Monday, May 29, 2006

No one dies

I was reading Tony's  blog when he linked to this

It reminded me of the probs we faced months/ years after my dads death. Right after he passed away I called up every place to let them know and get the accounts changed to my name yet most of them still sent the bills in his name.

Here's the conversation I had with one of them a year ago.

CS : A**** Customer Service
Me : Billing account?
CS : yes maam
Me : bla bla bla
CS : bla bla bla
Me : you do know you're sending bills to a dead man?
CS : ahhh ahhh
Me : i called up 2 years back informing you about his death - why havent you still changed it
CS : oh he died? We dont know
Me : so you don't mind sending the bill to a dead man? What if we dont pay who are you gonna catch ? His ashes?
CS : errrr
Me : so can you change it now - the last time someone told me he could do it but didn't
CS : mam please give me the details
Me : are you sure you'll make the changes?
CS : maybe you should write in and ask to change the account name
Me : are you mad? Why do you have a telephone customer service then?
CS : errrr but mam you must pay
Me : maybe you should ask the dead man!

Months later we did try to personaly go and change the details, after repeated promises and non stop jotting down of details, neither the changes nor my dads name was changed. We finally cancelled the account and got a new one under our names. 

Oh yes dad still gets billed in a few other accounts - you would think they were familiar with birth and death!


SamY said...

customer service ppl are not equipped to handle such situations ... all they should do it make the customer somehow pay ... if the company pays thatz bad on the one who handled the call ... funny n irritating as it is thatz how most of the ppl wrk

the just lack the professionalism to say a good bye with a smile ... whilst to get an account they'd talk like ur god n kiss ur feet if u'd ask #-o

wonder what the CS person was thinking

geetha said...

CS, what more can we expect. Sometimes they can make us go crazy!

Usha said...

This is like another story i heard where a bill came for amount "0" and the customer was harrasses till he wrote out a cheque for zero amount - told know if it is true but seems very likely to me.
Best part is that many of these services complain if the death of the customer is not intimated to them but when we do it, they do nothing about it!

nishu said...

i have heard this sort of stuff bfore the service ppl. r often not so smart

sophie said...

i thought this happens only in India

starry nights said...

I think this happens all over the world.The person is just a number .

still_figuring_out said...

i dont mean to sound mean, but i think if customer service agents used a bit more common sense, the world would be a better place to live.


WA said...

Whoever coined the phrase 'kashtam ar service' is right

Keshi said...

Whattt Visithra? ur dad is also dead?


visithra said...

Samy : actully its their training and the lack of a mind to think - theyre dumbfounded when u ask them qs beyond the textbook

oh the courteousness and smilling is not a prob here - we're the land of smiles n most of them will smile even if theyre cursing u ;)

india- its definetly a problem even men dont smile at women customers - so weird!

He probably had a nervous breakdown ;)

Geetha : exactly - n i hate it when they claim theyre great

usha : lol for 0 ? Is he nuts? Exactly - telling them someone died just goes to deaf ears

nishu : welcome here ;)

lol as cruel as it sounds it would seem like that - but i think they just cant think out of the box

sophie : lol nah it happens everywhere

starry : welcome here ;)

sadly it does - n yeah were all just account numbers

still : lol we all so wish they would n it isnt mean to tell the truth ;p

Uma : lol good one - definetly agree ;p

keshi : u didn;t know? Yeah he did nearly 3 years back - we do have a lot in common ;)

anasalwa said...

I wonder what is the requirements they're looking for when they hire CS reps?

visithra said...

ana : i have no idea but i do wonder

Priyamvada_K said...

Huh. Looks like customer service guys probably drop these things (too many formalities maybe, or they don't know what to do) and don't enter into the system, move on to the next acct and keep up with this until customer gets fed up.

Sad to read about your father.


visithra said...

priyam : yeah i think they do worse than robots


Sangeeta said...

Pests! That's what they are:(

visithra said...

sangeeta : hehe exactly!

yvy said...

not surprised dear! same thing happened to us when my dad passed on. and it's been 11 yrs but we are still getting letters attentioned to him. we've given up informing them, no point. they dont understand english nor bahasa so i'm not even gonna try in tamil or mandarin!!

visithra said...

yvy : u too? darn such useless cases - still getting huh? weird ppl

lol dont think theyd understand tamil or mandarin - maybe we should try pictograms?