Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The thing I hate about train stations is getting down the train and being bombarded by 10 people wanting no demanding to take you to your destination. We finally settled on the first guy who approached us though I had initially said no. He turned out to be a nice guy with good suggestions. The place he recommended for dinner had one of the best food served.

Did I tell you how beautiful, calm and laidback Mysore is? It was just a beautiful place to live in, seemed right out of a painters canvas.

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One of the reasons why I had picked Mysore for our first stop was it was a public holiday and the Mysore Palace lits up only on holidays and Sundays. We had lost a whole day of travel and sadly all we could see of Mysore was its exterior and the Chamundi temple.

ps : have uploaded more photos into my zooomr account - click on the photos to see larger images and the rest of the photos.

I had earlier been talking about the lights to our driver and he had said no it was only on Sundays but I think he found out otherwise when he came back to pick us up as he insisted on taking us there despite the limited time we had to reach Chamundi before it closes.

There was the palace and it gates beautiful decked in jewels of light. What a sight it bestowed on us, sadly I had forgotten my tripod (in the hotel and later never used it ;p) so some of the photos had a slight shake on it. Plus I had to rush since we had stopped at a non parking spot next to a cop, just so I could capture the beauty of the lights. How could I not like him? ;p

If you do chance upon Mysore in your travels, pick the days the palace lits up, the sight is absolutely bewitching. The road leading towards Chamundi has sparse lighting but the view is breathtaking coupled with its green forests. I imagine a morning climb would be even more beautiful.


The Chamundeswari temple - the temple of the goddess that vanquished mahisasuran is exquisite. The gopuram is really beautiful but couldn't really capture it that well as there was poor lighting.

One thing about the Karnataka Govt they do take measures to preserve their wonders, the hill area was a plastic free zone, most temple compounds were dotted with landscaped gardens even the ruined temples. The temples were also quite clean and you don't see people living in its grounds.


Chamundi devi is a remarkable beauty, that evening she had been decked in green and orange, adorned with such a smile, beauty doesn't even come close to describing her. Sit by the tree at the back of the temple and you'll feel a sense of peace as the gentle night breeze caresses you.
Somehow the delay in the train and the time we reached Mysore, we got to see Devi on oorvalam, as the last arathi was shown. What a darshan! So that was our silver lining after the wasted day on the train maybe that's why we got delayed - who knows.


We got back down and decided to go back to the palace and gawk at the building from a closer point. There was a small anjaneyar temple at that entrance and as we were walking around the gateways, I noticed one of the gates was open. So that's how we had a late night date with the Mysore Palace and its courtyard temple. What beautiful architectures. The Wodeyar king sure had good taste.

It was sad that we couldn't see the palace interiors or the gardens but if we stayed on we would miss a lot of things enroute out South karnataka travel. There's always a next time and for the beauty of the place, it would be all worth it.


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Very nice photos..enna camera..liked the first one..Worth a million Dollars.!!

Mysore is a beautiful place. The last time I went there was in my school days.

Did you Visit SriRangapatnam..! Amazing.!! Those palaces and the place where the king was killed. I got goosebumps.!

The Malaysian. said...

Lovely piece and really excellent photos. Just saw your blog for the first time. I'll come over more often. I don't think you'll be interested in my kind of blog. Have a look-see sometime.

visithra said...

Venkitu sir : thanks ;) me too - i think the palace is beautiful at night imagine it in sunlight - next time ill see it ;)

oh go again - its still gorgeous n peaceful

I did - n just posted on it ;) will be posting as my journey went ;) but u should really visit Somnatpur that place is priceless

every single spot in srirangapattinam is ancient

The malaysian : welcome here ;)

thanks ;) ah political i do read read just refrain from writing - im blogging with my name u see ;) will come by ;)

My days(Gops) said...


visithra said...

my days : errr ok ;p

naVee said...

Those pics bought back the old memories of Mysore. Thanks for letting me indulge in bit of nostalgia..

visithra said...

navee : welcome here

glad you liked them - memories are nice - nice to know it brought them back ;)

Sam said...

Its a nice place to live....
thts y i dont want to

Anonymous said...

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arunsubru said...

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