Friday, April 07, 2006

Off with those nurseries!!!

Do you remember your first day at school? In year one? That's so long ago right? Well I remember mine, mostly just that one incident......

Normally on the first day of school you'd see kids bawling their eyes out and telling their parents not to leave. Me? I was so excited to be at school, I was grinning away and did I mention I chased my mom away, told her to go home, am a big gal now, she's embarrassing me! Talk about independence, I started fast!

Anyway that was me, the gal next to me, now she was a different story altogether. One of those kids, parents dread to have, she bawled our her eyeballs, danced the teary dance on her chair and the further her mother went the louder the voice. There I was, totally oblivious to her looking in front and grinning madly at the blackboard! Yes I've been known to grin the most and laugh the loudest.

Suddenly my grinning was replaced by shock as an object hit my left eye. Now the other thing about me is when I fall, get hit, or you know any injury and am hurting like hell inside, that's when I start laughing assuring everyone I'm ok, when in truth I'm going ouch ouch inside.

Ok, ok back to my story. What hit me you ask?

Well bawling kids mummy dearest decided she was not contending for mummy of the year award, and threw her purse at hollering kid. Unfortunately for her and ME, kid was a bawling genius with matrix moves, she moved in time and blackboard grinning me was hit instead. There was a unison of shocked exclamation and there was I actress of the century assuring all no prob, am ok! No worries! Still grinning away as if in the fear that the moment I stopped, my teeth will come crumbling down and all the kings men will not be able to put it back together. I sang too many nursery rhymes as a kid!

Off with those nurseries!!!

Well later we came to know it did effect my eyesight, and that's why my left eye power is such a huge difference from the right one. THE END.

So anyone has a better first day story ;p


geetha said...

Wow, you've got a good memory there. I don't even remember mine.. *sigh*

tulipspeaks said...

i remember my first day in Darjah 1 Merah.

hmm.. i was sooooooooooo damn exicted with this whole thing about new school, new uniform, new shoes, new books!!! but they were talking in a strange language there..its Bahasa Melayu. I went to a missionary kindergarden and they speak English all the time. I didnt even know Negaraku exist!

ish ish.. so, i had to hunt for a new classmate who can speak in English.. no, next best language for me will be Tamil. Caught a girl (kekekeke) and talked n talked n talked till she said "unnake vaiye valikatha?"

rofl.. and she bcome my best fren for the next 6 years


Sheks said...

i thot this post was something related to plants when i saw the title.

Ramya said...

LOL visit, I don't even remember my day one at play school !

Jeevan said...

Unforgettable day, my first day in school. It was happiest day, because, my brother born on that day, so my aunty leave me in school, while returning form school, I went to see my new born brother.:) Will write a blog about my first day in school, soon.

Ghost Particle said...

OMG! Get a lawyer, you're permanently brain damaged la...i mean eye damaged. We can make tonnes of money out of this. I mean you. There are cases running longer that our age, so we still have a chance...

Gladtomeetin said...

Hey its always nice to recollect our old happenings :-))

But this incident u shouldnt forget !

Aravind said...

epdi ivlo nyapagam vechi irukkeenga?? I dont remember a single incident during my KinderGarten days!!

Shamgar said...

Ahhh... my first day of school We lived in the country and I had to be waiting for the school bus alone the first morning... and I was the first one to get on the bus. The driver looked at me and said "jump up in here, Johnny Jump Up." I was Johnny Jump Up to him for the rest of his life. Years later when I got my first traffic ticket at the age of 17 and he was the traffic court judge he called me "Johnny Jump Up" in court.

But back to the first day. He stopped at the first railroad crossing and the motor on the bus died. He unfastened the emergency shovel and handed it to me and opened the bus door.

"get out and dig a hole"

I asked "why'?

He said. "The motor died, we need a grave to bury it in."

kG said...

eh chunnyeerr... I lorve them greenies. Which area be this undiclosed location be? hehe. Ur photos always rock babe! howd you do it?!

WA said...

OMG that sounds painful. I remember a few incidents from the nursery days, but not necessarily first days though.

rsubras said...

left eye than nalla theriyutha....... so now u are kumari"visthu"? :)

hey sooper memory nu solratha vida, sooper narration...... kalakitte pa

sari me becoming a very infrequent traveller to ur blog.......... athellam kanduka padathu :)

Gusti Adipati said...

I can't recall my first day in standard 1 but i recall my TADIKA KEMAS days. Wow..that was fun.

I had my cousin brother sent me to the first day at kindergarten instead of parents. I will start weeping everytime he went out of sight! Ha ha ha.

Our teacher used to ask us to take a short nap for 1 minute every now and then. Just to keep us quiet but I will sleep through the whole day...wake up for food and go back home! :)

BawangMerah said...

Heh, I would have cried and thrown a huge tantrum :P

My days(Gops) said...

i hav heard from my mom, tht i hate to go schools..very first day in my school i created a big scene....and the teacher asked my mother to take me back home...
nxt day, she sent me school with "Rickshaw"man( my school bus).
PS:- actually, i dun rem'ber wht i did tht day...
he he he

kG said...

heheh. My first day in standard one.. lemme think.. I remember. I knew not one strand of malay and I sat next to a b.itch. gosh. He was such a d.ickwward I wanted to slap him. I did.. eventually..and got in trouble with his grandmother..eek.

Well... that's that la. But I never (s)experienced anything severe. no flying purses no shrieking mothers. Yikes. But I hated.. and lemme repeat..oh soo badly hated my english teacher. she was uberly b.itchy. oh well..

ashok said...

i dont even remember i went to school.. :) lol..

Keshi said...

thats not such a nice thing for a lady to do? And u rem things very well Visithra...nice :)

I rem my first day at Kindy..I cried and cried and cried asking my mum to stay with me...then she left me and I was soooooo lonely and frightened I went and sat in my sis' is 2yrs older than me so I was learning her stuff...for few days...hehe...and then I was fit to go back to my class :)


visithra said...

@ Geetha : lol its a bit hard to forget an injury ;p its not everyday purses fly u know ;p

@ Amu : lol new uniform ;p hehehe i knoww

lol alamak like my cousin sis ;p hehehehe lol rotfl that was so funny - at that age u kena sound hehehehe but i love ppl who talk

@ Sheks : hehehe lol well

@ Ramya : hey play school was far away - ;) but u know flying purses u dont forget them

@Jeevan : awww what a day - definetly unforgettable - do write would love to read ;)

@ Gp : hehehe probably both ;p hehehe we?? Lol oh poor thing they were apologetic for years ;p

@ glad : lol dont think i can forget ;)

@ Aravind : etho konjam konjam iruhkum - i remember a few things from kindergarden as well ;)

@ Shamgar : hows u - u keep going missing u know

aww waht a cool nick Johnny Jump Up ;) wow u have some memory

ehehhe the court must have burst out laughing ;) motor died on the first day?? Wow thats a story u dont forget ;p

@ Kg : lol thanks for the double comment at different comment sections read the reply at the other side ;)

@ Uma : hehehe it was a bit but not so bad - yeah i have this thing for dates even got a story for 9,9,99

@Subra : right eye ;) thanks ;) athe seri nee sohnna seri kandukuleh ;p

@ Gusti : kindie days? Ooh thats stronger memory - hehehe poor cousing - u slept the whole day? Nalla student ;p

@ Bawangred : eheheh me was too jaga maruah ;p

@ Mydays : heheh but mom refreshed ur memory huh ;p - ooh u had a riskshaw mama thats cool

@ Kg : oh ure like amu ;) oh he needed his grandma to rescue him? Hehehe if i ever hated a teacher it would be my addmaths teacher who replaced the teach we all so loved - we were looking for v*oodoo dolls thats how much we hated her ;p

@ ashok : heeheh remember snacks at school?

@ Keshi : pity her actually kid was really bad - somethings others i forget

hehehe awww thats so fun - how come the teachers let ya?

tulipspeaks said...

yea la. pity me. onlty 6+ dah kena sound.. may be tats why i bcome more quiet nowadays


Anonymous said...

Oh me.. I just dont know.. Cant remember a thing althought mom never misses a beat to tell me how I cried that first day!! boy its embarrising when she does that before my friends(read girl friends).. :D so if you really wanna know just ask her. :D

Jagan said...

oh side eye out ah ? nolla kannu ..and is tht the reason u r obsessed abt ur eye pic ? ;-)

Usha said...

So a charmer from those days, I can see. Nice story too and what kind of a mom throws her purse at a small child? I wish you had thrown a bit of tentrum and scared that mother a bit!

Keshi said...

lol teachers had to...cos I was crying so bad..and when I sat next to my sis, I was happy as ever :) Then after 3-4days I felt that I should be with my-age!


visithra said...

Amu : hehehe - humm nah must be ure just talkative with close friends ;)

Anon : so u have a name? Nick would do u know - so i wont get confused n how am to ask ur mom if i dont know who u are? ;p

i love listening to embarrasing stories ;)

Jagan : hummm never thought of it like that - but maybe? Humm heheh nolla kannu irundhalum its a pretty eye ;p

Usha : hehehe more like an actress ;) - thanks - she was scared since there was a group of parents standing outside with a collective ooh background music - so me the ever nice decided to save her - she used to apologise everytime she saw me ;)

Keshi : hehehe they decided one less crying child was better huh? Lol sounds so cute