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There are 12 countries around the world that hold more than 75% of all of Earth's species. Malaysia is one of these 12 countries. Our rainforests hold such treasures that every time a scientific expedition is held at least 1 new species is found or rediscovered.

Belum-Temengor - a rolling landscape of tropical rainforest surrounding a massive lake. Situated at the border of Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand, this 300,000 hectares of virgin tropical rainforest is a biodiversity hotspot and a national if not an international heritage. It has been around for more than 130 million years, which makes it older than the Amazon and the Congo. It is home to thousands of species, some found nowhere else in the world. But this magnificent gift from mother earth is facing one of her greatest threats Logging.
The MNS Belum-Temengor Campaign 2006
The campaign aims to achieve the following:

Gazettement of the Royal Belum State Park
Extension of the Royal Belum State Park to include the Temengor Forest Reserve
Protection of a stretch of natural forest flanking the East-West highway from conversion to plantation

Sign on the online signature form to support MNS' call to stop all logging activities in Belum-Temengor and to protect this forest Complex.


Balajoe said...

I have stayed at a small hotel located at the outskirt of the Belum for couple of days (I think sometime in 1996).

We drove in a Kancil via Grik and reached there in wee hours (I guess it was 3.00 am). The hotel is located near to an army camp (I can see helicopters coming in and down). The only problem that the hotel had was wild elephants (they often sleep in the middle of the road!) and snakes (in fact, all the hotel staff was sent for a course to handle cobras). It used to be a "hot" area in those days and the huge man-made lake was done to keep the communist out from the borders. Even today, you need to get the army's consent to venture into the rainforest.

Talking to one of the locals there, he informed that there are still Orang Asli inside the rainforest who are not exposed to the current civilisation. We toured the lake and we noticed that logging was actively done on the trees submerged in the lake.

It is a big loss if the State Government don't take steps to preserve it. For my part, I have signed up.

Anonymous said...

Belum-Temengor sounds like an ecological paradise. I have been through Malaysia twice, once for a day and the other time it was almost two days.
It is a beautiful country. Maybe one of these days I might get an opportunity to visit Belum-Temengor and spend some time enjoying its wilderness.
It is a travesty that commercial interests will end up destroying much of the old growth forests around the globe.
This seems to be quite significant in your part of the world, especially in Malaysia, Burma and Thailand. Human beings can be extremely selfish
and short-sighted at times. People tell me that Vietnam has some unspoilt rainforests which also will end up being destructed because of its entry
into the global trading place with embargoes lifted some years ago by the US. I am planning a brief sightseeing trip to Vietnam during my visit to
the far-east later this year and am hoping to see some of the wilderness. Wish there was a magic solution to all these human inflicted woes. Islands
are incredible for their ecosystems. David Quammen's 'The song of the Dodo' is a book on island biogeography which describes the birth of islands
and the way an ecosystem evolves there. It also makes you realize the fragile balance that exists between nature and us. (I read all sorts of non-fictional
books which have very little value other than to sate the perpetual state of curiosity temporarily)
Oh, I went and signed up the petition even though I live far, far away from Belum-Temengor.Hopefully these petitions will effect some change.
Hopefully, the awareness brought by people like you will save parts of our earth which desperately need protection.
The houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala is lovely.I am enjoying visiting your blog because it brings back so many memories. I used to visit Kerala
often and this picture reminds me of those trips eons ago. Thanks for your blogging.
Hope you have a pleasant friday and a relaxing weekend.:- )

tulipspeaks said...

i'll sign it right away! how r u honey?


yvy said...

so nice to see u blogging abt this. :) i've signed up too. *thumbs up*

visithra said...

Balajoe : given its location near the border can understand the army

hot area eh - wild elephants on the road? Wow

thanks a lot for the info - ive heard leass of belum than our national park

preserving both would be a good idea if only the gov will take the needed action

visithra said...

Anonaravind : i think it comes from the fact that the countries are small with huge populations and are emerging out - so the people tend to place importance on the present than the future - which is sad actually - instead they could promote ecotourism

ure right about vietnam - its fast moving up the furni*ture industry and lots of manufacturers aroudn the world are moving their base there for the abundant forests and low labour - there goes the forest

Malaysia is beautiful - but unfortunately too many corrupt businessmen and officials - we might just lose that beauty one day

we could go on wishing - but life isnt that simple is it?

Hope you get to see the wilderness in vietnam in ur next trip

actually theres a value in reading those kind of books - ull learn why we should preserve such ecosystems - another book i should check out

thanks for signing - given the international audience my blog gets hoping theyd sign and ppl would take note of it

oh i havent done much - just posting - the ppl at the society do lots

ah kerala is lovely n travelling on the backwaters is just so relaxing and what beautiful sights - will be posting on them soon - lots more to write on

glad ure enjoying it - n that the photos r bringing back memories - memoreies are good u see ;) u too have a good weekend ;)

visithra said...

amu : yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ure back ;)

thanks gal n im good hows u

yvy : thanks for ur mail - its the least i can do ;)

SamY said...

** 1 new species is found or rediscovered

rediscover doesn't count as a new entry :p

visithra said...

samy :rediscovered is a good thing at least the animal isnt extinct

Anonymous said...

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