Tuesday, May 16, 2006


A thousand photos, a million memories - this ad I photographed at KLCC sums up the trip.


Weirdly after 2 weeks of perfect health - 2 hours after reaching home, fell misreably sick. Thank god it didn't happen during the trip.

Beautiful architecture, lovely darshans, gorgeous scenery, breathtaking views, ice rain in summer, terrible drivers and the wonderful ones, celebrating lefties, 7 hour delayed train and foodless journey, without passengers and a greatful coach, elephants and monkeys, a short bloggers meet where I unfortunately turned up late only to be bullied - all coming soon.

People I could not meet or call coz of the lack of time - the missed bhaji - sorry guys especially Jeevan.


F e r r a r i said...

Who bullied you Visit?
*Wicked Grin*

hari said...

Hi Visithra,

Sorry,cud not make it to the blog meet. Hope you enjoyed your stay in India.

WA said...

Welcome Back Visit. Do tell us who bullied you, before I let my imagination run wild :)

My days(Gops) said...

welcum back...
enga ooru "India" eppadi irruku?
hw was the Bloggers meet.?

PS:- Bajji saapdama
so sad......

Nirek said...

Welcome back Visi!
Nice to hear you had lovely time in India. will wait to see your writing on ur tour.
Its was raining in karnatka this time in summer also, how did u manage?

Usha said...

Looking forward to it all. Sorry Visi, did not get a number where i could reach you - would have loved to call you and chat with you once more before you left. :(

Jeevan said...

Enna Visith ippadi aaiduchu:( I missed to see a best friend, its ok, I am not lucky to meet u, Better Luck next Time.

I am Happy that you enjoy the trip and the small blogger meet. :) looking forward to know about your Indian visit.

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hi Visit,
Expected some photos.. ;) Hope u had a gr8 time..

TamilPonnu said...

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.. awesome!! cant wait .. sounds fun man!!! cha.. so jealous of you!

Keshi said...

lol girl did Samy bully ya too?? tell me na..hahaha!


Aravind said...

ungaLa yaaru bully pannadhu?? sollunga sollunga!!! ;)

visithra said...

Ferro : the grin is as wicked as the bullying - bah! ;p

Hari : stay was good - missed meeting so many people - hopefully next time

Uma : naan pavam - everyone bullied - but imagination running wild is good u know ;p

Mydays : thanks - india sooper - bm was good enna - nalla bully panni tangeh

sob sob athan oreh sogam no bajji :(

Satu : thanks ;) well it rained coz of me ;p hehehe it always rains when im there ;p even in summer it seems ;p

Usha : thats ok - was too busy to call anyone or meet more ppl - was handling too many things - at least we spoke before ;)

Jeevan : sorry pa - i so wanted to meet u - but i had to follow amma around so ennaku personal time illehma pochi - i was late for the blog meet itself

ponnarasi : photos coming - theres a lot - had a wonderful time ;)

Tamilponnu : definitely loads fun - awww u'll go soon n says the women who just got back from mexico ;p

Keshi : he bullied a lot! It was a conspiracy between him n vatsan

Aravind : aiii ehlam nalla bully panni kehlviyah kekuringeh! Bah

Shiv said...

Cha..Missed it...It refers to the bullying..!! Grin!!

rsubras said...

so u back to malaysia...

adada ithellam solrathu illiya.... i thought it would take another 2 months for you to return there :)

visithra said...

shiv : bad shiv naan pavam ;p

rsubra : yep back - another 2 months? edhutuku???

rsubras said...

ethukku na neenga india vantha purpose nallabadiya mudinju with mappilai oorukku porathukku :p

visithra said...

subra : adapavameh - apdhilam ohnum illeh