Monday, April 03, 2006

Chill pill to boredom

Sorry I've been missing - posting photos only plus late replies to comments - been a tad bit busy with reports. Though evenings and weekends have been good just haven't been able to write on them. Oh yes the best part is, have gone back to weekends of enjoying with friends which I was sorely missing 2 months back ;)

Spent one evening being "entertained" well that's a wrong word blasted by music sounds better. Good selections of songs if I may add if only the speaker hadn't been so near to us! Then when we refused to budge 3 hours later, they started playing bad songs! Spoil sports!

Nanny Mcphee - oh do watch that its a fun movie, even though it seems like a childrens movie - the first scene is enough to rock u ;) and baby aggy? Well she'll be the reason u'll love the movie ;p

Always tell men 30 mins earlier than the supposed meting time which is normally 30 mins earlier then the supposed plan if you're meeting in a group, if fury of women in love is not present, they will always most definitely turn up late!

Some people define the word boring and probably are more boring then the word itself so, always prepare backup plans if thy does not wish to be bored to death.

When bored, disappear, it might look rude, but hell you'll have fun!

Decision making is an art, when a person cannot make one after an hour, they will still not be able to make decisions after 6 hours!

When women ignore you it is not a signal for you to approach nor their coy way of showing their undying love for you.

When bored find a kid or 2 boys, the entertainment is priceless though abdomen pain from too much laughing is a definite side effect.

Trick to attending engagements or weddings when single - arrive late everyone wants to know why you were late, leave immediately, people can't find you! ;p


ada-paavi!!!! said...

Always tell men 30 mins earlier than the supposed meting time which is normally 30 mins earlier then the supposed plan if you're meeting in a group,

men anticipate tht women ll belate, so they just anticipate and land up late. neen mundrikottai madri seekarama reach pannittu dont blame men!!!

Ramses said...

You;ll have fun if u disappear??
u-oh! tried that...only to get.."hey where did u go/where are u going?or where are u" calls!

abt telling men 30 mins in advance than the meet,most defly ur right.:)...but actually varies from person to person..some are punctual..some are like tehse "attn grabbers" who turn up late..and some genuinely have some reason..

but yeah, intersting how if the same guy is in love, he will spend an hr practiciing his speech, which runs the risk of flopping, a good one hr before at the place tehy are sup to meet.

but of course...informal meeting-a irrundha anyone shd be excused..:P..pavam polachu pogatum:)

Ramya said...

Oh yeah at times a cashewnut brain leads to problems of this sort... :P

My days(Gops) said...

bore adicha disappear aaganuma? adhu enga'nu therincha bore ey adikaadhey?

decision making is an art :- so, it takes time to cum out well

@30mins to men=> pasanga velia kilambi varadhuku munnadi, evalavu problems solve panna vendi irruku..
(it depends on every men)

wedding or engagement ku late pogalaam...but w/out eating cuming out saami kuthaama aagidumey?
wht to do?

vishy said...

pathu ma.. wedding/engagement lateaah poren nu sollitu.. itha policy aah unnoda wedding/engagement la yum folllow pannidathe...

btw BF adutha vati straight aah vetula vandhu pick up panna sollu.. that way you wont feel you are waiting for him...

Eclectic Blogger said...

i follow the last one almost always1

Keshi said...

Decision making is indeed an art and one has to have it naturally. Some ppl take days to decide on simple things and it really makes me puke.


Gusti Adipati said...

men are always at fault.
Come late, come early, eat too little, too much, too dressed up, dressed down, talk too much, too little, laughs out loud....go on..keep complaining. The world can't be reproduced with a bunch of L**bians though.

Poor guys.... thankfully there in an option of being like Brokeback Mountain. He he he.


Yaarukaagae? Ithu yaarekaage!

Ghost Particle said...

men late....bah...we have bigger purpose in life to settle...30 minutes give or take stuck in traffic...yenna ithu guy takes two to open a durian blame you girls also...

wedding uh..apply to girls only I guess.

visithra said...

@ Vatsan: bah yeah right ;) lol oh so ure telling me i shouldnt have gone early? Tsh tsh men

@ Ramses : hehehe i rather the qs then be bored ;)

lol normally they arent punctual n when ure late that one time ull never hear the end of it ;p men i tell ya
Lol the love thing thats only in the innitial stages ;p n then they blame women!

Polachi pogurathu iruhkathum - aprohm nah enna ehludurathu ;p

@ ramya : heheheh nah not so bad but heheh that was funny

@ Mydays : hummm sohna boreh adikuravangehlum vahruvangehle ;p

see small decisionkum if u take too long - ulll end up not doing it

enna problems? Entha shirt goes with which pants?

No eating time no one will talk so u can eat but dont linger after that ;p

@ Vishy : hey my wedding if i did that still works for me - im the queen of the day u see ;p

bf ah? Was generally talking about a bunch of friends - so was not based on one guy ;)

@ Bloggie : hehehe clever u

@ Keshi : oh god dont remind me - n some ppl cant even decide on what they want to do - usually i just decide for them

@ Gusti : err that sounds like men complaining about women? Humm errrr never heard of the saying cant live with them nor without them ?;p
Options of being gay? Hummm hummmm humm

err for ur dearie ok but u could have started earlier - n whats the coming late when with friends? Yaarukagee!!! Ithulam yaaaru kagee??? ;p

@ Gp : n women dont have a purpose??? Enna ithu - make sense ppl - err durian? Hehehe blame us for coming early?

Nah works for boys too ;) dont want to escape the aunty who keeps asking when ure gonna marry? ;p

BawangMerah said...

When I'm bored, I eat. 30 minutes tu standard la lambat.

Have to adjust hair all,
pick the right gel,
pick the right comb,
then check whether the date correct or not on the swimsuit calendar,
stare at the model for a while,
then chat with friend about last weekends match,
pick the right shoe if applicable,
entertain the gf for a while with probing questions of who we're going out with,
must smoke first,
then must go isi petrol,
and then get stuck in traffic jam.

It's a wonder we can fit all that in 30 minutes :) You have to bear in mind that, there is only one comb and gel, it's just that we need to go rummage from housemates almari for it. By shoes I mean all the shoes at at the front porch regardless of owners muahahah.

Ghost Particle said...

huh! u get the auntie moments too ah...i get it all the time that i wish i dont want relatives coming home la...oh god it's so embarasing...sigh...

I can decide most of the time what to buy la...there is always the blue shirt, and the black shirt, and the blue shirt and the black shirt...thats why mom buys my deepavali shirts...

okay okay, girls have purpose too, have to connect them to why ppl make tamil serials...and also in general to torture innocent guys.

Keshi said...

hehe good that u r there for them :) or else they might pass out trying to make a decision...


Keshi said...

hehe good that u r there for them :) or else they might pass out trying to make a decision...


visithra said...

Bawangmerah : hehehe that was freaking hillarious ;p adada - hehehe rummage housemates cupboard huh? Hehehehe waste pasange

stare at the model for a while, - lol hehehe

Gp : everyone does ;) tis like the single years curse

she buys the shirts?? Mom got good taste? Oh well most women do ;p hehe

lol serials were made for aunties not gals ;p theres a huge age difference - but torturing can be done ;)

Keshi : theres like 2 batches of ppl 1 can n one cant decide - sighh