Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dylamo babe

Lets divert from Karnataka a minute - I've got a kid to talk about ;)

We had this nice old man for a porter at Kasaragod. He came back to help us get the bags into the train, something I've never had any porter in Chennai do. So when I gave him more money, I was surprised he refused, but I still persisted and that toothy smile still lingers in my memory.

The Malabar express, was a bit different from the rest of the trains, there were cops on board each coach and the TRO well you actually met him more than the one time he checks the tickets and this man was a nice man.
We had this wonderful family for company - 2 sisters, one grandma and the grandaughter the oh so cute Reshmita. We had fun talking and being entertained by Reshmi who even sang for us. The less than 3 year old was singing Dylamo Dylamo song for us ;p

She also had an absolute comic sense coming up with the most hilarious retorts to our questions in this cute Tamil. Of course I bullied her saying her mom was my mom. You should have seen her fury as she hugged both her mom and aunt - screaming if I came near.

Oh well there's always technology to tempt a kid. Kiddo was refusing to eat, so we decided she could model for my camera if she ate her food. Reshmi did it gladly and the promise of a dress change for the camera was too tempting to miss. Of course when you have 7 adults gushing and celebrating each mouthful you ate, who wouldn't feel like a princess.

IMG_3098train2Oh and this was one kid that loved changing clothes, especially when its a new set of clothes.

She finally relented and sat with me to get her photos taken and to see herself on my tiny screen despite me threatening to steal her hanky! Hey I needed my entertainment! ;p

It was definitely fun. This gets the favourite train experience tag.


Keshi said...

the kid is extremely cute!


geetha said...

Champion also will sing the dailamo song.. very cute when children try to sing, isn't it ;)

Jeevan said...

Reshmi was very cute, especialy in first photo. u should have enjoyed with that kid! :)

praveen said...

aww...wat a sweet kid...i love to watch children's antiques when i travel by train thru and froth my workplace

My days(Gops) said...

wow..very sweet little cute girl....

btw, indha kid saapada konjam eduthu saapteengalamey? sonnaanga..
he he he

Kaps said...

something for u:

kG said...


I loveee camwhore babiesss....

cos I'm a camwhore too.

But u know, when I was a kid. I was anti-camera.

ok maybe not ANTI camera, but I just wasnt all that thrilled about snapping photos la.

But NOW, total 180'.

cant get my hands off the cam!

visithra said...

Keshi : she is ;)

geetha : aww he does too? Will he sing for strangers ? Ohh very cute especially when they move to their singing as well ;p hehehe

jeevan : i did ;) shes a doll ;)

praveen : ooh me too - actually i watch kids everywhere love them ;)

Mydays : she is ;)

lol actually i did try to get her to eat - she stopped me n then still refused to eat ;p

Kaps : thanks

kg : lol then ull love the fact that most kids r camwhores now ;p

i love being behind the cam not really at the front hehehe

me too love my cam so much -

kG said...


I Love being in front AND behind the camera.
I have certain things which I like photographing, mostly architecture and landscapes.
I'm not very good at snapping people-photos. Except ones of myself. lol.

But I very the unmotivated to photograph these days lah. My cam a bit cacat already. I need a new cam. What Cam do yew use??

visithra said...

Heheh figured that out

but i do like taking photos of myself - i think i take excellent shots of myself - what i dont like is other ppl screwing up my photos ! :(

people takes time to learn and the best shots are the spontaneous ones - im currently looking for models to brush up my skill ;p

hehehe ah maybe u need a new inspiration - go out on a whim ull get wonderful photos - the bus or train is good

btw would you want to dress in dance costume n be photographed by mua at n outside location? Hehehe

ohhh new cam yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love them - mines canon powershot a620 - its a good one for manual n auto - nice specs n all - but theres a newer model out - the 700 n another one - heard theyre better specs - u might want to get those istead of mine - but read around for info

kG said...

Did I hear, MODEL?!
YES YES! I ACCEPT! Muahahhaa!

Id love to! Let's do it, no SERIOUSLY.

But u know, Ive always had this thing about my dance costume; Ive always felt the most beautiful male costume, is simply a Panchakatcham tied with a Veshti.

But I don't mind the whole works. heheh.

Oh. The 700.. I'll check it out.

visithra said...

Yayyyy now uve got me excited - let me go scout for the place n then we'll pick the time - give me a few weeks kay - but its on

ohhh i was thinking panchakacham but broad border - but i want the jeweleries n make up ;p

My cams the size of a normal cam - n get ones that use ghargeble aa batteries dont use the other types - u will need spare batteries - unless of course ure looking for bigger lens

kG said...


Ok u look up location and keep me updated. Hehehe.

Yeah Panchakacham with broad border is nice. I like it that way.
I'm usually quite anti-saree, but can osso la.

Make & bling bling can can. Sure.

The cam, I'll look around. And yeah, I dont want the one with those weird funky batteries.
I have this SLR camera and it uses this battery which looks like a flat cube. Troublesome to go looking for a new battery, and whatmore Expensive as hell.

visithra said...

Hehe im already thinking - dont worry will keep ya updated

saree is nice for the midpleet effect - but not necessarily - n for guys it should be one sided border only

But veshti is good enough will be nice contrast to a colourful background ;)

yeah those batteries are damn expensive! Look around n tell me - i love ppl buying new cams - its so exciting ;p

Usha said...

hey very sweet. You seem to have a way of converting the most boring thing like a train journey into something fascinating!
cute photos and nice write up.

visithra said...

Usha : i guess i find fun in everything - lifes not worth being bored - ure bored coz u dont want to make do with the situation - the best teachers are children actually - take them on a car ride its a different experience - take them for a movie - thats another story ;)

thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

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