Saturday, April 29, 2006


So I'll be leaving soon - won't be near a pc. Check out my zooomr account for photos - have uloaded a bunch - still using post by email - sadly

You guys take care, be nice, be safe and the ones who are free better make it to the BM

And yes the May babies who I'll miss posting seperate wishes are

Awakening coma on May 1st

Usha and Still Figuring out - on May 6th

Veejay and Chikuado on May 12

and Gladtomeetin on May 15

happy Birthday Everyone and wishing all the best

the BM post gets a repeat below as won't be posting till I come back ;)

14th May BM

After a serious of long hushed discussions, deliberation and what not else we have come to a conclusion on the date, time and place for the Bloggers Meet (BM) in Chennai.

Date : 14th May 2006 (its a Sunday where the Sun comes out and dances)

Time : 4pm @ 1600 hrs

Place : Landmark, City Centre, Radha Krishnan Road, Chennai

We shall proceed to the beach later, we you see crave for bhajjis.

As I shall not be around a computer while I'm travelling nor possess a local number, please contact Vatsan at
sm.vatsan[@] and cc to me visithra[@]

He will provide a contact number so as to eliminate possibilities of lost individual.

Well hope to see you guys soon, if you're free do turn up.

Oh and yes do invite everyone ;)


Sheks said...

to eliminate possiblities of lost individuals,include my mail id too.i can help with bus routes from any corner of the city.

My days(Gops) said...

nalla padi'aah poitu vaanga....

Jeevan said...

Varukka Varukka endru veaieeludan varaverkeran:)

tulipspeaks said...


i'm coming back and u r leaving? :(


tulipspeaks said...


i'm coming back and u r leaving? :(


Usha said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww...ooruku kelambara avasarathilayum , you don't forget to are awesome girl and thanks a lot. give me a call and i'll call you back.

Keshi said...

where u off to Visithra?


BawangMerah said...

Oooi, have a nice trip. Make everyone happy like you always seem to be doing, and take lots of photos :) And hopefully the reasons for your long trip is achieved :)

anjali* said...

Have a safe trip! And enjoy yourself loads and silly! :)

Gladtomeetin said...

Hi Dear...Thanks a lot for the advance wishes...

You too have a wonderful trip n njoiii the fullest :-))

Take Care!
Bye !

Balaji S Rajan said...

Oh......god...I am here after long time. Wish I was there in Chennai. Have fun and nice time.

Ginkgo said...

madras aa...dhool...enzoy...

Letz see....If I get to be ther in Chennai , but that will be June if ithappens..letz see if ther is a possibility

have fun in the meantime :-)

sukhanya said...

Hey visits.. thanks a lot for ur bday wishes..( i knw it was months ago) n i hv nt been visitn blogs for long time nw..

will catch up with u.. nice to know u guys are all meetin up for some fun..


Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hi Visit,
Have a safe trip!

Me said...

enna visit...bloggers meet eppadi irundhadhu?

visithra said...

Thanks everyone for the wishes n comments ;)