Thursday, April 20, 2006

Little dancing doll

IMG_2282danceHosted on Zooomr

I've been experimenting with taking people shots, have been focused on nature and statics objects for sometime. I like candid shots, hate getting ppl into a line and coaching them to smile.


These are shots of a young dancer. She was wonderful to shoot from the back since as young as she is there was no expression at all.


No smile no reaction, and that to me is one of the most important aspects of dance. But we must remember shes young, hopefully she learns to emote.

Look at these first and later will post how expression makes a difference.

And there will be a post later ;)


Ghost Particle said...

nice snaps...waiting for da postu..

Balajoe said...

Great photos...a short review of the camera that you are using would be great (especially at the time, I am considering to change mine)

Prasanna said...

gr8 snaps.

Ramya said...

Nice pics.. waiting for the post! I still wonder, how u manage to do all this and still blog daily !

Shiv said...

Enna ore pics thaan pola irukku

Jeevan said...

Nice dance.

visithra said...

@ Gp : thanks :)

@ balajoe : thanks - commented the details on ur blog ;)

@ prasanna : thanks ;)

@ Ramya : thanks ;) time management ? ;)

@ shiv : lol was busy ;) had no time write

@ Jeevan : thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

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