Thursday, March 30, 2006





We have this huge pot at home with tiny fishes and some lotus flowers. Photo's were taken there.


Ghost Particle said...

huh! nice nice bugs and when getting married?

Jeevan said...

Leaf's are very green, i like the red fish.:)

Aravind said...

Wow.... too good.. cant take my eyes of those...

>>We have this huge pot at home
U mean a POND, dont u?

ada-paavi!!!! said...

makkalae, important announcement, GP has brought to attention tht Visits is looking for mappalai in india,
more bout tht here

she wants to search in 2 weeks, so she'll need all her fans luck, wish her luck makkalae,

WA said...

Wow very nice Visit

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

all the best visits :) heheheh :)
wishing vists visit be a success

visithra said...

@ Gp : thanks but what does have to do with matrimony? Tsh tsh

@ Jeevan : thanks ;) me too

@ aravind : thanks ;) nah really its a huge pot that sits on our balcony ;)

@ adapaavi : ingehyuhmma?

@ Uma : thanks ;)

@ Vijay : Kmv u too??? Bahhh

netajovi said...

colors r vibrant..great pic..

BawangMerah said...

Mum had a pot like that. We caught Mangkuk face drinking from it once. Somehow he never liked the water in his own bowl. He'd always either drink from the lotus pot or water on plates at the bottom of flower pots. Miss mangkuk face though.

Now, only stray cats drink from the pot.

ashok said...

hey, v...great snaps..loved em

visithra said...

@ Netajovi : welcome here ;) r u trying to net a bon jovi? ;p good catch u know ;p sorry coudlnt resist ;) thanks ;)

@ Bawangred : lol he must like organic water ;p u know with all the extra added things in the water - clean water is boring u know ;p - yeah missing is something we will have with us always

@ ashok : thanks ;)

Keshi said...

nice pics!


Usha said...

wow! The little wonders that we usually miss while helping the earth go around!

visithra said...

Keshi : thanks ;)

usha : wonders are everywhere we just have to stop n look ;)