Monday, June 26, 2006


I was at the edge of my seat supporting Ecuador last night. Not that the game was a tense one, more yawn material but I had hoped the darkhorses would win. But it was good to know Portugal won over the orange the first thing in the morning (after reading the sms (my telco sends the result every morning at 6ish) I promptly went back to sleep). I do tend to support the darkhorses and have watched all of Ecuador's games. I like how they play.

Now you wonder why I support Brazil - well simply because Jogo Bonito. Those guys don't play the field they dance the field. Watch those legs and you'll wonder if they were practicing the CAPOEIRA and the Samba on the field.

Anyway this isn't a footie post - its about being a darkhorse. Something I relate to.

Years ago I used to take part in this Thevaram contests - singing of religious hymns. I started from the age of 10 and stopped at 16. No way am I a great singer but I am good. Anyways we (bro and I) used to breeze through the district level and would qualify for the state level.

And there began the funniest experiences I've had. To me singing is fun, competitions are to be enjoyed and so I actually never had stage fright nor would I cheat to win. I was also always the one who didn't mind being the first to be called coz to me the faster it finished the faster I could go running around in a pavadai! Since it was normally held on Sundays at some school, believe me there was a lot to be seen.

Anyway the first time I went to state levels, it was the first time I got recognised as the darkhorse of the competition. It was also the first time I met "those gals". The competitions were between genders and it was only in the nationals the groups fought for the gold medal.

There was always one difficult song to master in each group and I'd normally choose that coz I have this thing for complications. Don't ask. Trouble attracts me.

So there I was sitting like an angel so that I wouldn't mess myself and I got called for the first time. Relatively the unknown, no one really bothered. Hearing my choice of song, people did sit up and I - sang. My mom told me later we could have heard even a needle fall if not for my voice, plus a crowd had gathered and those gals were gasping. Those gals had always been the winners, 2 sisters and another gal and now I was competition. Me? I was happy as a bunny having performed well and not having to deal with any more tension.

One of those gals turn came up later and she fumbled her lines, forgetting the lyrics. They were nearly in tears as their family assured them they'd win. I really thought that was just something people told kids, little did I know. Eventually those gals won, and I was introduced to this new phenomena though can miss lines, fumble, stop and still win if one was the daughter of someone, the grandaughter of someone or the student of someone. Awww but I was just a darkhorse, but it was fun to me. In the presiding years, each time I turned up for the contest, I realised seeing people fear your presence can be such a wonderful feeling.

I soon become the known darkhorse in the competitions. Fake smiles were so "IN" in those days. I'd gotten use to not winning, gotten used to seeing people fumble up their performance and yet win but nothing prepared me for that final competition. The sisters had finally won the medal and couldn't take part after years of trying. Well the other state gals were better plus they didn't cheat to win you see, so they had to wait for their turn.

So there was me and the other gal. The gal goes on stage sings the first line and forgets the whole 4 lined song and proceeds to cry on the stage, eventually getting off the stage not being able to finish the song. I sang my heart out, had my audience and my district head the charming old man was so confident we'd finally win this year.

Results time came and no 3 and then 2 was announced and then the first prize went to ...... The gal who cried on the stage. That was what that finally got to me. It was just ridiculous to see such unfairness happen. Well I wasn't the only shocked person in that room. The gal who cried was so shocked they had to call her twice and she walked to the stage staring at me. I got up looked at the judges and the committee (so called religious leaders) and walked out of the room and never went back. My mom and the old man still try to get me to go back, but unfortunately for them I never backed out of a decision.

So have I been forgotten. No not really since I went on to win medals for my Univ later on in Univ Competitions but the joys of being a darkhorse often gets rewarded in weird ways.
The gal who cried on the stage ended up being my junior at Univ and here's how weird life can get, she became the roomate of my singing partner at Univ. My friend the mischievous one, decided we should meet and one evening called me to meet her there. I had no idea The gal who cried on the stage was going to be there. It was a very weird meeting, I was pretty shocked, she seemed to know something and I promptly walked out after a standard hi.

Later my friend tells me she had crated the meeting on purpose knowing my history in that line. It seems later The gal who cried on the stage told her what had happened that last time I took part. So there is a good thing about being the darkhorse, you might never win, but you'll always be remembered as you're not the one ridden with guilt ;)


Keropok said...

The Hol - Por game was a bloodbath. The ref handed out so many cards I actually lost count (4 reds / double yellows at least).

Tackles were flying in left and right. A few fights (oasi addi). Plenty of gellatah. Saaryaana seyteh.

Nirek said...

The eng-ecuador match showed weakness of england clearly. Unfortunate that ecuador couldn't convert that goal in first half. there are powerful enuf to get dark horse status....

Jeevan said...

Nice Memories of your singing. one time my bro was participaing in a Independence competition (when he was studing UKG) when they call his team (he and a 2 boys) . he started cying, me and my mom was watching him form first flore, (i hide when he cry, because every one know that he was my bro, and will tease me afterwards. But his team boys take him to the stage and they singed and he was still crying.

geetha said...

See, the right one will always be the remembered by name.. whether or not you get the medal in hand.
Good for you!

hari said...

Hi Visit,

So many interesting facets about you in a single post. I am left speechless. It is now I feel what I have lost in not being able to meet up with you when u were in Chennai.

Its all the more disheartening to learn that my blog is not having the previlage of being visited by such a multifaceted charismatic personality to put in her invaluable comments. Damn that uncooperative PC which is a barrier between my blog and Visit.

Ezee123 said...

A poignant tale(s) from the golden crypt of childhood complete with lessons and heartbreak and victories in the end.

Pray, what is a Thveram contest. The only thing I know about "theveram" is that I stay in a place conveniently called Thevera. So am I stayign in an abode of singingness.

Now as to foospinion - The real dark horses are the African nations. They have better players, more skill and heart and dedication in teams like Ivory Coast and Ghana compared to the European and South American teams. The only failing - an utter lack of international gamesmanship and plotting of moves in the penalty area. I guess the Eurpoeans take over there.

So if you are clever enough to invent games then you will be smart enough to think and plot how to win them as well.

Known Stranger said...

oh even i wished the dark horse to win and enter the quater finals. Bechkam kick changed the whole story

My days(Gops) said...

@darkhorse, you might never win, but you'll always be remembered..
well said......enakkum andha exp undu..but edhuku'nu keteengana, unga kaal'la ulladha, ssshhhh!!!!!!!!

neenga nanna paaduvelaa?
sollavey illa.??
btw, unga thaatha unga kitta=> rasaathi oru paatu paadu di'nu kettu irrkanumey?
(serious aaagadhinga plz..jst kidding)

@never went back..
ippa andha edathuku poveengala? i mean singer'a illa., jst to clap ur hands in the crowd?

@footbal:- ingaiumaa? grrrrrr..X-(
cha, twin tower orey madhiri irruko illaiyo....but england team'a pudikaadavanga ellam same blood thaan......ok ok...

beckam kick eppadi? cha,'nu neenga anga sonnadhu...enakku inga ketuchi.. he he he...

BawangMerah said...

What!! Ecuador were boring. Not that england were any better but still. The Argentina Mexico was good. Both played well. Ecuador never had the cutting edge. Thankfully I didn't see the farce of a game that portugal and holland was. Bleh. Too sleepy :P

Not everybody can deal with being treated like that, when your talents are not recognised. For some they would build on that and become better. For some it would break them, especially if they're in an impressionable age.

Murali said...

hi [:)]... vanakkam... epadi irukenga... rommmmba long time...n ya... i dont quite follow football [;)]

Art said...

been so long since I came by..
Nice post...
How was ur India trip.. need to go thru the rest of them..

Me said...

...once i was playing with a guy....he was arrogant....i beat him like anything and after the game i came to know that he was a national 3rd that yr...:o

..once i was playing with another guy who was talking with his friend as though i was a piece of cake for him...i beat him in classy way and all his friends were shocked and it was a knock out round so he rushed to home immediately....

....ayyo i have so much boasting to do...but me being very humble has to stop with just 2....:p

Keropok said...

Enjoy the game tonight. Gonna be hard against the Ghanaians... Either way I think Brazil going to have it hard against Spain in the q-finals, or perhaps against Portugal in the s-finals.

Good luck, Bra!

visithra said...

Keropok : i missed the bloodbath for a bore game - bah am so irritated

portugal portugal portugal

should watch the game just for the addi i think

Satu : exactly - yeah what a waste of a goal - or the game would have been different

Jeevan : awww he must have gotten scared - ur friends shouldnt have teased u - but nice of his friends to still take him on stage

Geetha : yeah we should teach that to children n not tell them winning is everything

Hari : awww thats too much praise - not that worthy of it ;) but thanks

would have been nice to have met you - yeah theres the pc - but sometimes i come by on weekends but i must say i rarely comment on politics

Ezee : aww thanks ;)

thevaram are devotional hymns in tamil - i used to go for classes - its quite interesting actually - clever poems in ancient tamil

but kerala is an abode for music -if u have the chance listen to someone there - ull be blown away ;)

ah the africans are the dark horses but they rarely come back - wheres last wc's senegal or columbia - it would have been nice to see them come back for the dedication that they have - n how is it wondorously they lose their last matches - sigh one day we shall hope - ill be happy with the south americans till then

visithra said...

known stranger : well looks like we have that with portugal - not many predicted that win - yeah a good kick but bad game

Mydays : hehehe lol ser kekahle - but err cheh nahlam apdhilam adhikamathen - might use a cricket bat though ;p

@ etho konjam - athalam appo appo sohlanum ;p

hehhehe nalla reel - devar magan effect? Thaata illeh appa sohlvar

@ nope pohradilleh - ppl keep calling me back - the competition age is from 3 to your death ;) i dont support unfair associations ;) but have joined watched other competitions just not by those ppl

@ lol footiekum twin towerkum enna samandham? Lol

but nah cheh sohlalehye - it was a good goal but bore game

visithra said...

Bawangred : hehehe that game was boring - but previously ecu games were better - yeah that match was good but unfortunately i watched the last hour only - was out with friends -the games going on n were sitting behind the tv :( i have told them am not seeing them till the end of wc - i need to watch my footie

hehehe it was fun i heard lots of blood bath - u too picked the wrong game eh - nvm watch tonights ;p

i think i got used to it - its not that ur talents are not recognised it is n feared but ure just not given the chance - its more of who u know then who u are or how good u are - very sad actually - i think i saw the other side of it

Murali : yayyyyyyyyys ure back ;) hehehe this better make u blog ;p

ahh u dont eh nvm nvm cricket nation ;p

art : hows u darling - long time no see ;)

Thanks - oh it was good had fun - met lots of bloggers just not all

Me : ooohh i hate arrogant players - n pray tell hwat game r we talking about

n yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy u beat the national 3rd

knock out round? Tennis? Badminton? Squash? Cricket? (have no idea of the rules)

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy for being the thriump darkhorse

ooh ooh tell somemore i like listening to stories - u could post them u know ;p

Keropok : i like competition its not fun without it - so im hoping for a good exciting attacking game - that would be 3 good games there given portugal does us the honour n wins us the game we want ;)

krk said...

interesting ...reason for selecting brazil...I love sambha specifically percussions...I have got a sambha music recorded in glasgow street, played by a professional nad..will share it soon...

Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

That's what England are capable of...boring opponents to death! *YAWNS*

Random Access said...

Too bad u missed the bestest match :P I was up all night cos I just cudnt get my mind off the match, even after it got over at 5am :P

Random Access
The search has just begun !!!

Me said...

i will post that one day..when i run out of topics

Keropok said...

Congrats to Brazil... got through a really tough game with Ghana.

The 2nd goal should have NEVER stood. 3 times Adriano was offside in a single move... and they got away with it.

Congrats goondu Ronaldo for the record tho... well deserved!

visithra said...

Krk : u do? U have? Oh do share it with us would be lovely to hear ;)

daniel : welcome here ;)

heheheh and dont forget the poor spectators ;)

Ran : yeah blood bath match - bah waste trying to see eng go down

i have that prob too - get so excited n then cannot sleep - didnt know u were a footie fan

Me : hehehe seri i shall pray u run out of topics ;p

Keropok : yes it was - but what a game - had fun watching it ;)

ghana has such spirit - attacking and all but nearly every shot was away from the goal n defending was so crap - 2 goals the goalkeeper was so far away - no defenders around n goalkeeper just stares at the goal - he could have tried to save it!!!

Yeah the adriano goal was controversial - but the referee so the kayu - there was a foul on dida n he ignores then he ignores the offside - then he sends of the ghana guy for falling - i dont think he should have been given a yc - the replays didnt show much body contact

Hail Dida! - hehehe ure as bad as shebby hehehe

the last goal was so unbelivable hehehe - ghana were just so tactically dumb - pity them