Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Somethings Fishy

Sometime back had gone to visit Aquaria KLCC and had quite a good time. Yes my darling Mr cam followed me so as you can see I had loads of fun ;p taking photos!


The main attraction is probably this cylinder like aquarium that holds a huge tree from the Amazons with fish swimming around it. Its actually a pretty sight. It was even better to find snakes lurking around as they were having a snake exhibition as well.


Saw some really colourful ones (hybrid or cloned snakes), a gorgeous tarantula (they're so fascinating), and lizards though I think the pet store at Midvalley has better looking ones not to mention cute puppies and the underwater world at Langkawi has better variety.


Well that was till I saw the unusual fish exhibit at the end of the exhibition. Now those I've never seen so close, though Mr octopus refused to come out.


This alien looking thing did dance for me - or swim - and I stood glued to its glass home staring rudely. Now I know where they get inspiration to draw aliens!


Children were fun the way they gawked at the exhibits or screamed in delight when they got to touch the dead looking starfish or when a fish swam too close the little ones would hold their parents closer.


Oh yes the most famous fishes in the sea have been officially renamed as Nemo and Doreen - Mr clown fish you poor thing - but well you deserve it for not posing for me like Doreen does. See Doreen's still blurly giving me the OH MY GOD look. The kids would reach this aquarium and go NEMo!!! NEMo!!! NEMo!!! Doreen!!! Doreen!!!

There was the ray fish who was so smiley I think it comes from trying to tell me - Nah! Nah you can't catch me! As in in photo - they'd whiz so fast it was nearly impossible to get a shot.

Puffer fishes do look puffed up all the time, maybe they should learn from Mr smiley, they kept staring back rudely - Whatya want?? You looking at me!!! Should have called them the mafia instead.


So it was not bad - not the best but for the fishes I've shown here its worth the time, though did I mention my tickets were free? ;p hehehe

Ok check out the rest of the photos here ;)


Jeevan said...

Wow, wonderful photos. the cylinder like take is very nice, the last fish look like PIg. visith what about the kids, did u do any thing with your eyes and fear the kids, haha.. summa velaiyathuku:)

dfg said...

cool creatures....what is that thing like alien...is that a some kind of prawn........

Maran said...

Waaaah! Your pictures came out better that mine! Good work Visithra.

Give the Puffer fish a break will ya... pity... gas trouble la! :D

My days(Gops) said...

wow, aquarium naaaley oru thani fun thaan..
nice photos yet again....

my fav "Mr.Crocodile" anga illai aaah?

F e r r a r i said...

The snake is gorgeous!!

amitken said...

looks like u had loads of fun being fishy :p

nice pictures!

vishy said...

Nice pics.. I like the colors of those tiny fishes one sees near coral reefs.. and yeah when u say Nemo.. have u seen this movie "Captain Nemo and the underwater city". Saw it on DD years bk.

Kay said...


Me too went to a aquarium here in cincinnati. There is a big Universe under water with millions of species in it..amazing.
Nice pics.

Shiv said...

Kewl pics ViMa...

Keshi said...

some great info and some relaly good pics!

I hate snakes..Im so scared of em...:(


Ghost Particle said...

the alien looking sotong is a chepalopod named nautilus...its where the famous nautilus shell came from and the idea for the golden ratio is though to arise...

More info here;

Jagan said...

Am still hoping u will sponsor me a trip to malaysia ..:-)

visithra said...

@ Jeevan : thanks ;) yep its quite nice - like pig? Hehehe yellow one huh ;p

hehehe nah i was nice one 2 kids got entertained

@ Prakash : yeah cool ones - err i forgot the name - will look it up again - trying to find the name though - couldnt find it - look at gps comment

@ maran : yayyy u made my day ;p thanks ;)) hehehe but they were fast whizzing non stop n staring ;p heheheh

@ mydays : yep thanks ;) no crocs there - theres a croc farm in a nother state - those are huge ;p

@ ferrari : yeah it was ;)

@ Amitken : hehehe yep thanks ;)

@ Vishy : me too ;) love colourful fish and sea horses - sadly there werent any there - heard about that movie havent seen though

@ kay : yayyyy long time no see ;) yep n all beautiful and unsual creatures ;)

@ shiv : thanks ;)

@ keshi : thanks dear ;) u are? Well im fascinated about them ;p

@ Gp : hey thanks a lot was looking for the name ;)

@ Jagan : hehehe well u sponsor me to the us ill sponsor u to msia ;p hehehee

ashok said...

wow wow wooooowwww !!!

SQUID said...

Saya suka ikan!

Me said...


i have heard abt tarantula spider....snake??

Ramya said...

Ouch, slithering creatures!! Aren't there any dogs??? :P

Aravind said...

Wowww..... luvvved those pics...

Thanx visit :) neeenga free ticket la paathuttu, engaLukkum aquarium ore free show kaatitteenga ;)

WA said...

Wow, beautiful

visithra said...

@ Ashok : thanks ;)

@ Squid : err good for u

@ me : thanks was talking about the spider - dont ask me y they had it - but there was one gorgeous fella

@ ramya : nah there werent but i know where there is ;)

@ aravind : thanks ehehhe well that was the point ;)

@ uma : thanks ;)

W said...

Wow.. such beautiful pics.
Are u a professional photographer?
What kind of camera do you use?

visithra said...

w : welcome here ;)

thanks awww no am not ;) just an amatuer - use a canon poweshot A620

BawangMerah said...

Ok, that stupid shark actually scared me. I was on the curve, and the floor escalator turned, I saw that fella coming right at me with the mouth open. Straight away ducked like it was going to eat me :P And I skipped past the the whole insect and snake department. Too geli, eeee. I love the cylinder thing, and also the huge amazon fish. Did you see the huge frog at the side and the huge turtle in the water? Wait I think I blogged about this sometime back... hmmm

visithra said...

Bawangred : ehheh it did?

Hehehe aww that would have been fun to watch ;p

ive got n ugly shot of the amazon fish - u want?? The fish is soooooooo old ;p

me likes insect n snakes ;) yeah weird gal talks fish n football laced with makeup n boys ;p

the huge frog? Nope huge turtle yes but wasnt so huge what did i miss!!!

I think u did or was it sashi?