Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mr Too Nice

Sometimes people are too nice. It isn't wrong but does anyone know of gals dressed to the nine who hide behind cars for no reason?

I don't think so.

Let me explain, April Fool night we were out with a bunch of friends. So after paying the bill a few of us stepped out of the restaurant leaving one of the gals at the counter, she wanted to get sweets. Now one of the owners was sitting next to the place we were standing when we decided to play a trick on sweet buying friend.

We decided to hide behind a car, some distance away and waited for her call. Somehow I kept feeling I should tell the waiter not to inform our friend but at that split second decided not to.

So she walks out and starts blinking as we had vanished you see. She was looking left and right while we were enjoying watching her search for us (I know we're horrible friends). So she's about to call us when Mr Too Nice gets off his long winding phone call and tells my friend excitedly "they're behind the car!!!." "they're behind the car!!!."

What a spoil sport!!!


tulipspeaks said...

acho acho..comedy comedy..

nalla means already start crying..


Known Stranger said...

romba overaa.... you should havee done with out paying the bill. this i had done.

Gladtomeetin said...

Aiyo....Kutaiya kalapitane.... I love to play such pranks and love when my fnds emotinally black mail me saying dont do like this ;-))

anasalwa said...

that is not mr too nice but mr spoiler :))

Usha said...

hahahahha. what an ass, as if he didntknow that it was a prank when you were all hiding and she was looking around!what did he think he was doing, aiding the police in nabbing a bunch of miscreants?? why didn't you use your proverbial heels on his feet!

Aravind said...

ROTFL :)))

visithra said...

@ Amu : hheheh next april fools shall take u out ;)

@ Known stranger : nah theyre nice ppl - just too nice

@ Glad : athe - hehehe me too - my friends got used to it ;)

@ anasalwa : yeah that name would go too ;)

@ usha : actually hes quite nice - we go there often - like i said too nice - heels are only for varmants ;p

@ Aravind : siri siri ;p

BawangMerah said...

Hahahah, I guess he wanted to play along also la. Not always he gets girls hiding behind car right.

WA said...

Hmmmmm, me wondering how old you guys are :D

Nirek said...

Hey dont scold that appaviiii!

Gusti Adipati said...

This story can be told in Virumandi one is at fault from their own perspective!

poor guy, poorer friend of yours, poorest bunch of friends who can't pull it off, thanks to the poor guy helping the poorer gal. HUH??!!! enuf said.

Jeevan said...

kurumbu karra visith.

netajovi said...

haha..i guess sum people jus take things too seriously in time for april fools..had a friend who got so angry wit me for pranking him..hehe!

Ghost Particle said...

thats the april fool karma getting back at ya...

visithra said...

@ Bawangred : hehehe yeah he was so excited

@ uma : hehehe young enough ;)

@ Satu : appavi? Bah not fair we could have tricked her

@ gusti : uve been watching too many movies tsh tsh

lol we did pull it off she took out her phone u know

@ jeevan : hehe thats me

@ netajovi : awww how sad - ive been scolded for april fool before - those ppl need to take a chill pill ;p

@ Gp : bah no such thing ;p

Jagan said...

SO U PPL got bulbified for the aprils fools day :-)) still laughing hard ..and the reason has been mailed to u long back :-)