Thursday, April 27, 2006

14th May BM

After a serious of long hushed discussions, deliberation and what not else we have come to a conclusion on the date, time and place for the Bloggers Meet (BM) in Chennai.

Date : 14th May 2006 (its a Sunday where the Sun comes out and dances)

Time : 4pm @ 1600 hrs

Place : Outside Landmark, City Centre, Radha Krishnan Road, Chennai

We shall proceed to the beach later, we you see crave for bhajjis. ;p

As I shall not be around a computer while I'm travelling nor possess a local number, please contact Vatsan at
sm.vatsan[@] and visithra[@]

He will provide a contact number so as to eliminate possibilities of lost individulges.

Well hope to see you guys soon, if you're free do turn up.

Oh and yes do invite everyone ;)


Shiv said...

So u r here soon aa
welcome welcome

ada-paavi!!!! said...

no comments on mappalai parthufying? cha me disappointed:(

Kaps said...

any chances of making it a virtual meet?

jen said...


First time visitor, very interesting blog u hv, kept me hooked for hours reading. All I can say is u should be one lucky gal to hv so much life experience in such a young age.

sophie said...

visitra...any good news

My days(Gops) said...

am i invited?
so u guys gonna hav a gr8 time on 14th may.....hmmm...
anyhw, i'm gonna miss a nice BM..
update us with full story (A to Z) ok va visith?

Jeevan said...

Don't forget to meet me Visith:)

anjali* said...

I jealous!

Think of me when you are munching away on the bhajjis...;)

Aravind said...

sooper... me will be there ;)
looking forward to it :)

Ramya said...

Am sure all of you will have a rocking time. I have my exams beginning the very sunday! yes, exam on sundays even! :(
Have fun anyways. Will try to catch up with the post...

Gladtomeetin said...

Oops...I am gonna miss the BM :-((
Anyway u guys have a Rocking time...

And hey visi, Happy Journey dear :-))

Keshi said...

whoaaa I feel Im the only one who hasnt gone to a blogger meet ever :(


Neha said...

vaanga vaanga...

visithra said...

@Shiv : thanks ;) see u soon ;)

@ Ada-paavi : actually we're gonna look for a ponnu for u ;)

@ kaps : not sure - will check with vatsan

@ jen : welcome here ;)

thats nice to know - thanks for leaving a name - come often - once im back ;)

@ sophie : lol nothing like that ;)

@ mydays : well cant give u a plane ticket ;p

will update once i get back ;) or ull hear before that from the rest ;)

@ jeevan : definetly just email me ur contact number and address ;)

@ anjali : hehehe says the women whose travelling soon as well? Bah! Hehehe i shall i shall ;) might even take photos just for u ;p

@ aravind : good to know ;) see u soon ;)

@ ramya : exam on sunday? Awww pass me ur contact will ya - by email - maybe ill come c u if im nearby ;)

@ glad : another time we'll meet ok ;) thanks darling

@ keshi : that can be solved with u turning up here or me n amu turning up there ;p

soon soon ;)

@ neha : important point r u coming? ;)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

i am too young aunty, wen i am old enuf and looking i will tell u, u can have the pleasure of doin mami velai for me;)

ippodikku others are in greater need of ur serivces offer it to them :P

Prabu Karthik said...

Blog ulagin puratchi thalaivi "visith" avargalai chennai ku 'varuga
varuga' endru varaverpadhil perumagizhchi adaigiren


visithra said...

adapaavi - nonsense naan vahrukum maami vehlai no doing ;p

pk : rombeh vatsan kudah mix pahnringeh ;p

Anonymous said...

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