Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I seem to be facing glitches with blogger since yesterday, can't seem to access the create post page. Hummm its very sad you know tsh tsh. I can access the blog and all but can't post - whuaaaaaaaaaa - anyway here's a story and a tag ;) via email for the first time.

Ah the life!

The thing about exs is its weird - period. Doesn't even need to be your own, a friends will do, and the next thing you know you're bolting for the exit after making a 360 degree turn. How small can KL get! Grrr 

Ah and what a week it was - one of the clubs we had gone to was visited by M*sia V*asudevans son Y*ugen who ended up belting a string of songs to entertain us. What good taste, besides the voice and the boy can dance but that wasn't the wonder of the day.

So on one hand there's no where to hide in KL and on the other hand you get free concerts ;)

Mr All Time Friendly title should be bestowed on my friend , everyone seems to know him, including said singer and some local ones but that wasn't even the best part. 

Friend dearest actually got a club that just closed to open just for us and would you believe they played Indian music in a s*alsa club? The best part was we had the dance floor all too ourselves - no one else, just our group of friends and poor dj, we kept bugging him to play what we wanted. Poor thing had to shift through his endless collection

Aravind tagged me ;)

What kinda power(s) would you choose, if you could undergo bad-ass mutations? You can mention a maximum of 3 powers you'd like. And try to be imaginative... We don't want another Nightcrawler or Mystique! Tag 4 more people.

Humm my classmates used to be crazy about Xmen and I'm a fan of Superman - so shall conjure up spells i mean powers.

Powers I would want:

1. Able to pop anywhere I want with any number of people - no flying for me the airs too filthy - I wanna be in Venice for breakfast - India for lunch - New York to party!

2. Able to scan for liars and cheaters - will combine powers of popping and pop them into jails or mental asylums ;p

3. Power of music - personal performance by any singer at any time that I wish for it ;)

Ah the tagging part well decided not to tag anyone ;) as always


Ghost Particle said...

ahhhhhhhhh.....hahahahaha/////im da first one....bla.bla.bla....

The difference between a concave and convex mirror is....ler...ask ur teacher la...stop bugging me...

So tag nice, ur email post worked, nice. Whats new?

Oh oh...u went blubing and they opened up till wee morning coz the Yugen dude knows Msvasudevan and u play and danced at a place in kl called 360? Or did i get all this wrong>?

Jeevan said...

i also cant post a blog, on monday. nice tage i like the 1st one.

Prasanna said...

it happened to me last week. Whenever i tried to open the administrator page, or comments popup, it gave me an error. Kind of irritating when it prolongs and happens frequently.

My days(Gops) said...

mmm.salsa club ellam poreenga..koduthu vachavanga'pa neenga ellam....
enga ooorla inga samosa club'thaan irruku..anga poi samsa thaan saapida ellam aada mudiaadhu....

@ scan for liars and cheaters -
(indha dialogues'a girls change pannavey maateengala?)

why too much angry on such peoples? adhuvum jail & mental asylum'ku anupura alavukku?

GratisGab said...

i wish i had the power to get my little one to sleep thru the night....

simple pleasures we miss the most!

Aravind said...

kalakkal powers, ponga!!

>>no flying for me the airs too filthy - I wanna be in Venice for breakfast - India for lunch - New York to party!

Loved this one!!

Keshi said...

some unique powers there :)


Gusti Adipati said...

I love GAMBIT from X-MEN the cartoon. Too bad they didn't give him the life he deserves on big screen. He is the ultimate coolest guy ever! and SUPERMAN IS my favourite superhero...apart from Freakazoid, Mucha Lucha, Dexter and probably Homer Simpson.

Powers I would want???

1) Reform my country within 1 day (sounds like Vijaykanth though)
2) Ability to establish Democracy beyond stage show and national campaign
3) Communicate with anyone aroudn the world telepathically with emoticons! U know how much of my phonebill it will save!

visithra said...

@ Gp : yayyyyyyyyyyyy

lol what teacher? ;p

been posting via email only sad sad - lol

@ jeevan : humm i still cant donno y - thanks

@ Prasanna : humm im still getting it - maybe some prob

@ Mydays : ehehe well at least friends kudah iruhkingehleh ;p

lol antha maari neriya per iruhkangeh athan ;p

@ Gabby : hehehe aww i think all mommies would want that one ;)

@ Aravind : danks danks ;p

hehehe me too ;) sorry couldnt link posting through email still

@ Keshi : hehe well was told to be different ;)

@ Gusti : eheh man y classmates were so crazy about them - but i liked wolverine n storm

who doesnt like homer ;p

exactly like vijayakanth ;p lol with emoticons? Hehehehe thats a good one - high phonebill? Humm yaaru yaaru ;p