Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cruising along

Now you know Kerala is famous for its backwaters so the moment we checked into our hotel in Ernakulam we headed out to find a way to get on the boats to the backwaters.
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At first the auto driver was going to drop us a Marine Drive this park facing the waterfront then I managed to confuse him enough he took us to some coastal office.

Thankfully they pointed us to the government boats. Unfortunately they weren't cruising that day, that's when this guy spots us and urges us to his boat.
I clearly asked him backwaters? And he went yes yes. And since his boat was full I said ok.

Here was the tricky part, moms afraid of wooden bridges. So you can imagine her fright at seeing one that was a bit shaky. Anyway we managed to get her on the boat. These boats have a capacity of 40 passengers where you have to climb up another level.

It was a bit weird, I wanted to go on one of those old boats, but mom and friend didn't want to go on a longer tour. So we compromised to 1 hour. Now the island and the backwaters were on one side and the harbour was on the other. Guess which way the boat turned?


The harbour!! So after loads of guessing and wondering, we realised we were on a harbour cruise, good thing is I like ships and we finally did see the backwaters later at Kumarakom on a different boat so this was still nice.
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The thing is they drive you close past beautiful navy ships as a few countries ships were anchored there. This is a shot of the Taranggani an Indian Navy ship. I love this kind of ships with such masts and shaped like ships of yonder. So this was a treat to me. Plus we got to see navy personals. Have I told you how I like men in uniform ;p

There was quite a lot of activity on the ship, personnel's holding gun, having conversation, ships getting ready to leave, flags of different nations, the port activities and their workers all in bright orange, even a local fisherman crew.

Our boat did take a longer route then the other boats coming from Marine drive. Yes all of them were only doing the harbour cruise. So unless you wish to take this ride I suggest you head to Cochin to get on a boat or just head to Kumarakom.

There was a cute kid on the boat watching me snap photos like crazy. We smiled at each other, though her parents glared back. Very weird. This is not the first time parents in India have glared at us smiling at their children. Over here most parents smile at you when you play with their children.

You know its nice to cruise below a bridge? Though its slightly funny to see a lavender coloured one? I kid you not.

We were heading to the other side that looked like a fishing village to drop a family who were visiting a church there I think. Good thing for me was, I got these photos of fishing boats.

Unfortunately didn't get to see the famed chinese fishing nets. Did see them while driving past bridges (there are a lot of those here) but not on the boats.

What we did see was the lovely Boghatty island where the Dutch built this beautiful palace that has been converted to a hotel.

The palace has really lush green grounds, so its nice looking at it. I especially like this tree that cascades over the water.

There's a small island in the middle of the water and if you look closer you'll realise most of the island is made up of water. Like I said its still an interesting cruise.
When we got back we took a walk along marine drive. This place is beautiful as the sun sets as its lined with my favourite tree the flame of the forest so that's the first photo you saw.

Plus there's this beautiful bridge. A lot of people seem to come there in the evenings. Not much food though we did see a guy selling bajji but it was with eggs so we said no.

They have a shopping mall next to the marine drive which sells mostly electronic items. I tried getting my poor adapter there (had been looking for one from town after town). The shopkeepers kept sending me everywhere and finally I decided they had no idea.
Marine drives a nice place to be in the evenings, nice to stroll by.

Ps : you might want to take a look at the rest of the photos - there is more ;)


Balajoe said...

Those guys in the harbour wearing a glance, I thought they were Indian priest waiting at the harbour. Haha. I had to to zoom in and see that they were not

WA said...


ashok said...

thats y they call it God's own place.... beautifully captured by ur lens!

Jeevan said...

Aatho antha paravaipola vazha vandum... a song form MRG movie, Aaierathil oruvan, the boat remember this song. that island palace was very beautiful, the photos in Zooomr are nice:)

Puspha said...

Such a biutiful pic. Thanx a lot for sharing it.

My days(Gops) said...

aiyo water...
aiyoyo boat ride...
ellamey aiyo va irruku...
btw, parava illai'nga nalla enjoy panni irrukeenga.....
gud gud.....

PS:- i've missed lots of fun/entertainment bcos, of this "boat ride"..
enakku water'naaley "alerygio mania'nu poi solla maaten, but bayangara bayam...

@ur 1st photo:- "maaalai neram, kulirndha kaatru, rain varum symptom (am i correct?)
.. ennna oru atmosphere.
cha, chance'ey illa...

Keshi said...

How very beautiful r these pics! WOW!


visithra said...

Balajoe : heheh they did? Lol understandble - i actually have a shot of an orange wearing priest ;p just not there

Uma : thanks ;)

Ashok : it is beautiful - thanks ;)

Jeevan : hehehe nice song accompaniment - thanks ;)

Pushpa : thanks and im glad u enjoyed it :)

Mydays : thani bayama? Oohhh nvm nvm - nengeh karaiyileh ninnu pahrungeh

apdhithan nangelum ehmandhom - kerala la rain start agum drizzle n then stop

but it was very beautiful moment plus very windy ;)

Keshi : thanks - will have to thank nature

Syam said...

apdiye kerala ammanis um photo pudichu pottu irundheengana innum konjam jillunu irundhu irukum :-)

visithra said...

syam : kerala ammanis nah edhuku photo edhukanum? ungeh point seriille - pasangehle photo edhuta sohlalam - ponnu edhutu enna social service pahnratha ungehlukehlam? ;p