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IMG_2576srirangapatIMG_2576srirangapatHosted on Zooomr The Next morning we set out for Srirangapattinam, the fort town of Tipu Sultan and home of SriRanganathar. En route we saw the water ducts built in yesteryears that were still being used to flow water into the city. Just as we reached Srirangapattinam we saw remains of what was a massive fort.

We arrived at the Sriranganathar temple around 7 am just in time for abhishegam. Like I said we had good darshan everywhere. While alangaram was being done, we walked around the temple, me busy taking photos and being entertained by red faced monkeys that seemed a part of the temples walls.

IMG_2581srirangapatIMG_2581srirangapatHosted on Zooomr

This is supposed to be the adi ranga of the 3 Sriranganathar temples - unfortunately I skipped Shivasamudram for now for lack of time - maybe on another trip. Its supposed to be built by a Ganga ruler Tirumalaiya of the 9th century CE.

ps : post on Mysore below ;p

Its a really nice temple, very peaceful. Can't say the same about the people though - people have a habit of pushing you to the back even if you had been standing there patiently waiting for the doors to open to see the alangara priyar Sriranganathar. Sigh.


Anyways - it was beautiful and sitting outside this open space in the middle of the temple has its perks - like I said it spells peace.

On the way to Gumbaz - the final resting place of Tipu Sultan, we got to see an old water canal, ruins of a large palace and fort, his death spot and this pretty mosque he had built which had now been turned into a religious school. I had wanted to take a closer look as I saw kids inside but decided not to.
Gumbaz is gorgeous and smack in between what I was beginning to love, Karnatakas love for well kept gardens to compliment its ancient structures.


It looked simple but on a closer look the carvings were quite exquisite. The temple, mosque and the mausoleum had a similarity in architecture - the photos would explain.

Inside the mausoleum, rather than Tipu's tomb, I was enchanted by the frescoes on the wall. Brilliant colours and I managed a snap before someone said no photos ;p

IMG_2598srirangapatIMG_2598srirangapatHosted on Zooomr

So then began my drivers love of returning to Mysore, would you believe he wanted to go back to Mysore for breakfast and later lunch? Got that settled later before we headed for Daria Daulat Bagh - the Summer palace of Tipu.

There are no photos of the building as it was protected by ugly green blinds to protect the beautiful frescoes and the teak building but inside it was gorgeous. Left as a museum it is a must see to understand the war and ogle at the paintings. Here too you can see paintings where the eyes follow you - brilliant I tell you. Again no photos of the inside.


But the place had a beautiful garden somewhat similar to the Taj reflective pool. I was trying to get my mom to stand there but she refused coz she was afraid I would be scolded for taking photos - sigh scolding is nothing to capturing art I tell ya.

After lunch and a brief stop at this overpriced place my driver suggested we got to dip our legs at the kaveri Sangam - he meeting of rivers. It was so hot yet the water was so cool and clear. I had a tough time getting my mom to not dance into the fast flowing stream, i was wondering who was the mom!


Next to my most favourite place - Somnathpur.

Ps : loads of pictures inside my zooomr.


Maran said...

Nice photo's Visithra. Good to see the no photo ban didn't deter you. :-) Can somebody explain the rational behind the no photo ban in similar places in India? :(

My days(Gops) said...

nice post with nice photos visith..

indha mysore fort pakkathula, famous "vaalaipoo vada" kadai onnu irruku...did u?

PS:-mostly in temples they dont allow camera inside? hw did u carried? (dont say by hand)...

R. Balaji said...

Visithra, Great pics and nice narration.

WA said...

Been to Srirangapattinam a long time ago, nice photos Visit

ashok said...

beautiful photos Visit

Gladtomeetin said...

Hey those pics are real cool and they speak about your trip :-))

Keep them coming ;-))

visithra said...

Maran : thanks ;)

heh not really just inside the inner temples i dont take photots ;)

i think theres few reasons

1 - the fear that the photos would be used to steal the idols
2 - that the images will capture something miracle
3 - photography could lessen the vibration (not really they have original photos)
4 - too much flash will disturb the peaceful environ
5 - flash is too hot might effect the wall paintings - frescoes
thats just some reasons i can think off

if u see a lot of huge organisations disallow cameras inside theirbuildings as well

Mydays : thanks - vaalaipoo vada? Hummm no sapdhaleh - pohrathuku munnale sohliruhkalamle

i carry a huge bag - u know how it is with travellers - so many things to carry - documents money travel highlights - but all this kayileh than sumandhen ;p hehehe

rbalaji : thanks - more to come ;)

Uma : thanks - its a nice place isnt it ;)

ashok : thanks ;)

glad : thanks ;) ive got this thing for architecture - i spend a lot of time looking at them so i could tell stories ;)

Sundar Narayanan said...

my contribution to capturing temple monkeys..


you are doing a real good job of a photo journalist covering south india..

visithra said...

Sundar : oooh u know what i took a similar shot ;) will post later - more from my monkey collection ;p

thanks - but i love photos n words so ;)

ashok said...

visitara...u have wonderful composing skill in photography...

visithra said...

ashok : thanks ;) truthfully i just enjoy capturing what I love ;)

Anonymous said...

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