Monday, April 10, 2006


First of all Amu darling thanks a lot for highlighting my blog - I'm having an awww moment ;) that was so sweet am so touched ;) and everyone else for the sweet words sob sob ;)))

Second - oh do watch Pattiyal - its total fun ;)

ps : I'm on leave tomorrow ;) its a holidayyyyyyyyyyyy here

post continues inside

I love wearing heels, most of the time. But I'm extremely picky with the type I'll wear, so once I find one I'll keep it as long as possible. Unfortunately the heels soles don't last as long as the shoe itself which is a pity. I used to take them to the cobblers since its such a waste to throw a perfectly fine shoe for a missing sole. Now I have a memory problem and said cobblers always rotate their post. Early December I'd given 2 pairs for repair and forgotten about them and they were my fav shoes. By the time I actually remembered it was February and didn't expect the guy to actually have it with him.

Yesterday needn't to repair another pair when I casually asked him if he by any chance kept shoes people don't collect. What do you know he did! So off we went looking for my shoes in this old ice cream box. We actually found the shoes and I was so happy I thought that was the last of my shoes!

Would have taken a shot of him working if he hadn't been happily telling me stories while I was waiting for him. Was just something very unexpected to get back the shoes, he could have sold it off.

Now you know what heels are good for?

Kicking the rascal who thinks rubbing on a stranger is normal. It hurts (sharp pointy ends) and you can always say oh am sorry didn't notice! ;p

whatya say ladies ;)


Ghost Particle said...

woi...perasan...i also got holiday la...and i have to say...your post are getting dangerous by the day. You are inciting hatred towards men (and ghost's). Not fair not fair...just that guys cant kick back and all ceh ceh...yenna ithu. visi..viteku poi nalla tungge, nalaike kalaiyelle yelenthrichi 4 idli saptete go back to sleep. You will feel better...

BawangMerah said...

Wait I thought heels were good for breaking. Hmmm. I wanted to rant, but since the said rascal rubbed and said sorry so, heels kicking and say sorry seems like a fair trade. But what happens if it was a real mistake?

On a side note, i had a toenail ripped out once. On that same day, the said toe was stepped on four times. Poor toe.

Jeevan said...
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Jeevan said...

you are lucky to get your Heels Shoe back. enjoy the holiday visith:)

Usha said...

Ah, new uses for heels. I wish I could use them, I keep tripping on the flattest of shoes that heels have always been a distant dream for me!!But when i see a cockroach somehwere I feel I could use a good shoe with nice heels - hate them so much!

Ramya said...

The feeling of getting back lost stuff - overwhelming

vishy said...

hmm ellarum pinga seruppala adippanga na.. nee pinga seruppa thetchu adikkaporiya.. nalla plan..

Aravind said...

aaah... the spammers are back :((
time to enable word-verification, i guess....

Have a nice holiday :)

Arz000n said...

Ammu is one cutie pie

And congratulations!!!

Keshi said...

Amu's post was an absolute necessity to commend ur great blog and personality Visithra!

Have a good break :)


Shamgar said...

V: don't waste time kicking nasty men with the pointed toes... lift foot and turn about 45 degree angle and jam hard against his shin, heel on one side, toe on other and rake down hard and fast and let all your energy flow into mushing the instep... Spoken as a father who raised two daughters and sent them out into the world of evil men.

Gusti Adipati said...

Cobblers have ethics alright. They do. Seriously. If they can't work on your shoe they will tell you right away. That's a professionalism.

By the way, gals, shoes and heels! A terrible mixture of coffee, cough syrup and chocolate! Yucks. Be a man! one shoe. How we choose heels? between a YES and a NO. That's all. mmmm....i love being a man!

praveen said...

hahahaha....i would gleefully step on that idiots leg

my mom and some of my frens give me the raised eyebrow when i look at high heels cause i'm tall as it is...for me its more of a fashionable item than a tool to disguise the vertically challenged.

tulipspeaks said...

*am000nie shy being called darling.. :P

i likes to wear heels but tell u one secret..i'm practically useless even to attempt walking with heels..espl the tiny tiny one..eppadi ma nadekerathe?


My days(Gops) said...

fav shoes'a eppadi'nga maradheenga?
i mean, favourite'nu therinchum?

Ramya said...

Hey visit,
Happy tamil new yr (in advance). Am nt gonna be around for a while, so wishing early !

Ajay said...

puratchi create panniteenga:)

visithra said...

@ Gp : hehehe well everyone doesnt know u know ;p

nah no hatred towards all men just some ;) err sleep n rest n food theory? Errr hummm

@ Bawangred : he didnt say sorry - i meant i call always step n act as if im wrong without causing a scene n say sorry when actually i want to bite his head off ;)

it wasnt a mistake - u dont deliberately step a person if it was a mistake - he was doing it to a bbunch of ppl numerous times

ouch that must have hurt hows the toe now

visithra said...

@ Jeevan : yeah i was thanks dear ;)

@ Usha : hehehe oh the thing is everyone trips ;) the trick is to regain composure after tripping as fast as possible - n act as if it was just the wind ;p

oh wouldnt smash a cockroach with ma hells - try rolling up newspaper ;p

@ Ramya : i know i was so happy ;)

@ vishy : lol adikurathu vereh kick pahnrathu vereh - totally different thing ;p

@ Aravind : nah theyre always around - dont want to put word veri hate that one

@ arz : she is she is ;) thanks

@ Keshi : awww keshi thats so sweet ;) thanks dear

@ Shamgar : ahh what advice ;) actually thats what we do ;) n ure a wonderful father n friend ;)

visithra said...

@ Gusti : yeah i know n they'll tell u what u should do with it ;)
ahem be a man? Errr y for heavensake? Love being a women i have choice u guys dont ;p

@ Praveen : hey me too on the tall side here ;) n its more of a fashionable item ;)

we did toast the stepping of this leg just so sad he didnt yelp

@ Amu : but u are ;)))

i dont like the tiny ones too - ;p hehhe the trick is to learn how to get bak to composure as fast as possible when u accidently slip ;p

@ Mydays : lol i have a memory prob ;) n was busy having fun that time ;)

@ Ramya : thanks darling ;) Puthandu valzhutukal to you too ;)

@ ajay : enna puratchi? Midhithal midhipadhuvir?

Ghost Particle said...

oh yes forgot...wohooo...i was/ am the first one to comment. :D

Gladtomeetin said...

Hey even am fond of heels and like you, even i forget collecting them...but not like dec to feb ;-))

Nice to know you got them back :-))

BawangMerah said...

Well in that case, then he deserves it la. The toe has healed, considering that happened like two world cups ago. Haiyo that long ready ah, *faints*

On a side note, I hope some blur cases don't end up getting stepped on for the wrong reasons though.

visithra said...

@ Gp : yes u were ;)

@ glad : hehehe i was too busy in dec - there were a few things i missed out n then work got even more busier - was a pleasant surprise to get them back ;)

@ bawangred : wow thats long - nah blur cases we can identify - they dont smirk n discuss with their friends

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