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Triprayar is located south of Thrissur, near Irinjalakuda and is situated on what is called the Chettuva Island. When you read about the temple, they tell you it has magnificent wood carvings and an image of Rama resembling the chaturbhuja Vishnu form.

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What they don't tell you is the temple is located at the banks of a river and it is such a beautiful view. Riverbanks lined up with luscious coconut trees, this wide water filled river that too in summer in one side and the other a bridge that connects both ends. You'll love the view just standing there and watching the water.

Oh they had weird looking fish, tried taking photos but didn't come out well. This was also the temple where we were scared out of our skins. They practice the offerings of firecrackers/ vedi's, they don't crackle but instead have such a loud noise, you jumped everytime. Yes people had a good time watching us jump in shock. You can pay the temple to scare people. You could see this happening at a lot of temples across the Ernakulam, Kottayam stretch but however I had not seen this before when I was in Kerala, so maybe its a summer thing. Someone told us its done as an offering when people have problems.

More reading tells me at the Triprayar, firing of kadinas (firecrackers), which is an important offering here, is to commemorate the return of Hanuman after the search of Sita, with the words, "Drishta Sita"-seen Sita.

Outside the temple there's this small mandap/ hall that is called the namaskara mandapam which has interesting wood carvings and several ancient murals depicting the Ramayana. The murals are really interesting, more of the Hanuman stories.As you can see there is quite an importance to Hanuman here.

Angya Koottu a local theater dance form (pantomime) is performed as workship here.

"From Vrischikam 1 (mid-November) kuttu is presented for 12 days by the temple management itself. The subject enacted is Anguliyangam in the Ramayana, that is, Hanuman taking the ring from Site after finding her in Lanka and taking it back to Sri Rama. The major Part of the performance is devoted to a conversation between Hanuman and Sita....."

Read this link for more info as there's quite a few interesting legends associated with the temple.

Now you can't have a river and not have a boat race. It seems the Champakulam boat race is held every year during the Onam festival in the months of August / September.

This road between Guruvayur and Ernakulam is really beautiful, flanked by the flame of the forest trees, its a myriad hues of colours against lush greenery. You'll love travelling down this road. Plus its just like travelling across the Malaysian countryside, small towns. Kerala is like home, now if only the food was spicier! We stopped at this new nakula anjenayar temple on the suggestions of our driver. Nice small temple.

Next up was the Irinjalakuda Sangameswara or Kootalmanikam temple. There's a few legends associated by the name so if you're interested read these links.

Now when we arrived there we didn't realise they were putting tar on the roads and happily walked to the temple barefooted for a km. Little did we know the sun would scorch that badly not knowing the temple was famous for stopping rain! Explains the sun. Well they were preparing for a festival, it seems it takes place 11 days after the Trissur pooram.

Interesting part of the temple is there's only one circular sanctum and only one deity. An interesting article on the temples festival

Now the deity is this majestic Vishnu image set on a circular inner temple on a raised platform. Around the circular temple you'll find excellent wood carvings and granite friezes on the outerwalls. Pity couldn't take photos. The deity is also supposed to be a manifestation of Bharata, rama's brother. Interesting is the further you walk from the main deity towards the door, you'll still be able to see the deity and if you sat next to the door you'd get a clear view of the deity.

Despite there being only one deity in the temple, not even a Ganesha, the temple is huge and artistically decorated with beautiful murals of the Ramayana if I recall correctly. Nice and its kinda peaceful inside the temple. And u know why it was peaceful? No vedis!

Oh yes if you ever go there, do remember to wear the veshti or saree, you won't be allowed entry if attired in a salwar. Moms friend wasn't allowed inside the inner temple and they're very strict about a lot of things.

I took some shots of the temple just from inside the main doors and this man came by to scold me. So I deleted the photos in front of him and he kept vigil over me till I left. So no photos of the temple inside or outside. There's a huge tank outside which is supposed to be filled with fish, but apparently has no other form of aquatic life such as frogs or snakes. We didn't go near it as there were works going on and it was burning hot. So in between screaming ouch ouch we ran back to the car.

Our driver tells us its unusual for women to travel alone. Even more unusual to be unmarried after 21! Yikes someone hide me, I've reached the land of married under 21! Thankfully he was only 1 of 2 ppl who asked this silly question.

IMG_3215kodangallurHosted on Zooomr

I'd been to Kodangallur before but as we had arrived wen the temple was closed (most temples close early by 12 or 11am), we had left. So this time naturally I didn't want to miss it.

There's a lot of stories and festivals associated with the temple. Even a secret chamber no one knows what's inside. Someone's even written a book on it. The festival sounds slightly bizarre, so read more here if you want to know more.


Originally the temple was a Shiva temple as the main altar indicates but more importance is given to the Bhagavathi. The image of Bhagawati is believed to have been carved out of a jack fruit three. The face of the image is covered with a mask, and the image is decorated with several pieces of jewellery. We were lucky to see the devi without any ornaments that day.
I was gonna say I like the temple as its very peaceful, but alas my dear friend the vedi comes calling every few minutes. That blasted sound probably scares even ghosts! But seriously i like the temple, was sitting at this banyan tree escaping the heat singing songs, and thought i finally got used to the sound when another one bursts and I jump AGAIN! Bah!


Jeevan said...

Kerala means Beautiful! Nice photos, its the river where the boat race conduct on Onam festival days, nice. u have deleted the photos of the temple in main doors, very very stict.

My days(Gops) said...

ippadi thaaanga irrundhichi enga oorrum oru kaalathula....
but enna pannuradhu..., ellamey maari pochi...

vedi'na bayama? photo'vey edukala?

photos are really _ _ _ _ _ _ _
(now, u fill in the blanks )

he he he

BawangMerah said...

Wait. There's something I don't understand. Nakula is a character from Mahabharata right. And Anjenayar from ramayana. So how come the temple is called Nakula Anjenayar temple? Or maybe I got the name and meaning wrong?

Syam said...

though i don't believe in god, when ever i got a chance I visited the temples in kerala, coz the locations really give you peace of mind and you feel rejuvenated :-)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Wow..Tht created an impression as thought i visited Kerela.. :) Nice pics.. :)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

oops though*

Gladtomeetin said...

Hey the Pics are soooo cool...first tell me, which camera is urs ;-)) i am planning to buy one, may be will take some suggestion from u on camera n photography...wat say?

Kerala reminds me of my trip and my childhood days :-)) Gr8 description...

Keep Rocking Visi :-))

Keshi said...

I soo wanna go to Kerala some day cos half of my roots belong there...it seems like such a BEAUTIFUL place!


visithra said...

Jeevan : it does? I didnt know thanks for the info ;)

i think theres 2 different races - i might be wrong though not very sure da

yep very strict what to do

mydays : it was ? Wow - well in front of my house theres a kutty river - only prob its blocked by my mothers jungle (@ her garden)

Vedi'na bayam illeh - aii nahlam firecrackers ehpadi vilaiyahduvohm teriuma

but tidirnu sound ketha jump than pahnuvange!

Seri antha fill in the blank enna - me cant guess

Bawanged : actually i think ure right - im not sure why its named nakula - i might have gotten the spelling wrong or it means something else or its the places name - have no idea - i dont think i can google it also new place

syam : welcome here ;)

truthfully u dont have to be a believer to visit a temple - anytemple at that - u could seek peace since its normally quiet or u could enjoy its beauty ;)

ponnarasi : thanks - glad u enjoyed them ;)

Glad : thanks ;) i use a canon powershot a620 its good if ure interested in photography amatuer - but depends on what u want to use a cam for - this is small enough to go into a medium sized handbag

ah it brought back memories eh - glad it did - thanks ;)

Keshi : oh do go - its nice - half ur roots eh ooh - but it is - n theres more coming see those - those are the beauty ;)

Ezee123 said...

Nice write up on Kerala and really interesting photographs of your visit.

When were you traipsing the lands of Kerala?

Next time you do..... Let me know. There are many more hidden delights to gorge on.

Ezee123 said...

Nice write up on Kerala and really interesting photographs of your visit.

When were you traipsing the lands of Kerala?

Next time you do..... Let me know. There are many more hidden delights to gorge on.

Ezee123 said...

Nice write up on Kerala and really interesting photographs of your visit.

When were you traipsing the lands of Kerala?

Next time you do..... Let me know. There are many more hidden delights to gorge on.

visithra said...

Ezee : thanks - glad u like them

was there the beginning of last month - 30th april - 14th may - was in kerala from the 6th till 11th - managed to catch the trissur pooram ;)

i think i missed lots - was travelling with mom so we ddint do a lot of things id love to do - explore cities or other then seeing temples - but still nice - plus very short time - i didnt have enough holidays - but next time will ask ;)

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Excellent! -- the write-up as well as the pictures, which make Kerala look grand rather than green.

Keshi said...

yeah I must must must visit Kerala b4 Im too old to dance ard the coconut trees :):)


visithra said...

Bishwa : thanks ;) theres a lot more to it then just the green - ppl should go for one of the festivals - grand barely justifies them

keshi : heheheh around them eh - ull probably do the boat dance more than the tree dance ;p