Wednesday, April 19, 2006

agent I-C-ALL

oh my god what's that - help help!!


I cannot take it anymore!

Reporter at the scene agent I-C-ALL reports :

It was another usual day or so they thought, before the incidents of that day shocked the nation and its residents.


Was it the hyper active kid who jumped into the camera, or danced her way around town?


Or was it the boy that jumped at the camera going peekaboo!


Strange but true - yessiree people there are things going on and tune in to this station if you want to know the truth!

The TRUTH is out there! And we have it!

Disclaimer : no animal was hurt in the production of this news.

Both suspected culprits are cousins - shocked residents are annonymous strangers but totally cute.


praveen said... first..hey kewl pics yaar...the girl with the pink and white lehenga is cute...ur cousin issit??

Ramya said...

Who are these lovely kids?? I'm a close second to comment... yaay ! :p

Jeevan said...

beautiful kids, that small girl dance so sweet. my fav post visith:)

Art said...

so cute :)

R. Balaji said...

The dancer is great. Sweet. The series is nicely put together.

Ghost Particle said...

u seriously have to stop bugging those kids visi...nowaydays theyre very smart...they might sue you for royalties...

Nice shots...

visithra said...

@ Praveen : yayyyyyyyyyyyyy ure first ;)

thanks ;) thats a pavadai ;) yep one of my cousins - real naughty but adorable ;)

@ Ramya : yayyyyyyyyyyyy ure second ;)

the last 2 r my cousins ;) though the last one is not a kid ;p

@ Jeevan : aawww glad u like them ;)

@ Art : they are arent they ;)

@ rbalaji : thanks ;) she is ;)

@ Gp : lol u jealous one ;) huh they like me ;) nah they love being photographed