Monday, March 27, 2006

Water!!! Water!!!

Am a chilli lover. People are pretty entertained by the amount of chilli I eat. My regular eateries know what I want and tend to prepare it the way I like it but that's not what I'm writing about. You see my brother is the exact opposite though he has acquired the taste of mild chilli now, that wasn't the case when we were younger.

The first time we set foot at Thiruannamalai, India was during Kartigai Deepam, we were about 15 and 13. So we end up having breakfast at this small restaurant watching the crowd passing by and brother orders rava thosai coz that was what I ordered.

He takes the first bite into the thosai and suddenly starts jumping in his seat!

For a few second we were clueless and then he goes water!!! water!!! Water!!! Chilli!!! Water!!! Chilli!!! Water!!!

He'd bit into a chilli and was suffering from the apparent chilli sting. So the waiters start giving him water but they only have warm water and no ice so brothers still jumping and making noises. A crowd starts gathering to watch the spectacle and people actually walk to our table to see what was going on.

10 minutes later one of them had the brilliant idea of handing bro a plate of gulab jamun. The sugary savoury stopped the sting and became bros most fav snack and the rava? Well he stayed away from it for years ;p

And me? Well of course I laughed buckets and we still tease him about it ;p


Jeevan said...

gulab jamun is my favorite sweet. nalla vala unga thambiku sami vanthuchunu yarum nanaikala.

Nirek said...

when you come to India, hv some day lunch/dinner in Andhra style restaurants in bangalore/chennai.... with so much love for chilli, you will really enjoy it.
mym mom does a chutni with jus red chilli and lemon. thats my family's hot fav...

tony said...

I too go a long way with chilli lol..mine is diff story though... My mouth and tongue can stand chilli, well they are numb I guess, but if I do happen to eat more chilli than ican handle, the effect is instantaneous... I have to hit the bathroom as soon as I am done with the food lol

BawangMerah said...

I love spicy hot stuff, especially if got something sour to go along with it. the problem is I have a weak stomach. Gah!

My days(Gops) said...

brother crying =>sister laughing..
kadavuley, ella idhathilum ippadi thaana?

my mother used to gve me a "pinch of salt" to eat, whnevr i bite a Green chilli by mistake...

PS: "spicy foods are always my fav too"

Ghost Particle said...

temporary suffering from chili's compared to lifelong diabetes from gulab jamum...i'd go with chilis...hehehehe...

ashok said...

a spanish co-staff behaved the same way after tasting our pickle...he was shouting for "fire engine"

visithra said...

@ Jeevan : it is ? Awww ehhehe ppl did think that at first ;)
Humm yeah

@ Satu : planning too ;) the last time i had it wasnt spicy enough ;) ooh chutney my fav

@ tony : hehehe lol awww the mounth wants but the stomach cant hold ;p hehehehe

@ bawangred : lol u too? Hehehe tonys the same - so i should eat spicy stuff in front of u guys ;p hehee

@ my days : yep its in the book of sis n bro - thou shall laugh when the other cries ;p

humm it works? Didnt know - ohhh join the club ;p

@ gp : ill second that ;p

@ Ashok : hehee lol pavam he but ive seen that too

SamY said...

chilli lover ... hmm does that make u hawt :p

vekkema illai ... to humour over ur brother touble ... enna sister nee