Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Conspiracy WC

Since the games are quite late, I normally watch the games at home. Last friday we decided to watch the Argentina match together. We'd earlier picked one spot to watch but as I passed this restaurant with a big screen at the same vicinity - we changed plans ;p

So the game starts, the place is packed and we're watching. Friend hands over his phone to show us an sms. Both of us look down and the very next second there are screams of joy as argentina score their first goal.

We both stare at the guy for sabotaging our match watching! He could only laugh - he tells me no problem for today's match since he has no sms to show! Grr

3rd goal a friend arrives and we miss it! So after the 3rd goal you rarely find anyone scoring more, so I got up to get drinks (its a self service restaurant). I'm waiting for my drinks when the crowd screams! I quietly take out the phone and call my friend, asking him what happened. He starts laughing but tells me its an offside goal

2nd half 4th goal - yayyy I watched that one. So I was telling my friend you know it would make my day, if there was another goal - seconds later there was one!! What a game what a day!

But I tell you its a conspiracy - someone so doesn't want me to watch goals scored!

Maybe I should penalise anyone else who doesn't let me watch the goal. Maybe get them to stand on the table and sing at half time! Hummm


Keropok said...

Always good to catch a game with some other football kaki, or football kai, no?

I watched the Arg and Hol matches at home with a Dutch friend, some other machans, and my real machans (b-i-l) who is an unfortunate England fan.

Aiyo, paavam.

yvy said...

wah! u oso on the C bandwagon? new header n all [goes to show that i dont stalk u enough!] ;P me...only watched czech-ghana game at club so far. lol :P dun laugh ok? me waiting for the semi-finals n finals only.

patience is a virtue. ;P

My days(Gops) said...

he he he...i watched the whole game....comedy'aana game...
even we're talking => "inga paaru'da innoru goal podaporanu"

btw, did u watch ystdy's match spain vs tunisia.? very interesting...

visithra said...

Keropok : its only good if everyone watches football

or ull end up sitting away from the game :(( thats what happened to ecu - ger - i rather sit at home and watch it alone - tvs alll mine ;p
Yeah read ur post - u guys would have had fun - its actually nice watching in a crowd - the adrenaline is just awesome - but rigt crowd - right place

yvy : hehe oh yeah i am - hehehe well aww stalk often dont mind being stalked by ya ;)

hehehe that was a fun game - we were dancing too - since it wasnt such an important game - n blink blink ghana wins hehehe

well semis this sat ;) have fun ;) n semi placings seem very interesting

Mydays : hehehe good good - nope didnt watch the spain game - i watch one game daily - cant do all 3 or 2 during weekdays