Saturday, April 29, 2006


So I'll be leaving soon - won't be near a pc. Check out my zooomr account for photos - have uloaded a bunch - still using post by email - sadly

You guys take care, be nice, be safe and the ones who are free better make it to the BM

And yes the May babies who I'll miss posting seperate wishes are

Awakening coma on May 1st

Usha and Still Figuring out - on May 6th

Veejay and Chikuado on May 12

and Gladtomeetin on May 15

happy Birthday Everyone and wishing all the best

the BM post gets a repeat below as won't be posting till I come back ;)

14th May BM

After a serious of long hushed discussions, deliberation and what not else we have come to a conclusion on the date, time and place for the Bloggers Meet (BM) in Chennai.

Date : 14th May 2006 (its a Sunday where the Sun comes out and dances)

Time : 4pm @ 1600 hrs

Place : Landmark, City Centre, Radha Krishnan Road, Chennai

We shall proceed to the beach later, we you see crave for bhajjis.

As I shall not be around a computer while I'm travelling nor possess a local number, please contact Vatsan at
sm.vatsan[@] and cc to me visithra[@]

He will provide a contact number so as to eliminate possibilities of lost individual.

Well hope to see you guys soon, if you're free do turn up.

Oh and yes do invite everyone ;)

Friday, April 28, 2006


Why are periods before vacations so tensed up? Is there like some unsigned agreement that says to have fun though must first suffer?

We need to review that contract!

Its either tonnes of work, tonnes of to do things, to do things list that keeps growing or you're sick!

Like most Malaysians, theres one thing I've been doing for the past week, stocking up on MILO. Yessiree the foreign drink that has become so Malaysian, you miss it everytime you're not in the country.

Ritual deems that the last thing and the first thing one sips is the elixir called MILO.

Hail MILO hail MILo!!!!

Anyone with rituals we should know off?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

14th May BM

After a serious of long hushed discussions, deliberation and what not else we have come to a conclusion on the date, time and place for the Bloggers Meet (BM) in Chennai.

Date : 14th May 2006 (its a Sunday where the Sun comes out and dances)

Time : 4pm @ 1600 hrs

Place : Outside Landmark, City Centre, Radha Krishnan Road, Chennai

We shall proceed to the beach later, we you see crave for bhajjis. ;p

As I shall not be around a computer while I'm travelling nor possess a local number, please contact Vatsan at
sm.vatsan[@] and visithra[@]

He will provide a contact number so as to eliminate possibilities of lost individulges.

Well hope to see you guys soon, if you're free do turn up.

Oh and yes do invite everyone ;)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I seem to be facing glitches with blogger since yesterday, can't seem to access the create post page. Hummm its very sad you know tsh tsh. I can access the blog and all but can't post - whuaaaaaaaaaa - anyway here's a story and a tag ;) via email for the first time.

Ah the life!

The thing about exs is its weird - period. Doesn't even need to be your own, a friends will do, and the next thing you know you're bolting for the exit after making a 360 degree turn. How small can KL get! Grrr 

Ah and what a week it was - one of the clubs we had gone to was visited by M*sia V*asudevans son Y*ugen who ended up belting a string of songs to entertain us. What good taste, besides the voice and the boy can dance but that wasn't the wonder of the day.

So on one hand there's no where to hide in KL and on the other hand you get free concerts ;)

Mr All Time Friendly title should be bestowed on my friend , everyone seems to know him, including said singer and some local ones but that wasn't even the best part. 

Friend dearest actually got a club that just closed to open just for us and would you believe they played Indian music in a s*alsa club? The best part was we had the dance floor all too ourselves - no one else, just our group of friends and poor dj, we kept bugging him to play what we wanted. Poor thing had to shift through his endless collection

Aravind tagged me ;)

What kinda power(s) would you choose, if you could undergo bad-ass mutations? You can mention a maximum of 3 powers you'd like. And try to be imaginative... We don't want another Nightcrawler or Mystique! Tag 4 more people.

Humm my classmates used to be crazy about Xmen and I'm a fan of Superman - so shall conjure up spells i mean powers.

Powers I would want:

1. Able to pop anywhere I want with any number of people - no flying for me the airs too filthy - I wanna be in Venice for breakfast - India for lunch - New York to party!

2. Able to scan for liars and cheaters - will combine powers of popping and pop them into jails or mental asylums ;p

3. Power of music - personal performance by any singer at any time that I wish for it ;)

Ah the tagging part well decided not to tag anyone ;) as always

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


IMG_2364sunset1Hosted on Zooomr

Friday evening stepped out of the office and drove out to find this gorgeous sunset forming. Not being able to resist its briliant colours - I stopped at the side of the road to capture it though I was late for a meet with friends.

Submitted for PhotoFriday

Monday, April 24, 2006

Lost soul

You often hear cases of death by neglience or receiving medical treatment too late - but when it happens at a medical university - you shudder to think what those professers and deans were up to!

A student is dead, is life so cheap that a lost life is just another day?

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Glam rocker

U know what i dont like about blogthings - its addictive ;p Some of it are quite true though - just a few mismatches.

You Are a Glam Rocker!

You put the "show" in rock show with your larger than life self.
No doubt, you are all about making good music...
But what really gets you going is having an over the top show.
Glitter, costumes, and wild hair are your thing - with some rock thrown in!

You Should Be a Film Writer

You don't just create compelling stories, you see them as clearly as a movie in your mind.
You have a knack for details and dialogue. You can really make a character come to life.
Chances are, you enjoy creating all types of stories. The joy is in the storytelling.
And nothing would please you more than millions of people seeing your story on the big screen!

This one nearly got everything right - some are way off though ;)

Your Life Path Number is 5

Your purpose in life is to life freely and collect experiences.

You love life - new adventures, new people, new ideas.
You are very curious, and you crave novelty in all forms.
You tend to make friends easily, and you enjoy the company of all types of people.

In love, you are fun and even a bit intoxicating. But you won't stick around for long.

You are impulsive and spontaneous - which sometimes leads you to do things you regret.
Sometimes you can be overindulgent with food, sex, or drugs.
You have many talents, so many that you are often scattered and unfocused.

Your Eyes Should Be Hazel

Your eyes reflect: Intellect and sensuality

What's hidden behind your eyes: Subtle manipulation

Don't know about the seducing but it sure matches the personality part.

Your Seduction Style: Au Natural

You rank up there with your seduction skills, though you might not know it.
That's because you're a natural at seduction. You don't realize your power!
The root of your natural seduction power: your innocence and optimism.

You're the type of person who happily plays around and creates a unique little world.
Little do you know that your personal paradise is so appealing that it sucks people in.
You find joy in everything - so is it any surprise that people find joy in you?

You bring back the inner child in everyone you meet with your sincere and spontaneous ways.
Your childlike (but not childish) behavior also inspires others to care for you.
As a result, those who you befriend and date tend to be incredibly loyal to you.

You Are Somewhat Machiavellian

You're not going to mow over everyone to get ahead...
But you're also powerful enough to make things happen for yourself.
You understand how the world works, even when it's an ugly place.
You just don't get ugly yourself - unless you have to!

You Are 52% Open Minded

You are a very open minded person, but you're also well grounded.
Tolerant and flexible, you appreciate most lifestyles and viewpoints.
But you also know where you stand firm, and you can draw that line.
You're open to considering every possibility - but in the end, you stand true to yourself.

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Very popular, one of you is not enough.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Cheesy moon

Why isn't the moon made of cheese? And why did the cow jump over the moon?

Creative answers please ;) and no cheese can't rot in space - there's no oxygen ;)

ps : 9 hours of meetings does wonders to the brain ;)

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Ah movies, they're wonderful aren't they. But watching it at home is quite different from at the theater especially for a movie lover like me. Nothing compares to dark cinema halls, huge screens and vibrating sound systems.

KL used to have lots of old cinemas. However they gradually lost their luster as most never got refurbished and had to gave way to the sleek cineplex's that now dot the Klang valley. Though these cineplexs can be vouched for the rebirth of movie watching in Malaysia, not all of the old cinemas lost out to time.

That's where the Coliseum comes. Built in 1920, this was the cinema that has seen Sivaji, Mgr, Rajini, Kamal and now Surya blaze through the screens of an ever a famous theater.


Everyone has a story to tell about the Coliseum. Well when your grandma watched movies here in her days as a young lass, you'll never be short of stories. Anyway lets leave grandma out of this, we'll talk about my movie experience.

This place is extra special to me as this was where I watched my first movie and the only place I've watched a movie in Malaysia with the whole family. Somehow my parent's don't like the theaters, luckily their kids watch enough for both of them.

I still remember going there for the first time, a ten/ nine year old, arriving at this huge theater (I was a kid that's huge and still is bigger than most theaters in Malaysia) where streams of people were standing outside waiting to get tickets or for the movie to start. It was a family affair, everyone were in huge groups, holding bags filled with snacks or haggling with the vendors. Those were the days where they sold sundal, kuaci* and all sorts of mixtures besides the then newly famous junk food. You could even get cotton candy. Given it was a Tamil movie, people used to have enough for seconds for a group of 20. It was wonderland for kids and headache for parents and of course kids were always hungry only when they go out! ;)


It was the 3D movie My dear Kuttichatan that was my first theater experience, and from the balcony the dropping cherry on the ice cream was so deliciously so near yet so far that my craving for movies at theaters began.

I remember bro and me were nudged by dad to go say hi to the politician who had also turned up to watch. I'm sorry but no man is more interesting than a red and green lensed eyewear for 2 excited kids! Ah I can still vividly remember the scenes of the movie even today. Of course the delicious but messy kuaci skins will be strewed all over the theater floors right after the movie, probably explains why you can't get those at the cineplex. They anti climax was right after the movie we had to go for a funeral, so from the fantasy world of fireballs in your face we were transferred to a gloomy solemn house.

I don't get to watch a lot of movies here mostly coz you can't book tickets and this is one of the few places you might have to buy tickets in black! But the ones that I did watch here have all been memorable, especially thalaivar's movies.

It was the 3rd day of the release of Padayappa and I couldn't take sitting at home not watching him on screen! So a friend and I brazed close roads and a crowded theater area seeking for tickets. We did finally land ourselves prized tickets (bought in black the only one I've bought this way) but a late night show, and those were the days of curfews and mobile-less times. Ah but to see HIM we would have waited even till 5am. We did end up waiting longer, when the movie that was supposed to have started at 11pm, only started at 12.30 am, as you can imagine I was grounded. But it was all worth it, just to see Rajni on screen, with the even more excited crowds, whistles and screams, the cheering and booing of Ramya, the swing scene and oh you know the rest.

Of course who can forget the time I met Jo, it was the coliseum again!

Coliseum is the place to watch a Tamil movie especially Rajni's, huge screen, great sound, wonderful enthusiastic atmosphere and fans and all the screaming you'd love! His first appearance on screen and the crowds yells in euphoria! This is probably the only place you can find the motorcycle uncle selling sundal and kuaci outside the theater. Now that's the movie experience.

Wouldn't it be grand if 40 years down the road, the Coliseum is still around, while I'm the granny embarrassing her grandkid by screaming at say Surya who's still a hero at 60? ;p

sundal, kuaci* - types of nuts

ps : there's photos but some prob with zooomr hummm

Little dancing doll

IMG_2282danceHosted on Zooomr

I've been experimenting with taking people shots, have been focused on nature and statics objects for sometime. I like candid shots, hate getting ppl into a line and coaching them to smile.


These are shots of a young dancer. She was wonderful to shoot from the back since as young as she is there was no expression at all.


No smile no reaction, and that to me is one of the most important aspects of dance. But we must remember shes young, hopefully she learns to emote.

Look at these first and later will post how expression makes a difference.

And there will be a post later ;)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

agent I-C-ALL

oh my god what's that - help help!!


I cannot take it anymore!

Reporter at the scene agent I-C-ALL reports :

It was another usual day or so they thought, before the incidents of that day shocked the nation and its residents.


Was it the hyper active kid who jumped into the camera, or danced her way around town?


Or was it the boy that jumped at the camera going peekaboo!


Strange but true - yessiree people there are things going on and tune in to this station if you want to know the truth!

The TRUTH is out there! And we have it!

Disclaimer : no animal was hurt in the production of this news.

Both suspected culprits are cousins - shocked residents are annonymous strangers but totally cute.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Men! Tsh tsh

Here I am with barely audible voice, people actually walk pass me when I speak since they can't hear a thing though I'm struggling to speak, and one friend tells me actually your voice sounds sexy now! Hummm since when was sniffling nose, and barely there voice sexy? My nose has even threatened to abscond for all the blowing and torturing I've had to do! Bah!

Have you noticed most men never smile in photos? They'll be all smiley and flashing those pearly whites until they hear the faint buzz of the camera. Immediately the nation of men go into mourning, and all you get is a shot of them scowling at you as if you just told them.

"hands up or i'll fire!!!"

We women have to resort to tickling, blackmailing or tricking to get a shot of them smiling or at least to emote some expression then the standard police patrol look!

Now men, so why don't you smile? Please do tell, we promise not to steal those pearly whites or harm you, whichever one you're afraid off! ;p


IMG_1913flowerHosted on Zooomr

The flower's centre is so compact - full - there's a pool of water captured in its confines. Take a look at a larger image. Submitted for Photo Friday

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Blaze a Brilliant Blue

3 photos that have no connection but I seem to see one. Anywhere there is a story.

May the New Year bring innocent joy like his smile.
The year awaits to blossom in colours of life so fragile yet strong like this lotus bud where the skies blaze a brilliant blue laced with cotton candy dreams of a frontier of opportunity

Wishing everyone Inniya Puthandu Vazhtukal. Happy Vaisaki and Good Friday wishes.

Can one get sick one week after getting wet in a drizzle? Well would seem so, screen keeps blurring from my vision after the hammer refuses to stop its thillana on my skull. That I can take but its the flu now that is killing me! So might only see you'll after the weekend.

Do have one question before that : which came first the egg or the chicken? Lets see who has the most creative answer. Winner will be decided by everyone.

Now this kid silently came and sat next to me at a temple and people kept pushing him to the back. Now you know how I like kids and their love for me ;p we became friends when I got him to sit infront of me and when I flipped out the cam to take his photo and the dancing gal - he got excited and decided I was his best friend. It seems he told his mum he won't go back without bidding adieu to me ;) awwwww cute isn't he. So this ones my latest boyfriend ;)

The lotus plant seems to attract visitors, even though its sitting on the top floor majestically ruling over its kingdom that covers the river in front of my house and those menacing highway trucks. Well that's what I assume it thinks, everytime I get home I see it peeking from under the shade of its leaves as if it owned the place. Check out the rest of the peeking shots inside.


One of those car shots, had just parked and what would you know the sky was a beautiful blue with cotton candy clouds.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mr Too Nice

Sometimes people are too nice. It isn't wrong but does anyone know of gals dressed to the nine who hide behind cars for no reason?

I don't think so.

Let me explain, April Fool night we were out with a bunch of friends. So after paying the bill a few of us stepped out of the restaurant leaving one of the gals at the counter, she wanted to get sweets. Now one of the owners was sitting next to the place we were standing when we decided to play a trick on sweet buying friend.

We decided to hide behind a car, some distance away and waited for her call. Somehow I kept feeling I should tell the waiter not to inform our friend but at that split second decided not to.

So she walks out and starts blinking as we had vanished you see. She was looking left and right while we were enjoying watching her search for us (I know we're horrible friends). So she's about to call us when Mr Too Nice gets off his long winding phone call and tells my friend excitedly "they're behind the car!!!." "they're behind the car!!!."

What a spoil sport!!!


IMG_2319miscHosted on Zooomr
The friends were playing pool, I got distracted by the spread on the other table.

Monday, April 10, 2006


First of all Amu darling thanks a lot for highlighting my blog - I'm having an awww moment ;) that was so sweet am so touched ;) and everyone else for the sweet words sob sob ;)))

Second - oh do watch Pattiyal - its total fun ;)

ps : I'm on leave tomorrow ;) its a holidayyyyyyyyyyyy here

post continues inside

I love wearing heels, most of the time. But I'm extremely picky with the type I'll wear, so once I find one I'll keep it as long as possible. Unfortunately the heels soles don't last as long as the shoe itself which is a pity. I used to take them to the cobblers since its such a waste to throw a perfectly fine shoe for a missing sole. Now I have a memory problem and said cobblers always rotate their post. Early December I'd given 2 pairs for repair and forgotten about them and they were my fav shoes. By the time I actually remembered it was February and didn't expect the guy to actually have it with him.

Yesterday needn't to repair another pair when I casually asked him if he by any chance kept shoes people don't collect. What do you know he did! So off we went looking for my shoes in this old ice cream box. We actually found the shoes and I was so happy I thought that was the last of my shoes!

Would have taken a shot of him working if he hadn't been happily telling me stories while I was waiting for him. Was just something very unexpected to get back the shoes, he could have sold it off.

Now you know what heels are good for?

Kicking the rascal who thinks rubbing on a stranger is normal. It hurts (sharp pointy ends) and you can always say oh am sorry didn't notice! ;p

whatya say ladies ;)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Off with those nurseries!!!

Do you remember your first day at school? In year one? That's so long ago right? Well I remember mine, mostly just that one incident......

Normally on the first day of school you'd see kids bawling their eyes out and telling their parents not to leave. Me? I was so excited to be at school, I was grinning away and did I mention I chased my mom away, told her to go home, am a big gal now, she's embarrassing me! Talk about independence, I started fast!

Anyway that was me, the gal next to me, now she was a different story altogether. One of those kids, parents dread to have, she bawled our her eyeballs, danced the teary dance on her chair and the further her mother went the louder the voice. There I was, totally oblivious to her looking in front and grinning madly at the blackboard! Yes I've been known to grin the most and laugh the loudest.

Suddenly my grinning was replaced by shock as an object hit my left eye. Now the other thing about me is when I fall, get hit, or you know any injury and am hurting like hell inside, that's when I start laughing assuring everyone I'm ok, when in truth I'm going ouch ouch inside.

Ok, ok back to my story. What hit me you ask?

Well bawling kids mummy dearest decided she was not contending for mummy of the year award, and threw her purse at hollering kid. Unfortunately for her and ME, kid was a bawling genius with matrix moves, she moved in time and blackboard grinning me was hit instead. There was a unison of shocked exclamation and there was I actress of the century assuring all no prob, am ok! No worries! Still grinning away as if in the fear that the moment I stopped, my teeth will come crumbling down and all the kings men will not be able to put it back together. I sang too many nursery rhymes as a kid!

Off with those nurseries!!!

Well later we came to know it did effect my eyesight, and that's why my left eye power is such a huge difference from the right one. THE END.

So anyone has a better first day story ;p

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Where green rocks

The shot looks gorgeous eh? Well would you believe if the shots were off my old campus? I visited there during one of the breaks and took shots of what I love most about the place, the gorgeous sceneries and the greenness of the campus. When I had been there the students were on holiday, so when the security stopped me I blurted out that I was meeting a student there and immediately told my ex colleges name and they let me in, I lied so well you see. Hehhe ;p


The campus consists of vast lands of different trees, a coconut farm on one side, fir trees on the other, or rows of gorgeous forest trees, flower farms, fruit trees (every season students used to sneak and steal fruits) and boulevards of greenery and even a cemetery that's eerily deserted yet beautiful even at 12 in the night ;p


There's even a river and a few lakes around the campus and when I was still there, a deer farm. I used to occasionally drive there ( the place is huge) and watch the deers. Sadly the deer farm is no longer there, but if I peeked into the veterinary section I might just see a horse and a variety of animals.

Then there's the building, some of the first built buildings (colonial styled) are still around so it adds to the charm plus now they've added a few more buildings in traditional Malay styles, even the security booth is gorgeous ;p. The only problem with such a beautiful place was classes used to be in each corner of the campus and we used to walk in the first sem. Yeah we did a lot of running in between classes and swearing at the person who set the classes schedule!

Even the college areas were green, so many nights we sat out at the benches under huge warm embracing trees chatting till we got reprimanded for the noise we were making. Or the amount of fun we had during the annual fair set amidst the jungle of trees, working at the stalls or visiting each one and just having fun. Coz it was a jungle area they had loads of activities like sliding on a harness across the lake or between the huge trees and the ponies would be out for parades, plus all the usual fair entertainments. Armed with delicious cotton candy, we'd make our way around the place, trying out the rides. Those were the days.

Ps : campus not disclosed to elude google.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Somethings Fishy

Sometime back had gone to visit Aquaria KLCC and had quite a good time. Yes my darling Mr cam followed me so as you can see I had loads of fun ;p taking photos!


The main attraction is probably this cylinder like aquarium that holds a huge tree from the Amazons with fish swimming around it. Its actually a pretty sight. It was even better to find snakes lurking around as they were having a snake exhibition as well.


Saw some really colourful ones (hybrid or cloned snakes), a gorgeous tarantula (they're so fascinating), and lizards though I think the pet store at Midvalley has better looking ones not to mention cute puppies and the underwater world at Langkawi has better variety.


Well that was till I saw the unusual fish exhibit at the end of the exhibition. Now those I've never seen so close, though Mr octopus refused to come out.


This alien looking thing did dance for me - or swim - and I stood glued to its glass home staring rudely. Now I know where they get inspiration to draw aliens!


Children were fun the way they gawked at the exhibits or screamed in delight when they got to touch the dead looking starfish or when a fish swam too close the little ones would hold their parents closer.


Oh yes the most famous fishes in the sea have been officially renamed as Nemo and Doreen - Mr clown fish you poor thing - but well you deserve it for not posing for me like Doreen does. See Doreen's still blurly giving me the OH MY GOD look. The kids would reach this aquarium and go NEMo!!! NEMo!!! NEMo!!! Doreen!!! Doreen!!!

There was the ray fish who was so smiley I think it comes from trying to tell me - Nah! Nah you can't catch me! As in in photo - they'd whiz so fast it was nearly impossible to get a shot.

Puffer fishes do look puffed up all the time, maybe they should learn from Mr smiley, they kept staring back rudely - Whatya want?? You looking at me!!! Should have called them the mafia instead.


So it was not bad - not the best but for the fishes I've shown here its worth the time, though did I mention my tickets were free? ;p hehehe

Ok check out the rest of the photos here ;)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Chill pill to boredom

Sorry I've been missing - posting photos only plus late replies to comments - been a tad bit busy with reports. Though evenings and weekends have been good just haven't been able to write on them. Oh yes the best part is, have gone back to weekends of enjoying with friends which I was sorely missing 2 months back ;)

Spent one evening being "entertained" well that's a wrong word blasted by music sounds better. Good selections of songs if I may add if only the speaker hadn't been so near to us! Then when we refused to budge 3 hours later, they started playing bad songs! Spoil sports!

Nanny Mcphee - oh do watch that its a fun movie, even though it seems like a childrens movie - the first scene is enough to rock u ;) and baby aggy? Well she'll be the reason u'll love the movie ;p

Always tell men 30 mins earlier than the supposed meting time which is normally 30 mins earlier then the supposed plan if you're meeting in a group, if fury of women in love is not present, they will always most definitely turn up late!

Some people define the word boring and probably are more boring then the word itself so, always prepare backup plans if thy does not wish to be bored to death.

When bored, disappear, it might look rude, but hell you'll have fun!

Decision making is an art, when a person cannot make one after an hour, they will still not be able to make decisions after 6 hours!

When women ignore you it is not a signal for you to approach nor their coy way of showing their undying love for you.

When bored find a kid or 2 boys, the entertainment is priceless though abdomen pain from too much laughing is a definite side effect.

Trick to attending engagements or weddings when single - arrive late everyone wants to know why you were late, leave immediately, people can't find you! ;p

Billboard Magic

IMG_0597misc.jpg Was parked at a traffic stop when I looked up and found this shot ;) before you groan from another photo, theres a post coming up ;)

Hosted on Zooomr