Wednesday, May 31, 2006

X Men

X Men are personal to me. Its part of my life, a distant memory of times of fun, teenage years.
Yes X Men reminds me of my school mates as not a day passed without us discussing the comic. You see my friends were totally crazy about the comic, it was the ultimate in super power with the added creativity of sleek characters that didn't wear their underwear on the outside.

Don't get me wrong we loved Superman but nothing beat menacing metal claws, or weather changers or mind readers. Each of us had a favourite. Initially it was the guys who read the comics, I never read them but we (the ones who didn't read) knew all the characters as that was the boys favourite topic.

They were also characters that were closer to reality, ordinary ppl where women didn't look as unbelievable as most characters and the play was on love rather than lust. The continuous love triangle between Jean, Wolverine and Scotts never got tiring. The dormant powers of Jeans alterego Phoenix, who was this ravishing red head, blue furred Hank menacing in looks yet gentle and articulate. Ah and there was my favourite wolverine, with a devil may care attitude and a machoness that oozed confidence and the beauteous Storm with powers to alter the weather.

So much was the craze was one of my friends had signed my yearbook page by cutting a clipping of the comic and writing down his powers ;) Awesome work I tell ya!

So it was good to watch the Xmen movie - I thought it was good but I hear the haven't followed the story, giving precedence to Wolverine. So many things shouldn't have happened. I hate directors they always change the story, that's why I hate book adaptations and that's why Da Vinci was good, for once the story was followed.

I don't like the actress cast as Jean, not the ravishing beauty of the comics and yes phoenix did remind one of exorcists. Hummm

Oh yes do wait till the credits role, there's a surprise shot. We sat and waited for it, and ended up being the only 8 in the theater waiting for the ending with my friend promising to kick me if there was nothing. I suspect the ending and some changes in the movie comes from the reluctance of a star to do another part of a movie. Oh yes there are other details suggesting another movie.

So cheers to Xmen and childhood friends. You'll always be sweet to me despite the gore.


Anu said...

I am an avid fan too and funnily enough I was always a cyclops- scott fan ,loved his glares!!:)),Frankly i was annoyed by the movie-giving total credence to Storm n Wolverine,and totally reducing the powers of Rogue and Mystique,killing off Cyclops was awful.Yes the movie looks towards another sequel, but frankly I am apprehensive.I hope in the next one all the X men are back with their powers intact

Gusti Adipati said...

my wish to see Gambit on screen never fulfilled!


still_figuring_out said...

surprise at the ending? oh dear, now it looks like i have to somehow convince my sweetheart to sit through the credentials..


Ramya said...

Oooooh! I used to be Jean Grey among my friends! But hold on, didnt she sacrifice herself to save the X-gang in part-2???? She's back?? yaaay! I'm back for good!!! and boy oh boy, hugh jackman (wolverine) is soooo *droooool*

Nirek said... are fan of XMen. I dont like these childish stories, anyway i will try to see the movie, ur explanation abt ur love on xmen is interesting..

btw you are yet to give us advice on love and proposing...!
waiting for you guru..

BawangMerah said...

I didn't read the comic, but I loved watching the cartoon. I used to like Gambit. That fella was coolness personified. And of course Wolverine and Beast. It's funny, I kind of like Magneto after watching the movie series. He isn't as bad as he's portrayed in the cartoon.Credits to McKellen :)

WA said...

Might watch it this weekend. Fingers crossed I don't fall asleep :)

visithra said...

Anu : welcome here ;)

i agree they shouldnt have killed of cyclops of reduced the powers of Rogue and Mystique

well if jean can back - im sure theyll bring back cyclops or not

we always saw xmen as a team but the directors seems bent on making it a Storm n Wolverine story

Gusti : humm well they love wolverine more couldnt find space for gambit i guess

still : hehehe yeah u should but its a short one - stay only if ure a fan

ramya : u were ? Ooh ooh - yes she did and then she comes back alive to become the ultimate power ;) hehehe he is droolishes ;p

satu : aww childish stories ehh humm - well we cartoon/ comic lovers dont mind the tag - coz we're ever young u see - thanks

adivihlum - adphilam ohnum illehnu sohlithenle

Bawangred : ah another gambit fan - gusti is one too

yeah magneto seemes somewhat cool but cruel - let the pawns die first - what the!

Uma : oh do - n fingers n toes crossed so u wont sleep

kG said...

And plus, they looked the best.
They're all hot.
And thank heavens for the absence of the absence of exterior underwear.

visithra said...

kg : hhehe oh yeah theyre all hot

SamY said...

Jean is a hawtie :D ... but I somehow liked the rOgue character ;) ... shez slick

hmm was more into amar chitra katha kind of books when I was young ... esp during train journeys ... stories of chacha choudary n stuff ... caught up with DC Comics stuff only thru cartoon channels ... I miss em now-a-days ... as much kiddish as it is, its very relaxing n refreshing :)

so whatz ur favourite character n power?

visithra said...

Samy : well in the movie i thought storm was the hawtie - heheh rogue had nothing much to do in the movie but yes i like her character too

i read that too - i read everything jack of all master of none? ;p

i liked the ghost who alwasy escaped stories ;p n tenali

me too - but i dont bother still watch cartoons ;p

fav character in xmen would be wolverine n storm - otherwise its superman ;p

phoenix said...

nice review. i watche the film and theought that it could have been a lot better than it was, except for jean (phoenix). i thought that it was done rather well but i also think that there could have been a loth more too her storyline.

alright now i had the misfortune to miss what happened at the end of the credits. WHAT the hell was it? did jean come back from the dead again?

visithra said...

Phoenix : welcome here ;)

thanks - thats the pproblem with adaptions - no director believes in following the story - it can be so irritating

well jean didn't come back someone else did - remember the was one scene where charles xavier shows a bedridden man incapable of thinking - well charles comes back in that mans body

visithra said...

Phoenix : welcome here ;)

thanks - thats the pproblem with adaptions - no director believes in following the story - it can be so irritating

well jean didn't come back someone else did - remember the was one scene where charles xavier shows a bedridden man incapable of thinking - well charles comes back in that mans body

Anonymous said...

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