Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cricket theory

courtesy Vatsan

We were having an argument on cricket and football. Me calling cricket boring and him vice versa on football. So when I asked what's so great about cricket, a game that takes at least a day to decide a winner? He tells me

A cricket game is the best place to meet a gal. You have the whole day to decide and ascertain if a gal is gonna be boring or fun and whether you should make a move. Plus there is a wide selection of choice. You have enough time to make the move, put kadlai (as in strike up a conversation and flirt) and all things are good given the games end sharp at 6pm you might be lucky enough to get a date!

In a footballs 90 min game, you won't even have time to look at a gal, you'll be too busy watching the game!

Side note : He informs me it will work anywhere expect at subcontinent games as less women attend these games.

I say I do have to agree on this point but please channel all brickbats to Vatsan - I am just the innocent messenger ;p hehe

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Jeevan said...

Namba Sania Mirza (indian tennis player) vilaiyadura Tennis thaan Super.

tulipspeaks said...

*me looking @ this brazil supporter.. gggggrrrrr



My days(Gops) said...

cricket match'kum "kadalai"kum link undu'nu today only i got to knw...
PS:- 8hrs kadala potta, ponnu odi poidaadhu?...he he he...

some fun u get only in cricket and some fun only in football....
cricket=> first 15overs chasing a big target.
football=> Tie-breaker..
PS:- i play both the, enkitta "karuthu" ketkaadheenga..

IBH said...

hey visit...eppadi irundhadhu 'ende nadu Keralam' :)))

did u go to Allepey as well? u shuld have gone! it is BEAUTIFUL!

Keshi said...

lol Visithra who's this guy btw?


visithra said...

Jeevan : hehehe athu terium ;)

amu : yayyy ure back ;)

y y ;p hehe

Mydays : ehnakum recentah than terinjadhu

8 hours agadeh - first u must identify then watch then discuss with friends then make move so athe 4 hours agum
Ehna sohnalum me no like cricket - ive tried liking it but no- but players are cute ;)

ooohhh so no commentah - seri seri

Ibh : hows u ;))) long time since i saw u here ;) was very nice

we didnt go there but did go to kumarakom - thats also beautiful ;)

Keshi : one of the bloggers - kiddo actually ;p hehe check out the link

Syam said...

Back waters of Allepy is more beautiful than Kumarakom, anyways thanks for the wonderful info about cricket, ivalo naala ithu theriaama indha cricket bore nu sollitu irundhen, ini cricket thaan yen uyir moochu :-)

Gusti Adipati said...

Now, that explains the craze for cricket in India!

by the way, to answer the question "which is boring, Cricket or Football"...the fact that you have time to watch gals more than the game explains everything!

on the note of meeting a gal in a football match...

1) You can well meet the gal next to you....
2) you can even hug her if the team you and her support scores a goal...she wouldn't mind at all
3) You can have a sample 'dinner date' at half time....try buying her sandwich and have a chat...that's like a 15-minutes of a test drive!
4) After the football match, in any way you gonna end up in a pub...drinking away happily or drinking your sorrow away! in either case, you get to bring the gal to a pub!

visithra said...

Syam : it is ah well a good reason to go there then ;)

thanks ah? Humm seri seri ehnamo vatsan sohnadeh spread pahna vehnam?

I still think its boring though - n u think the same? Wow an indian at that? Wow

Gusti : hehehe we would think

heheh exactly!
Well ur points could be true if we're talking about a game at overseas venue - but over here ud probably have the gals bf, brother, father n uncle staring at u from the moment u ended up near their group ;p so dont even dream about being seated next to the gal ;p

Anonymous said...


d subject u r covering its really interesting.....nice to meet another brazil fan...


sen said...

When i read the topic.I thought srivatsan was going to detaily explain the beauty of Cricket.....ended up LOL.

Balaji S Rajan said...

I never knew so many meanings for these two games which I adore... Hmmmmmm

SamY said...

vatsan unnaku kiddo'va ... ammam ivanga pereeya ammaiyaaru

actually I'd vouch for tennis ... heard that the crowd that comes to watch that are much more ;) ... and NO, not my experience :D

visithra said...

Roy : welcome here ;)

another fan eh ;) good good - n we just qualified to the top 16 yayyyy

sen : heheheh the beauty of cricket? Lol u werent be rading that here - the beauty of the religion football - that u would ;p btw long time since i saw u around ;)

balaji s : hehe we'll well have to thank the boys ;)

Samy : lol chumma than ;p

well are u sure? I thought tennis was watched more by men? ;p hehehe