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Looks like I've been crisscrosing across Kerala and Karnataka so now we're back to the land of the Kuchipudi. We left Manglore after this incredible lunch where the food was Oh my god spicy! Food to me is not good if its not spicy ;p

We were heading to Dharmasthala.

Right before reaching the Dharmasthala town, you pass this colourful building. Its actually a temple with every single deity you could think off. A new temple plus right opposite the place you'll see an ashram being built.
The Sri Rama kshetra is privately owned but open to the public and is fully tiled in marbles. The idols are also made of marbles and they aren't small and the ceilings have exqisite carvings. Its quite beautiful inside, colourful on the outside, pretty in white on the inside. Plus a very cooling place to just sit down and relax and oh its got 2 floors. But it has a gallery feel to it, a place you go to ooh and aah and have only your sense of sight fed. I can't seem to find any info on the place though.

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The Dharmasthala town looks pretty different from the rest of towns I've been to in India. The roads were wide, it was clean, buildings were far apart. There was quite a number of colleges and now I find out musuems with antique cars. If i had known I'd have gone visitng!

We headed up the Ratnagiri Hill first to see the 39 ft monolith of Bahubali the Jain saint.
"Bahubali defeated his elder brother who was puffed up with pride, but at that very moment understood his life's aim. He gave back the kingdom to his defeated brother and went away to meditate on God. He enriched the lives of his fellowmen with the light he received."



It was blazing hot around 3 in the afternoon, so walking towards the statue proved to be a hot task. I have no idea why we took of our footwear, but we did and we were going ouch. Its a really huge statue and the time we were there the sun was right behind it with clouds for company. As you can see its a beautiful view.

Wherelese when you turned it was pretty blue skies ;) I like how the flagstaff looks, I'm not sure what idol is at the top but against the shadows it looks gorgeous. As you can see I had fun taking photos.


We got down back to head to the temple. Seeing a crowd in front of the place, we inquired only to find out the place wouldn't open till 7/6 (can't remember now) and it was only 4 pm then. We walked around inquiring if we had come at the wrong time and a very sully shopkeeper tells us it always opens at that time. Our driver feigned surprise at the info. We decided to leave since there wasn't much we could do but wait in the blazing sun. So we didn't get to visit the temple.

Dharmasthala is said to be the abode for dharma or rightnessnous. The temple came to exist coz of the good deeds of the Heggade family who till today run the temples and its various dharma sevais.


Sri Manjunatheshwara Temple is Situated on the banks of river Nethravathi and surrounded by the rich green forests and hills of Malnad, Dharmasthala is known for it's beautiful surroundings and Sri Manjunathaswamy Temple. In Dharmasthala, charity is a way of life, extended to all without discrimination. Sri Dharmasthala which is one of the sacred places in South India and is a famous pilgrim centre.

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Interesting note is pilgrims are given free boarding as long as they wish and even money to travel back to their hometowns besides the giving of food. Charity and dharma seem to be the key word here. Besides that the Heggade acts as a judiciary where the verdict is accepted by the law. There are also patrons of the art where they have been actively involved in the restorationg of the Yashagana dance. Http://www.yakshagana.com/


I find the fact that such a place still exists in this period of time totally remarkable. Would have been nice to have gone in to see more.



Anyway we decided to proceed to Kukke. Now this is a trip you shouldn't miss of the beautiful dense forest you get to drive through. The view is just breathtaking.
Made the driver stop at one point to take photos of the beautiful reflections of the river, in the middle of the dense forest. All the view shots you see in this post are from this route. Seriously just breathaking.


Balajoe said...

For the first photo - it looks like you sticked your head out for the shot..haha. Great photos especially the shot of the monolith against the dark blue clouds. It was almost like it was alive!

Jeevan said...

the information about Bahubal & his brother was nice, u have know many stories:) Statue and the Ashram is very beautiful, you should have enjoyed traveling in a dense forest rought.

Nirek said...

you have seen much more places in India than me. Envy you... ;)
I have been reading ur travel-logs and all are interesting read

My days(Gops) said...

neenga white colour "ambassador" car'la thaaney poneenga?
ennaku therium..

i've been to this place...
morning poitu, midnight varai we spend the day ther only.......
on the way'la oru peria fish tank onnu irrukanumey? irrundhadha?

btw,dharma sela'la rasam soru saaptela ? (if u say no, u've missed somthing....)

last picture'a paarthona, naan mudumalai forest'la elephant safari pona nyabagam'nga.....

b v n said...

Awesome pics !..especially the kottayam one...looks and feels the same us our temple ghat in south kerala,serene...great.keep posting!
and whats the cam?

Art said...

Dharamastala is a very nice place.. Did u have lunch there in the temple.. It is very nice.. and so filling...
It is even believed that u never lose anything in the place.. by chance if you have left any stuff in some place.. People dont even touch it.. Well all this was there before.. I dont know how true it will hold good now.. but its really nice.. and the river is also good.. though a lot of whirlpools are present..

krk said...

padam parthu kadhai sol...nice post..with lots of nice pictures...

Aravind said...

Luvly pics... ivlo naan Karnataka la irundu naan innum indha places ellam visit pannalai [:(]

Sarah said...

everytime I read your blog, I miss home more.. I miss Kottayam.. Chengannur, Bangalore.. Wish I could go back..

Pramod said...

Yeah... Heard that Dharmsthala is a sexxy place... couldn't make it earlier but now i'm sure I'll land up there... just waiting for the monssons to get over :)

visithra said...

Balajoe : heheh it does look like that huh but behold my beautiful darling my camera has a 360 degree turnable screen ;p so only the cam had to stick out ;p

yep like a huge giant - thanks ;)

Jeevan : glad u like them - its a nice place - yeah we did

Satu : im envying someone else ;) theres so much to see n not enough time :( glad uve been enjoying it

Mydays : hehehe ehlarukum teriumeh ;p

i like ambassador ;)

oohhh nice to know - fish tank? Nope didnt notice - we were there for more than an hour only - nope didnt eat rasam sooru - i heard about it but we had lunch in mangalore - coz we were doing somethings there

hey how was the safari - should have been nice

bvn : welcome here ;)

thanks ;) wheres this temple ghat in south kerala

im using a canon powershot a620 - hey uve got a nice blog - love the football dance post n the last poem - but no comments?

Art : no i didn't we arrived in the afternoon

oh it is?? Humm interesting - we didnt go to the river didnt know it was nearby - the driver u see was giving probs n would never tell us anything

Krk : heheh - visual entertainment is always nice illehya ;)

Aravind : thanks - so it means u should go travelling asap ;)

MC : welcome here ;) and that's what I'm calling u ;)

memories are interesting - a slight evoking and everything just flows back - take care dear sometimes the troubles are to make the future better

pramod : it is believe whateve uve heard ;) the whole western ghats actually - after the moonsoon should be great

Gladtomeetin said...

Wow...that was awesome....till date i have jus heard a loads abt dharmastala...but have never been there....Now ur post has urged me to think of making a visit whenever i get back home :-))

Waiting for the next place ;-))

visithra said...

glad : thanks - its a nice place - actually everywhere is nice do have my favs though ;p

Kamal Sharma said...

Hey Visi,
Nice Blog.. and nice pictures. I am planning to go to Dharmasthala today. So was searching for some info on net. You page is really a nice piece of info with so many lovely pictures.

thanks dude.
- Kamal Sharma

Anonymous said...

Hey Kamal Here again,
Went to dharmasthala .. your infor was really useful.

Kamal Sharma

Anonymous said...

Hey Kamal Here again,
Went to dharmasthala .. your infor was really useful.

Kamal Sharma

visithra said...

Kamal : welcome here ;)

glad the info helped - visited ur site n tried leaving a message - but wasnt sure how i could ;)

looking forward to reading on the trip