Thursday, May 18, 2006

Spoiled brats

My friends and I are a children crazy bunch, we're always playing with strangers kids. Occasionally we become the person the moms use to discipline the kids. We too normally faintly threaten misbehaving kids.

So now yesterday we were out at our local haunt and this kid starts emptying a can of drink on the floor and then starts stepping on the can trying to smash it. So we gave the customary aiii at the kid. Kid looks at us stops and smiles sheepishly, dad reprimands but its mom that surprises us. She goes that's ok darling, you didn't do anything wrong and flashes us the evil look.

We were like huh? The can was scratching the tiles of the shop, a bigger kid and that would be called vandalism. And we wonder why so many kids are spoiled nowadays.

I dot believe in hitting kids but I do believe in discipline and not spoiling a kid rotten by bowing to its whims and fancies and defending everything the child does as your child can never be wrong. So if you meet a spoiled kid, known its the parents fault!

Ps : continuation of drivers story below - long but there's a story


geetha said...

Ahh, these are they people who spoil our future leaders. Then they ask us why there are a lot of nonsense news (rape, murder, robbery, snatch thief) in papers every single day!!!

Even this little thing will lead to inappropriate bringing up later. Do they have a school for these parents somewhere? *sigh*

My days(Gops) said...

@ spoiled kid,known its the parents fault
its very true.........

but in general, Mothers, they are much concernd abt their kids behaviour=> esp in the public..

sophie said...

children learn from their enviornment..mostly from parents

WA said...

How rude am I, but can't stop myself from asking. Was the mother an Indian?

BawangMerah said...

It's easier to blame the parent than the kids I guess, though in this case the mother's pampering is sure to lead to a spoilt brat.

Ps. Welcome back. Did you have a nice trip? Now what am I saying, I should probably read the rest right.

Keshi said...

i agree with Sophia..children follow after the parents..almost certainly.


tulipspeaks said...

:) how come i'm the big sister all my cousins fear the most? hmm.. ennode face le ennamo iruke la?


SamY said...

hmm ... so mean to say u ain't a spoilt brat :-? ... who is to certify that :p

if u'v seen spouse <-> mother-in-law fights ... u'd have understood what happened

no matter what happens no 3rd person may poke their nose ... if they do then ther in for some surprise

"when two fights the 3rd wins" is an old say ... "when two fight the pokers nose gets cut" is the order of the day

n u sure ain't gud @ handling kids ...
u shudn't have bullied that kiddo :p ... poor him

rsubras said...

hahhaa so some other girl wud probably write a blog some 5 years from now on how u allowed your kid to do all the naughty things ;)

talking of spoiled brats, the other day in T.Nagar i saw a dad pacifying his 2 or 3 year old kid.. that kid was crying a lot.... after some time we heard a slappppppppppp...... ouch that must've hurt the kid everyone around us thought.......

but actually it was the kid who slapped the dad....... and the dad had some 2 or 3 finger marks there ... what do u say of this kid???

visithra said...

Geetha : exactly - i understand u want to pamper ur kid but dont do it in the expense of spoiling his future

i wonder too - someone should set up such a school but the prob is they dont think theyre wrong

mydays : most moms are wonderful - just some think their kids are never wrong

Sophie : well said

uma : lol i understand the question - kid was indian but ive seen other races behave as such as well

Bawangred : its not blaming of parents but heres an example

kid hits someone the first time - do u reprimind or say no prob dear he deserved it?

Kid get emboldened by parents support and learns how to manipulate parents and ends up being a tyrant

i knew an 8 year old who was so spoilt - all her whims n fancies were taken care of n parents used to fight with anyone who said she was spoilt

Ps : trip was good some glitches but wonderful - photos coming soon - u should read the rest ;p

Keshi : me too - i have met angels whose parents were just that - n children who were exactly as evil as their parents or whoever they grew up with

Amu : u know thats fun ;p but u can play with them

u must be the eldest cousin?

Samy : lol i most definetly aint - n everyone would ;p

errr whats the mil dil connection? ;p rombeh serial pahkuriyah?? Tsh tsh

hey im great with kids - u haven't read my kids post - im a kid magnet

so now its us bullying him? Cheh kaligalam ;p

Rsubra : nah she wont - coz ive brought up kids before (my younger cousins) and all have turned out well ;p

thats a brat whose probably being spoilt by grandparents n parents

i say run the other way round if u see that kid again ;p

Jeevan said...

Kid follow parents, if they teach them good habits and how to active in Public.

visithra said...

jeevan : thats true

Keshi said...

lol girl :) ur right...


visithra said...

keshi : seen too many brats