Friday, June 02, 2006

Concave pillars

Just before Halebid, we stopped by this Jain temple or Bassadi. Also built by the Hoysala king, you could see the similarities in design. What was interesting was though the king had converted to hinduism his queen remained a Jain. Interesting that she was not forced to convert.
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I can't remember the name of the presiding deity nor can I find details on the temple. I've misplaced my journal so whatever that's being written is out of memory.

Again beautiful gardens adorned the outside of the temples, which were well kept and looked after. Prayers still take place at this temple and you can find a huge monolith statue at the main temple.

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We had a guide here showing us the amazing point of the temple. The pillars are reflective mirrors shaped based on physics, it was like visiting the mirror room at an entertainment park.
Each pillar gave a different reflection sometimes double, sometimes mirror reflections and more. It was very interesting to see and you had to stand and different angles to see the right reflection plus some of the pillars emitted sounds.Its amazing how science had been applied into the shaping of a pillar that too decades ago.

Not many people seem to visit the place, even we didn't know and by chance our driver knew.
But looks like we missed a few more temples, around the hassan area. Could someone confirm this for me. Check the link out.

Again serenity was the rule here, it helps that no one else was there. The ceilings were adorned with carvings but the walls were quite plain not square in shape but still a beauty.

Its about half a kilometer from Halebid Hoysaleswar on the main road itself.


WA said...

Beautiful Visit. You seem to have covered a lot of places during the short period you were there, well done

Jeevan said...

Nice place visith, good photo's and information.

praveen said...

Hey dear, Im back.. The architecture is superb...Kewl pics you got out there

Arz000n said...

Awesome one...
I wanna visit that Jain temple sometime soon...
Too good!!

tulipspeaks said...

its cool! artistic! awww.. i wish i was there


My days(Gops) said...

paarthachi paarthachi...

btw,camera'va "kan'la" vachikitey ellathaium paarpeengala? illa
edhaiyaachum paarthadhu'kapuram camera'va "kan'la"vaipeengala?

kG said...

I did some research to find this temple. Couldn't get much. However, I did get one link with a Temple photographed in earlier years by some british dude.

And oh, this just in as I was typing this.

I think the temple shown in the above link is the temple you visited. It appears to be similar, achitecture wise -and it's surroundings.

SamY said...

I think the place is called 'halebeedu' (phonetically speakin) ... I'd been there once but guess I was too young to remember it now :(

lovely pics ;)

visithra said...

Uma : thanks ;) yep we did - about 3 places daily - so a lot more to write - nice places though

jeevan : yay ure back ;) thanks it is

praveen : yayyyyy ure back too ;)

it is - awesome to look at

arz : thanks n more to come - should go worth the time

Amu : do try going worth the time

Mydays : kanleh camera vehkurathe illeh - athan screen iruhke ;p

parthu rasichituhan screenle parkuradu

kg : this was the right link

the rest is about the halebidu temple (this is a hindu temple) which ill be writing about next or soon

the thing is i found a link saying there r more temples in that area other than the 3 i went to - so was wondering

samy : well the town is called halebidu - but the temple is called something else - ohh uve been there but too young well u should go again - thanks ;)

kG said...
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kG said...

this was the one that I thought was right osso kan? I wasn't too sure at first la. But then I read the text and decided that- yeah this is it alright.

We should be partners! I love your areas of interest -that I actually researched. And yeah, interesting enough. Hehehe.

visithra said...

kg : sorry about that - u did get the last one right - actually i have the exact shot of the building just didnt post it here ;)

u love this kind of things too? awesome ;) we should be partners - i like researching ;p

ashok said...

visit...extreamly wonderful snaps ...loved em..after seeing ur post I want to visit the places very soon.

visithra said...

ashok : u should the places are lovely - n thanks ;)

Prabu Karthik said...

the contrast and rendering in the photographs are brilliant,
what camera/lens do u use?

Prabu Karthik said...

the contrast and rendering in the photographs are brilliant,
what camera/lens do u use?

visithra said...

Pk : thanks ;)

i actually use a canon powershot a620 - havent added any lenses, great for amatuers - lots to learn with it.

I dont tweak the outdoor shots but do change the levels/ curves on the indoor ones.