Thursday, April 13, 2006

Blaze a Brilliant Blue

3 photos that have no connection but I seem to see one. Anywhere there is a story.

May the New Year bring innocent joy like his smile.
The year awaits to blossom in colours of life so fragile yet strong like this lotus bud where the skies blaze a brilliant blue laced with cotton candy dreams of a frontier of opportunity

Wishing everyone Inniya Puthandu Vazhtukal. Happy Vaisaki and Good Friday wishes.

Can one get sick one week after getting wet in a drizzle? Well would seem so, screen keeps blurring from my vision after the hammer refuses to stop its thillana on my skull. That I can take but its the flu now that is killing me! So might only see you'll after the weekend.

Do have one question before that : which came first the egg or the chicken? Lets see who has the most creative answer. Winner will be decided by everyone.

Now this kid silently came and sat next to me at a temple and people kept pushing him to the back. Now you know how I like kids and their love for me ;p we became friends when I got him to sit infront of me and when I flipped out the cam to take his photo and the dancing gal - he got excited and decided I was his best friend. It seems he told his mum he won't go back without bidding adieu to me ;) awwwww cute isn't he. So this ones my latest boyfriend ;)

The lotus plant seems to attract visitors, even though its sitting on the top floor majestically ruling over its kingdom that covers the river in front of my house and those menacing highway trucks. Well that's what I assume it thinks, everytime I get home I see it peeking from under the shade of its leaves as if it owned the place. Check out the rest of the peeking shots inside.


One of those car shots, had just parked and what would you know the sky was a beautiful blue with cotton candy clouds.


hari said...

Hi Visit,

I got a rare chance to be first to comment in this ever crowded blog of yours.

A very Happy New Year to you too and that picture of Lotus from a very rare angle speaks volumes of your artistic intellectual in you.

Jeevan said...

Yes visith your boy friend is very cute. Watching the Sky and Sea gives good feel. Wish you and your family Happy Tamil New Year.

Ghost Particle said...

Happy new year Visi.

ashok said...

Visituu...எனது இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள்!!!

My days(Gops) said...

"Camera Kanni"=> whrevr u go, the network(camera) follows aah?
all ur photos are really nice..
(its tempting me to buy a camera)

btw, wishing u a "happy tamil new year"
இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துகள்"

dfg said...

eniya puthandu walthukal.....and happy easter as welll.
all 3 pictures ....great..
specially ur u carry your camera every where like me...different is i dont take pics my camera stays inside my car boot...too lazyyy

Neha said...

enakku pottiya no of crushes irukkaradhu ungalukku dhaan visit :)

BawangMerah said...

May you have a very happy and wonderful new year, not only for tomorrow but also for the entire year. I was going to say, forever but let's not get gready no ;)

Ps. Haven't read your post. Too sleepy. Read later la ok ;)

ashok said...

visitu...pls remove wishes for 'good friday'..its actually a day of mourning for Christians.

Balajoe said...

Which came first the egg or the chicken? I have to say "chicken" otherwise we can't call the egg "chicken egg" (the word chicken is in front of the word egg..ha ha).

BTW Happy New Year, the "rasi" for me this year seems to be better than last year, so let's see how it holds.

Aravind said...

ungalukkum unga boy friend-kkum iniya thamizh puthaandhu nal vaazhthukkal :)

tulipspeaks said...

Tamil Putandu Vazhtukal


Harish said...

There's a joke i received that'd answer ur kostin :)

So this Egg and this Chicken are going at it pretty fast and furious in bed and suddenly the chicken groans, rolls over and lights up a ciggy, looking very content.
The egg rolls to the other side and says "Well, that answers that question".

Sweet Tamil Jump Over Flower Good Wishes to u too :)

praveen said...

arrrghhh..that question...can i be exempted

happy new year,dear

praveen said...

arrrghhh..that question...can i be exempted

happy new year,dear

Eclectic Blogger said...

appe neu ear!

JINI said...


Im really curious.
Im thinking of starting a hobby on digital pictures and I was wondering if I could get some tips from you.
Mainly on the type of camera to purchase.
Care to share?


Me said...

visit iniya puthaandu vazthukkal... :)

tt_giant said...

Happy new year!

BawangMerah said...

Damn I hate flu. Sit and home and eat lots of chicken soup, sure ok one :P

Speaking of chicken. The chicken came from the egg, which btw way came from the chicken, which incidentally came from the egg. We can go on for hours. In the end, we'll end up with chicken omelette and egg briyani. All jumbled up.

If you ask me, the egg came first. You see the first chicken egg was a duck's egg. Some duck had an affair with a kiwi bird la. So when the eggs were born, she saw one egg look different only, so she left the egg in the farmer's house. The farmer wife thinking it was a stray egg left it in the sunlight which eventually after some heating up became the chicken. That's why chicken's can't fly like ducks, but can still jump around :P

Now my question to you, where did the male chicken come from. Because if the first chicken was male, then sure no chickens nowadays.

Oh yeah, and the last picture should be named road to heaven. Notice the road at the left.

dfg said...

iniya puthandu walthukal...

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hi Visit,
Happy new year! Egg or chicken... :)) Intha velayatukku naa varala ;)

R. Balaji said...

Iniya Puthaandu Vaazhthukal.

Gusti Adipati said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gusti Adipati said...

Egg or Chicken first?
I'm not sure but thanks to human evolution that didn't realise they can eat both at the first sight of it. Else, we wouldn't have another chicken or egg. Got it?

And yea happy easter, new year, vaisakhi, vishu, slightly-off-the-date Maulidur Rasul.

visithra said...

@ Hari : awww its actually rare to be first in most blogs ;)

thanks same to u - couldnt wish earlier it was a sick one for me - aww thanks that made my day ;)

@ Jeevan : hehe yes it does - thanks and same to u ;)

@ gp : thanks and same to u ;)

@ Ashok : thanks and same to u ;)

@ Mydays : its like my third eye ;) records whatever i like - its small enough to carry in a handbag ;)
thanks and same to u ;)

@ Prakash : thanks and same to u ;)

i carry it everywhere actually ;) BF was adorable ;p

leaving it inside the booth? If im not mistaken thas a bad place to leave a cam

@ Neha : hehehe my kiddos? Hehe maybe

@ Bawangred : lol i dont get forever? Heheh thanks and same to u ;)

@ Ashok : thanks for the info - will remove later

@ Balajoe : hehehe adada good one

thanks and same to u ;) havent even peeked into that - was busy being sick

@ Aravind : me n my bf thank u and wish u the same ;p hehehe

@ Amu : thanks and same to u ;)

@ Harish : lol rotfl u really had me laughing

Lol at the wish thanks dear and same to u

@ Praveen : hhe sure ;) thanks and same to u ;)

@ Bloggie : long time no see ;) thanks and same to u ;)

visithra said...

@ jini : welcome here ;)
Well depends on whether u want to learn or not learn how to use a cam - if u want to learn get a full manual cam plus auto - or if its just for fun get a semi manual cam - which means u can control some of the settings not all

then theres the budget - budget will determine how much zoom u get n in what reso - most of all try out the cameras uve selected and get which one u prefer

i was aiming between a canon powershot a620 and panasonic lumiz fz5 - though fz5 had 12 zoom and was in the same price range - i prefered the a620 one of the reasons the twistable screen - i can get the best shots in the weirdest angles this way

if ure looking at a higher range - u could go for the nikon d70 - delicious camera

@ Me : thanks and same to u ;)

@ Ttg : thanks and same to u ;)

@ bawangred : tell me about it - ive been sniffing away so much im just worried the nose is gonna abscond n never return

the jumbled up combo doesnt sound so bad ;p

Hehehe adada so creative did u read harish's answer ;p heheh that was funny too

one of the female chicks decided to roo like a rooster?

Probably should ;) nice title ;)

@ Prakash : thanks for the double wishes ;)

@ Ponnarasi : thanks and same to u ;) hehehe awww u should u know

@ Rbalaji : thanks and same to u ;)

@ Gusti : hehe apdhikudah iruhka?

Lol yeah wishes for everything n thanks ;)

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