Friday, April 28, 2006


Why are periods before vacations so tensed up? Is there like some unsigned agreement that says to have fun though must first suffer?

We need to review that contract!

Its either tonnes of work, tonnes of to do things, to do things list that keeps growing or you're sick!

Like most Malaysians, theres one thing I've been doing for the past week, stocking up on MILO. Yessiree the foreign drink that has become so Malaysian, you miss it everytime you're not in the country.

Ritual deems that the last thing and the first thing one sips is the elixir called MILO.

Hail MILO hail MILo!!!!

Anyone with rituals we should know off?


Balajoe said...

Always do a checklist...because no matter how hard you try to prepare for a vacation, there always something you will forget. For worse case scenario, see the movie Home Alone 1, 2, 3...

Maran said...

I drink Bournvita with pasum pal while in India! Hehe! Taste like Milo. Wish they served it in a bigger cup!

Ramya said...

Hehe, I always feel when I take s'th in excess, I dont need it, and always tend to look for things I thought I wouldnt need at all...

Jeevan said...

i drink only Complain.

BawangMerah said...

Yeahla, you have to pay for all the happiness during vacation. So be tense first than be relax. Instead of being relaxed then being tension :P

I love milo. I just can't have it now as much as I used. The one thing I like to do, is filling up the cup with loads of Milo. Than pouring some ice cold water in. Very little, just 1/10 of the amount of Milo. Then mix it all around. You'll get this thick paste of Milo, with some crunchy bits as some of the Milo can't dissolve. Mmmm yummy. Munch Munch, Slurp Slurp. :) You can also add some coffee for some bitter sweet taste.

Gina said...

I stock up Milo at home coz it was too cheap in Tesco. And usually, it costs about Rm9.50 for a pack of 20. Now, it's only Rm7.50. Something fishy?

praveen said...

hmmm milo...i still dont get y my mom makes that for me everyday for breakfast...i rather have some juice or sumthing...

and another thing, i dont get y i have to have hot tea in the evening when its soo damn hot...i kinda ask these same questions to my mom all the time...but still no answers from her side..grrr

praveen said...
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kG said...
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kG said...

My mom tortures me to drink it each morning, I tell you! It's abuse of my diet.. have you any idea what's in that powdery thang?! Well neither do I. hehe.
anyway. I suggest you check


Ariel said...

Oye kG, Vis is a regular to my blog la!

Ariel said...

I never travel without a small bottle of Johnson & Johnson's baby bath (the blue one).

I use it to bathe daily at home so it's the one smell that reminds me of home when I travel.

Gusti Adipati said...

Milo?!!! Can be substituted with Hot Choc drink. But the 2 things Malaysians can really live without, IMHO, of course if Maggi Mee and Sos Cili Maggi!

It's so difficult to get these things else where!

Gusti Adipati said...

"But the 2 things Malaysians can really live without"
"But the 2 things Malaysians CAN'T really live without"

Gusti Adipati said...


"of course if Maggi Mee and Sos Cili Maggi!"
"of course ARE Maggi Mee and Sos Cili Maggi!"

visithra said...

Balajoe : that i always do ;) but still managed to forget my glasses coz of the unneeded rushing my mom was doing in the morning

hehehehe forgetting kids hehe

Maran : dont like the taste - hehehe kinda like coffee there

ramya : me too always pack more than needed

Jeevan : oohhh ;)

Bawangred : hehehe nice concept

lol ok ure a worse milo addict - i like my milo in liquid form all dissolved but thick ;p

Gina : hehehe milo playing games with u i guess ;p

praveen : ahh then make her change ;p

hehehe tea in the afternoon huh - we used to be forced to drink milk every night - we protested when we were young n mom decided we were too stuborn n stopped forcing us ;p

Kg : all moms do - but i love milo when its cold ;p

heheh ohhh i read that alright ;p

Ariel : heheh i thought he knew ;p

ooohhh - ive got a few things that i take everywhere ;p

Gusti : hot choc is ok but nothing like milo ;p

lol at the repeat comments ;p - maggi n sos chilli i can live without ;p