Monday, April 17, 2006


IMG_1913flowerHosted on Zooomr

The flower's centre is so compact - full - there's a pool of water captured in its confines. Take a look at a larger image. Submitted for Photo Friday


Peter Matthes said...

This is really nice. The water in the center really makes it special.

Maran said...

Welcome to macro photography! :p

WA said...


hari said...

Fabulous. It fill ones heart with spiritual contentment just like the water filled in the flower.

Jeevan said...

Super shot, it is water or honey inside the flower?

Aravind said...

enakku full foto download-ae aaga maatengudhu :(
donno why :(
save panninaa kooda, i get a large black square with just a only a small strip of ur sunflower :(

malinee said...

Hi Visit,

i read ur blog often but never have left u a comment. Just wanted to say that u take beautiful photographs. Wish i had the same talent.

yvy said...

omg, woman!! did u take this??? uber awesome wei!!! must b ur new cam huh? :P

my time will come!!!! eh, have u bought ur own domain yet or not? if u're ready to move to ur own domain, i suggest my web host. :) i told u edi right? ;)

visithra said...

@ Peter Matthes : thanks - it was one of those beautiful things u discover n want to capture ;)

@ Maran : thanks ;)

@ uma : thanks ;)

@ Hari : thanks :) thats a wonderful way to put it ;)

@ jeevan : thanks - its water ;)

@ aravind : humm maybe the server was down then - hopefully its ok later - coz from here it looks ok

@ malinee : welcome here ;)

thanks for leaving a comment now ;) wonderful to know another person - thanks ;) ah practice makes perfect? Im sure u could ;)

@ Yvy : i did! i did! ;) heheheh of course the cam ;p n me ;)

it will it will - u should hint to friends to share n get u an awesome one for ur wedding u know ;) - not yet dear - going of travelling first maybe after i come back maybe not - yep u did - n if i do get one id use them too ;)

yvy said...

hahaha...hint at friends??? paisey lar ;P

Sundar Narayanan said...

engeyooooooooooo poiteenga visithra...