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Coastal towns

Now I know Halebidu should come next but there's a few reasons why its not. One I'm getting bit sick of those gorgeous carvings - 2 there's another 250 shots to go through and edit just for 3 places. So we're going to skip over them and check out Kollur.

IMG_2977kundapurHosted on Zooomr And if you're wondering what Kollr has to do with a beach? Well thats the beautiful beach in Kundapur.

We reached Kollur late evening and tried to go to the Kollur Moogambikai temple but it had just closed. Well there is the morning. We checked into this hotel where the owner eyed us cautiously and whispered instructions to his smiling staff as I climbed up and down checking which room we should take.
Hearing a faint Malayalam I decided to try my little Malayalam with him. Ah what wonders a language does. He was all smiles and welcoming. Offering info and asking questions. So sat and told him where we were coming from and what time I should go for prayers and all.

Kollur Moogambikai is one of the 7 mukthi stalas of Karnataka. The jyothirlingam in front of the devi is older then the Panchaloha - an alloy of five metals idol of Mookambikai which was installed by Adi Sankara 1200 years ago. The Soundarya Lahiri was composed here as well.

IMG_2966kollur1Around 5ish we walked to the temple (walking distance) and ah how beautiful the devi was. There is a good thing about having the foreigners look, we were allowed a longer view. I like this temple, a sense of peace prevails. After prayers and collecting all the prasadams from the prayers we headed out for breakfast and rest while I went looking for an internet cafe. I did find one and had the weirdest experience. It was behind a small grocery stall and there was one computer an ancient looking one. Connection was pretty slow and though I found an usb port at the back it couldn't read my memory card reader nor my camera. I had just used up my 512mb card and was now using the 32mb extra I had brought and this was the 3rd place I had tried to download photos given this was ancient headquarters, woe was me.

Anyway we headed out to Kundapur the beach town on Karnataka's coastal area. I was imagining roads where we would be driving along the beach but it was more in the towns. However the moment you reach Kundapur you won't even need a sign board to tell you, you've arrived. The strong smell of fish will hit real hard.

IMG_2969kundapurRight from Kollur the temple architectures start looking like Kerala temples and you could even speak Malayalam to most of everyone. Not only do the temples change but so do the prayers. I had earlier warned mom and her friend its a very different experience going to a Kerala temple for the first time. The throwing of the sandalpaste, the non prayer like atmosphere, the manthras that are recited though never heard, and the non archanai settings, its a bit hard to take in for someone used to the Tamilnadu ways.

First stop the Kottilingeshwara temple near Kumbasi. Well shock started here and she wasn't the least bit impressed. Kotilingeshwara another one of the 7 mukthi stalas of Karnataka is enshrined in a shallow Peetham.

Its also here you see these around the outer area of the inner sanctum of saivite Kerala temples. I finally found out it was (we had guessed) placed to represent the 8 thisai devargal.

Then it was off to the Annegudhe Ganesha temple where the ganesh is a suyambu idol. Though quite crowded, the temples nice. The outer temple is newer than the inner temple and they give you a peculiar flower after prayers. I think its the banana flower, kinda forgot.

There's a newly built Ayyapan temple nearby, where the musicians were busy playing wonderful music though no one was there. And do try visiting this in the early mornings, its an ouch fest trying to get to the other side in burning weather.

I must tell you these places are basically worship temples and not architecturally wondrous creations. Actually the designs are very simple and mostly the same differing only in the height of the towers. Not much to photograph and given ppl tend to be hawklike when you take out a cam, its a bit uncomfortable to take photos as well. I have deleted and been scolded when taking photos in Kerala, though it was just the outside of the temple.
If you haven't known by now the concept of heat never gets to my head. So we proceeded to the Kundapur beaches in hot blazing sun. We had to drive through this mazelike village where a nice auto driver guided us right up to the beach.

Wow I cannot describe the beauty of the place. Vast CLEAN GOLDEN sandy beaches and clear waters. So we throded into the sand, sinking at each step to the sounds of the beckoning waves.

Truthfully you couldn't feel the heat and it was actually slightly chilly though the sun was blazing away. As you can see we came prepared with an umbrella. Sadly i had limited photo storage so couldn't click away. Instead jumped around the water, got half drenched and played run around with the waves which keep enticing you with little ones and suddenly a big one hits and you're drenched! Gave up on the rolling of the pants. Also found some pretty seashells which is now tucked somewhere at home (yes I brought it back) and tried photographing MR I-walk-sideways crab. Well grumpy crab refused to be photographed. It was definitely fun though I instantly turned 3 shades darker.

Oh we got to see what we thought were eagles. How's one supposed to know the difference between hawks, kites and eagles when both fly the same? Anyway this one fella kept circling right above my head from a distance, but its a bit daunting when he continued to follow me eventhough I moved from his circling spot. Probably looked like prey from above. Have just found out these are coastal kites or better known as Brahminy kite. Very majestic birds.
We then headed of to Udupi. Now everyone keeps telling you how wonderful Udupi is but I tried and yet was not impressed by Udupi.

Its a bit weird to stare into a cell and look at Krishna as if, if he was let lose he'd run away. Sorry but I really tried, it was nice hearing the ladies tying flowers sing, or this group of singing visiting ladies but somehow I felt caged in there. It took me awhile to realise the Krishna inside the caged like room was the main idol. That visit made me long for Guruvayur Krishna the ever smiling mischievous one.

IMG_2981udupiHosted on Zooomr
Oh the chariot is pretty though and my favourite elephants were around. Visited the nearby Chandramouleshwara and Anantheswara and headed off to Manglore. On the way mom spotted this new temple and wanted to go see, by then I was really tired. I so badly wanted a bath.

The temple was the Kappu Durga Parameshwari, nice place but I was terribly tired. Funny thing is this was the day we travelled the least but saw the most temples.

Next Mangalore


phatichar said...

Nice pics. Hmm, Dakshina Kannada sure is a haven for breath-taking pictures...and during the monsoons, it's a treat to go there. :)

Keshi said...

what a beach!


netajovi said...

very relaxing view...

netajovi said...

very relaxing view...

kG said...


Gosh, Where have I been going to everytime I go to India sampai I missed all these magnificent spots?!

மு.கார்த்திகேயன் said...

Just dropped here.. Nice pics

Keep good work!!!

sophie said...

awesome beach

Maran said...

Love the photos. Nice write up too. :)

Usha said...

wow. can you believe, I have never been there yet! Now I want to do it even more!

Prabu Karthik said...

the picwas just awesome!!

kalakkal visith:)

visithra said...

Phatichar : thanks ;) it is I have to agree - ahh im sure ure right - if its this beautiful in summer it must unbelivable in the moonsoons

Keshi : and we had the whole place to ourselves!!! ;)

Netajovi : it is ;)

Kg : hehehe yes it was and oh my god we were the only few ppl on it - a whole beach just for us!!

Oh theres a lot of places in india - we'll never be able to see everyplace ;)

n u must do lots of research before going ;)

karthikeyan : welcome here ;) thanks ;)

sophie : believe me it is ;)

Maran : thanks ;)

usha : given how every single square metre in india is wonderful - i can believe you - n u probably have seen places i havent - oh do go for a holiday there i was wishing we stayed longer there

pk : thanks ;)

My days(Gops) said...

mind blowing......

@pretty shells (brought back home)
ungala thaan thedikittu irrukaanga...

ashok said...

really enjoying this tour u r taking us thro in ur blog...

BawangMerah said...

Don't know which to choose as the best. The first picture of the beach, which btw is absolutely gorgoeaus or the brahminy kite

visithra said...

Mydays : thanks ;)

thedurangehla? Yayyyyyyyyyyyy ;p

ashok : thanks - glad im not boring anyone ;)

Bawangred : aww thanks - i like both ;)

Jeevan said...

Arabian sea sides are very beautiful places, i should try to visit them in future. Moogambikai temple is very nice, looking like Kerala temples. The sea shores are very neat. Super Photo's visith:)

Ezee123 said...

hey great photo blog on your travels of the South Kanara area.

I came in on a reference to brahminy kites pictures from where your blog was listed. I had put up some brahminy kite pictures on my blog. Stuff like this

Have a look if you are interested.

visithra said...

Jeevan : its true - go and spend a few days dear - ull have fun

thanks and its a nice temple

Ezee : welcome here ;)

thanks - i saw ur photos wow great shots

thanks for telling

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