Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wood kissed days

The most challenging and enjoyable part of my job takes place in 10 days every year unfortunately its also the most hectic, tiring period. Prior to that, for almost a month we were going back at 11pm.

See I work for a f*urniture t*radefair organiser. The largest fa*ir in the country and it attracts a large number of i*nternational visitors. So that's where I was in the last 10 days, cooped up behind walls, no sunkissed days just walls and walls and walking up and down halls. Days would end at 5am and begin at 7.30 am, it was torturously mad. The feet died daily, sometimes it went to heaven and hell and came back in the mornings twitching in pain! Only relief I had was the tub, late night soaking in hot water did much help to relieve the pain and tension of long hours.

Ps : this is a really long post but it has its moments ;)

My hotel room had such a gorgeous view, the city centre and the sparkling blue pool but all I ever saw of it was in the morning as I sighed at the sun and early in the wee hours of the morning when I got back tired and looking for the bed, just glancing at the silent night and empty roads.

I thought my days of speech writing were over but the boss insisted I helped them, so days got longer though I had finished my work before we moved in. Its really hilarious to have just got back to the hotel room and just as you look longingly at the bed, you get a call to get yourself back to the venue as the boss wants to discuss something. Or the numerous times the phone rings, even in the loo, and since every call is urgent you have but not choice to answer. One time at the loo, I kept getting calls every time I put the phone down, finally I screamed at the phone to shut up for a second, not that it listened!

Besides the tiring factor, everything that was under my supervision turned out great. Press attendance and coverage was brilliant, the Daily N*ewsletter I was incharge of was successful, the por*tal came out in time despite just a week to build it and best of all I had fun and no donkey managed to make my life hell!

Thank god my staff at both the booth and my m*edia room were responsible, bright individuals. With all the running around I was doing and trying to be at 4 places at the same time, they were a blessing.

It was only a week later, that I finally had time to check my email and what a surprise to see so many comments, though I wasn't there to reply them. Thanks guys, I really missed you.

It was my e*ditorial team that had me beaming throughout. Everyone had warned me about the e*ditor since he was a wes*terner and everyone who had worked with him before felt he wasn't pleasant. I was really worrying about working with him but it turned out the other way round, we had so much fun with him. He just needs things to be in a certain way, otherwise he was a gem, a misunderstood one at that!

He grew fond of us as well, we were always teasing him about his age, calling him an old man, or he would tease us and shoo us away and then call us back asking why we'd gone missing. Though he wouldn't really admit it he was mighty pleased with us and our work.

I was so used to getting my first call of the day from him (at 8.30am) that when he didn't call on the last day of the p*ublication, I barged there asking him so where's my morning call, you're so happy you're gonna leave? Hehehee actually he ran out of credit for the local number and wasn't planning to top it up anymore.

Writing wise, though I know i write well, it was daunting to give him my work as he's been an e*ditor for some 30 years. Everytime he edited my work and it got published I'd scan it to see the changes, it was such a boost to see very little changes, and the time he told me "I like what you've written here, this part, I'm just gonna add something" that had me flying in cloud 9!

Sometimes he'd call me and say something wasn't working and I'd tell him to try again and miraculously it would, so I'd tell him see I'm so lucky. He'd say " aww shut up and go away!"

Best of all he was telling us that he'd come back again if I was around to help him, since he liked the way I worked. Getting your work appreciated is such a wonderful thing!

Then there was my writers and designers. Designers I had worked with before so I knew they were good. But the 4 gals, 3 of whom I had brought in were just such responsible brilliant team writers. They never stopped bringing in stories, they never sulked and worked as a team - much to our bliss. We were always pulling the e*ditors leg. I had finally got the perfect team! We did have a minor problem with the sole guy writer, he was such a pain, not pulling in his weight of the work and not even bothering to turn up at the end of the day, I was that close to letting him go, speaking to the boss, he said its ok let him do whatever he wants we'll see to it later. Thankfully the gals were more than sufficient.

We laughed our heads off sometimes. One time I was desperately trying to finish the cover story and these gals were joking away. It seems one of the companies had created this material that was so strong there were planning to build a d*ouble st*orey house the next year and get people to jump on it to prove its strength. So the 3 of us on the plump side decided, we'd go jump on it to test its straight, if it broke we'd sue the company, if it didn't we'd sign a contract as official jumpers that went - when you ask us to jump, we'll say how high! We told the other 2 gals they're too thin to join us ;p

Before they left, the gals told me they'd never seen someone who was so cheery and always smiling and make sure everything was right despite running around and with all the problems that had surfaced. Ah again who said compliments don't make a difference !

Then there was my favourite temp hall manager and his 3 friends, a darling tall giant who sang so beautifully. When I found out he sang, immediately made him sing for me blackmailing that I'll tell everyone and make him sing in front of all. Of course he sang, little did he know I was gonna tell everyone anyway ;p Yes I am such a rascal! The next day my roomie innocently asked him about singing, and he came hunting for me telling me I had sold him off, of course I feigned innocence ;p Made him sing a few more times after that, occasionally chasing him around since he was running from entertaining me duty. Finally on the last day, as I was trying to go home, he sings to make me stay, knowing I would awwwww.

The fun we had with the temp staff, was just wonderful am missing everyone now.

There was flirting, some I liked most I didn't. Another good thing about working in such an event is the ego boost at the heads you turn, westerners have a thing for Indians you see, flattering but scary, sometimes it can get really weird, explains why I was walking around with a blade for company given the late hours I went back.

Then the extreme weird story was this ex*hibitor who kept asking to see me. The thing was I emailed him once! Just once in reply to his query about the newsl*etter coz he was irritating the hell out of me and my c*olleague. The moment he arrives in KL, he starts asking around for me, and I refused to go see him, since there was no reason to. Then I realised something was amiss when temp staff from other halls starting giving me the comical look when I told them my name. On the last day my colleag*ue calls me and tells me the old exhibitor was refusing to submit a form till I see him immediately and by then every hall staff and manager knew about his weird request and were teasing me at every given opportunity! I had no choice but to go and see the creepy man. When I asked why he wanted to see me, his lame answer was oh we've been communicating, I pointed out it was just one email!!!! Old creepy man! Well it didn't stop the rest from teasing me, someone even dubbed him srks dad, I'm sure S*hah R*ukhs dad behaves and looks better! grrrrrrrrr

Managed to purchase this dining table and when I showed it to my editor he agreed I had classy taste ;). Been collecting furniture in the last 3 years, the last time I bought these beautiful oak furniture, gorgeous coffee table, carved chest, and a few chest of drawers. Sadly couldn't find the same guy this year, or I could have completed my oak collection.

There was the food that came courtesy this young chef I had been politely smiling at over the week. Well I smiled at nearly everyone! I still think the food arrived for my friend who was his friend who incidentally wasn't there but everyone else is positive it was for me. Oh who cares at least we had fresh delicious food which also made a delicious bribe for live entertainment! ;p

Sunday evening after work finally ended, I went back to the hotel, thinking I'd go back after watching tv, the next thing I know its 10.30pm, I'd dozed off and was still feeling sleepy. Been sleeping every 6 hours since then waking for 3 hours in between to chat and unpack.

So despite how tiring it was, I had a good time and am missing them lots.

Ps : there's a reason why certain words have * in it - so don't mention those words in your comments or use * this in them. Photos are copyrighted.


Nirek said...

hi visi...huuhhh that long story tells all about your great and tiresome week. Good writeup. If that editor made lot of corrections in your words, well, lot of your fans in blogworld would have sued him! ;)

Shamgar said...

Is NOT a long story... is concise, well written and informative. Humorous without losing the flavor of the event. My eldest daughter, the English Composition professor would give an "A+". Was the Swedish home furnishings company IKEA present? They are taking the U.S. by storm... and Visithra... we are all so glad you are back.

Ghost Particle said...

so the one guy writer is a donkey uh...now i feel safe for not applying when you posted for the writers in the i*ndianM*sian group...:p...but knowing I could meet visi...and the 3 other hardworking gal...maybe I would have applied.

There is one old oak tree in penang, maybe if you mnaged to chop it you can use it to complete your collection...

So one more year till you next e*xhibition...maybe if i'm available and unemployed...i'll apply...do I get first choice? hahahaha...

Nice writeup and all, have fun visi...ka...

Jeevan said...

big post, but very intersting to read about your work and the fun with co-workers, Even the phone dint like you to sleep. Teasing is born with visith, can’t change (teasing the westerner & the tall giant who sang so beautifully. The western, like your working style I think. :)

Gusti Adipati said...

Wow, since I've never known before, this whole article gives me an inside look of your career life, at least. Great write up. Need to pick up a lot from you gal. (Not pick you up. Pun intended).

Anyway, have a good rest and get back to your work refreshed.

p/s: Gosh, I miss those days when I had to do something similar for CommunicAsia Expo. With all those Telco biggies present, and the scantily dressed clads dancing around.....a HANDPHONE?!! Have no idea why they have to do that, but I have never seen a phone next to these gals in any case. Who would? :)

BawangMerah said...

Hahahah, kesianla that fella. I'm sure he felt left out la with all girls on them team. That's why he a bit off kot.

You lead an interesting life. And the pictures look great. Happy to know it was fun. Sometimes this work things can be so stressful :)

And one more thing. After reading this I couldn't stop laughing. Just substitute, oak for balak below. Hahahah.
'Sadly couldn't find the same guy this year, or I could have completed my oak collection.'

WA said...

Looks like a successful show Visit, Congratulations

Me said...

if me getting new f*urniture me asking u.....freeya suggestions kudupeenga la......:)

Kay said...


How r you ?
Congrats for ur successful show
Apram interesting news ethavathu ;)

tulipspeaks said...

hie honey.. i'm back from my break.. looks like u had a tough week also..glad to have u back :P


visithra said...

@ Satu : well most of it ;) thanks awww thats so sweet - but its good to be corrected u learn stuff ;)

@ Shamgar : it isnt? Aww thanks but longer than the usual posts u see ;) an A+ awww thanks ;) now they werent there - but companies that sell to them were there - plus am not such a fan of the I company - their stuff dont really last though theyre such a rage here

good to know - coz im glad to be back ;)

@ Gp : heheh he was ;) egoistic one at that - yeah u could have applied - im really nice - i dont torture ppl - ;p - hhehehe oh we'll meet will arrange one meet - the one i promised asap now that im free -

Lol why would i wanna chop n old tree n use it for my collection - most of the trees used are replanted ones not old ones - n once chopped they must replant another batch

first choice? Depends can you take the pressure? ;))

hehehe thanks

@ Jeevan : thanks ;) yeah bad phone - he did ;) yep teasings in born - teased everyone ;)

@ Gusti : actually first time writing so much on work ;) ill smack and kick u if u tried to pick me up ;)

im already back at work - feeling better but still wish could sleep a few days longer ;)
Its fun isnt it ;) event and exhibiti*on management ;) despite how tiring and frustrating it can get

Ohhh all marketing ppl think women can sell anything - even fur*niture has only women sprawled on their ads

@ Bawangred : cant say that - he was just too cocky thinking he was a great writer - sadly his work wasnt even good

yeah i do dont i? Must be why am not fretting about oter stuff ;) work is always stressful - but sometimes that can be fun ;)

Lol u ah - so funny ;) i laughed my head off - imagine a collection of balaks! Hehehehee - where would i present them - probably could make them stand in a corner - or just display the heads hehehehe

ps : balak which means wood is a local expression for men

@ Uma : it was ;) thanks

@ me : oh do ask - i love talking about it ;)

@ Kay : kayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy so nice to see u back ;) im ok hows u )

thanks ;) interesting? Apdhilam ohnum illehda ;)

@ amu : yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy noticed when i got back that u were missing ;) so im glad ure back as well ;)

Usha said...

It seesm that you had as much fun as you were working hard. No wonder you are not complaining at all. And congratulations on the successful mission. And welcome back once again!

My days(Gops) said...

so u had a hard time too running up and down w/out a break ...

@Getting your work appreciated is such a wonderful thing!
yah thts really true visith....
it turns down all ur frustation,tiredness and
it gives extra charge on u to work more....

Thumps up!! Tasted the Thunder...
he he he

?! said...


Job well done... the job n the report!

visithra said...

@ Usha : i did ;) thanks and its good to be back ;)

@ My days : yep was hectic ;) yeah it does charge u up:) hehehe u missing thumps up?

@ ?! : long time no see ;) thanks ;)

Ariel said...

no fair! no blog post about last year's fair and the goons you met there!!!!!

visithra said...

ariel : lol u want me to talk about that idiot?? by the way he left ;)