of Keshi. It is afterall our Keshi's birthday tomorrow and I found some interesting info. Keshi is a universal name, she can be found in Japanese (poppy seeds), budhissm (Pushpadanti), Sanskrit scriptures and in telugu (woman with beautiful hair) , just like the universal person she is.

Most of all I found out Keshi is an unusual form of pearls which have no inclination to conformity and each pearl is a beautiful celebration of individuality. Now if that doesn't describe our Keshi, what will. And so to the beautiful, strong, distinct, vivacious, wonderful, warmth person Keshi we wish

Happy Birthday Darling Keshi.


kG said...

Happy bday Keshi.

and Vis, bila mau *snap-snap* ?

ashok said...

hey do u keep track of all these b'days? :)

Keropok said...

Hope ur enjoying the WC... I bet you are!

Brazil look very good for the semis, at least.... after their shabby start that is encouraging. And mannvetti-pall Ronaldinho hasnt yet stamped his presence on this tournament.

Excellent picture of the sunset V. How you do it, I oso dunno...

uttara said...

hey hi ..

happy birthdy kesiiiiii..

am here thru keshi's blog

pls do write few lines abt her at ma place .. its just a surpirse...
here is the link...


visithra said...

Kg : thanks on her behalf

we go after wc can ah dear - will update u - now a bit the busy or u not free later :(

Ashok : writing it down? ;) by the way whens urs

Keropok : i am i am till i wasted my time watching the eng game - i was rooting for ecuador :( - should have watchd the portugal one - wooo hoo they won - but heard the game had 4 red cards???

Yeah actually most of the players that were deemed the players to be watched havent really performed well in all teams unless for a select few - will wait for their next game - that should be n interesting one

Thanks - was at the right place at the right itme? ;p i do study a lot of photos - it helps

Uttara : welcome here ;)

sure will come by ;)

kandykane said...

that's quiet an effort you put in there pal.. that's what frinds truly are for :-)

visithra said...

kandykane : welcome here ;)

thanks its nothing much ;)

SamY said...

what a way to make a b'day :)

visithra said...

samy : yeah its a nice feeling doing n having such a celebration

Keshi said...

OMG this is such a beautiful post! Thanks so much Visithra ur a darling HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

**Most of all I found out Keshi is an unusual form of pearls

I read that too...but hey Im not so unusual..Im the usual nutter :):)

Ur too kind girl...luv ya! And thanks all for the heartfelt wishes!


visithra said...

Keshi : awww no probs - ooh i get a hug ;))

hehehe u see ure already unusually wonderful - we the nutters who admit we're nutters ;p hehehehe so u get the unusual vote

no prob it was a pleasure ;)

Keshi said...

hahaha true! :)