Thursday, April 06, 2006

Where green rocks

The shot looks gorgeous eh? Well would you believe if the shots were off my old campus? I visited there during one of the breaks and took shots of what I love most about the place, the gorgeous sceneries and the greenness of the campus. When I had been there the students were on holiday, so when the security stopped me I blurted out that I was meeting a student there and immediately told my ex colleges name and they let me in, I lied so well you see. Hehhe ;p


The campus consists of vast lands of different trees, a coconut farm on one side, fir trees on the other, or rows of gorgeous forest trees, flower farms, fruit trees (every season students used to sneak and steal fruits) and boulevards of greenery and even a cemetery that's eerily deserted yet beautiful even at 12 in the night ;p


There's even a river and a few lakes around the campus and when I was still there, a deer farm. I used to occasionally drive there ( the place is huge) and watch the deers. Sadly the deer farm is no longer there, but if I peeked into the veterinary section I might just see a horse and a variety of animals.

Then there's the building, some of the first built buildings (colonial styled) are still around so it adds to the charm plus now they've added a few more buildings in traditional Malay styles, even the security booth is gorgeous ;p. The only problem with such a beautiful place was classes used to be in each corner of the campus and we used to walk in the first sem. Yeah we did a lot of running in between classes and swearing at the person who set the classes schedule!

Even the college areas were green, so many nights we sat out at the benches under huge warm embracing trees chatting till we got reprimanded for the noise we were making. Or the amount of fun we had during the annual fair set amidst the jungle of trees, working at the stalls or visiting each one and just having fun. Coz it was a jungle area they had loads of activities like sliding on a harness across the lake or between the huge trees and the ponies would be out for parades, plus all the usual fair entertainments. Armed with delicious cotton candy, we'd make our way around the place, trying out the rides. Those were the days.

Ps : campus not disclosed to elude google.


geetha said...

I remember those trees.. it looks just like in my campus. Hmm, I wonder whether we went to the same uni?

BTW, nice shots there..

anantha said...

campus not disclosed to elude google.

Idhu enna jujubee velai. Neengeh indha madhiri method use pannina, nangeh direct a kettutu porom ;)

So... Neengeh endha univ la padicheenga?

*is reminded of a old hair dye ad


ashok said...

it does rock really...tis been a while since i saw something a green as that..hmmmm

BawangMerah said...

Don't la, now I'm nostalgic ready. As much as I love google, this is one of the reasons I hate it. You can look up at this url, to prevent the search bots from indexing your site.

Scroll down to "HTML meta tags for robots". I think if you can add them to your theme. Not sure if it's really effective, but new posts don't get indexed, though the older posts do still get hits from google.

Ghost Particle said...

ask me ask me...I kno the campus...ok i wont tell...but what the heck...there is only one uni in msia with a cemetary...muhahahahah!

Yeh, the guards a dum dums la now there, i stopped going there...even bob hates da place, he studied there and his saraku still studies there.

nothing much to say bout it, its a kampung uni specializing in agriculture when sudenly one minister had d bright idea to turn it into a premier uni and then the other minister changed it back to an agriculture uni. long story.

luckily now they do have security houses, last time it was open range for anyone and everyone.

My days(Gops) said...
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My days(Gops) said...
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My days(Gops) said...

wow,dazzlingly beautiful...
enna oru atmosphere la padichi irrukeenga....

btw,(tamil cinema effect) kandipa edhaavudhu oru tree'la unga name "visithra" nu irrukanumey? irrukudha innum?

Gusti Adipati said...

Uni with Kubur?

UPM ker? University Perkuburan Malaysia? ha ha ha

Nice gives me the feeling of a 'asylum alumni looking back at his life'. Mmmm why huh?

Ramya said...

Wow !! That's one place I would love to go daily !!

Jeevan said...

Very cool photo for my eyes. No chance to see places like this (green) in chennai. The first one looks like Adyar Theosophical Society. Visit this site to see the photos of Adyar Theosophical Society :

awakeningcoma said...

A great place to spend our most precious days in our life , nice photographs.

visithra said...

@ Geetha : it does? Humm we might u know - err how to give clues - the one with the P?
Thanks ;)

@ Anti : hehehe long time no see ;) adada ithu konjam too much ;) hair dye ad? Humm

@ Ashok : good ;) awww kabul is more on the brown side huh

@ bawangred : awwww dont be well we take turns u see ;) nah its ok dont mind the google thing - know how to block info out when dont want them to find me ;)

@ gp : hehehe yeah the one n only ;) n u shuh

heheh theyre very dumb - blur n everything we used to hve fun bullying them

he did? Which batch

oiii its no kampung one ok - yeah igot caught in the switch was very weird ok

yeah it used to be open range coz too many short cuts from neighbouring towns

@ mydays : yeah it was ;) cheh apdhilam onnum illeh

@ gusti : lol ppl said dont write he still writes - tsh tsh

'asylum????? Hoiii me not mad - maybe coz u were an asylum alumni? Hehehe

@ ramya : yeah me too ;)

@ Jeevan : thanks for the link - photos were beautiful

@ Ac : yeah it was ;) thanks

tulipspeaks said...

vanzhe nambe campus!!

ennake theriyume ithe enthe campusne..


dont worry.. i wont kaatikodukeran our campus :P

btwn i'm still here to enjoy the green..aawww..what a sight! stomach burning eh?


sophie said...

very beautiful place...
green is awesome

hari said...

Hey Visit,

Thats just out of the world place to have a College Campus. I am sure education would have been a pleasure in these serene surrounding.

It would definitely have been a pleasant nostalgia visiting your campus again. Enjoy.

Keshi said...

OMG Visithra I LOVE the 1st pic! SO beautiful...something so serene abt it...and the rest too. Lovely!

Campus trees somehow have a special look na...even at UNSW it was the same..beautiful big leafy trees standing tall n magnificent...just a beauty!


geetha said...

Yeap, the one with the 'P'.
I think it is the same one ;)

Now, I wonder whether we were in the same batch? :)

tulipspeaks said...

aha.. we have another blogger from "....P...."

me from batch 2000. ahem..neenge geetha?



Abru said...

Excellent snaps. Which Camera?

praveen said...

hey...ithu namme campus la...unfortunately i was unable to view the pics as beta zoomr was takin long to respond...

this campus has wonderful sceneries and i'll try to take some pics too once i get bk my camera....

the 15...used to get visits from the dudes there...lolz

kG said...

Eh chunnye... what college? or is it also part of ur no-school-name policy..??hehe.. anways.. I lurvvee the photos.. How do you do it?!

visithra said...

@ Amu : lol luckily u knew - or id have disownede u ;p

ahem u know am just kms away ;p ennathe stomach burning ;p

@ sophie : yes it is - green rocks ;)

@ Hari : hey long time no see ;) hows u ;)

it is - it was fun times ;)

well its not too far - so whenever i miss the surroundings i drop there ;)

@ Keshi : me too ;) thats my fav shot thanks ;)

yep it does - must be all the running around trees that we dont do ;p heheheh

@ geetha : yayyyyyyyyyyys got a few of us u know - praveen, amu, me and now u - belacan is also one ;)

err err batch 1997 - u

@ amu : yeah theres 4 of us so far - hehehe we're ruling the roost

@ abru :welcome here ;)

thanks :) canon powershot a620

@ Praveen : yeah namme campus eh than ;p zooomr was down i think

dont ya hands itch with not having the cam? One of these gonna go take the cemetry as well ;p

@ Kg : thanks thanks ;) yeah part of the no name thing but someone let out the cat - its the agri one - well sometimes i go alone for photo sessions - so no one to talk to full concentration - n just basking with the subject i guess - n oh lots of looking at other photographs n studying angles ;p

geetha said...

oooh, nice to know.
Me graduated 1999.